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Posted by NotaryML on 6/22/04 5:42pm
Msg #3348

50 State Notary

Any of you out there think it's worth it to sign up with Vicky Ring's directory? Have you been members and have you had any business as a result of signing up?

Just wondering.....

Reply by sa on 6/22/04 5:48pm
Msg #3350

I DO like
50 State's Notary company directory
Her free online training course (it's a good way to show people what a NSA does)

I DO NOT like
Victoria Ring (she lies)
Her training courses and books
Her eNewsletter (often has notarial information errors)

My personal opinion: the only notary directories worth paying to on are
*Signing Registry
*National Notary Assoc - but only if you are brand new and want signing service work.

I list on GoMobileNotary only because I want to support their terrific message board.

Reply by Roger/OH on 6/22/04 5:51pm
Msg #3351

Her newsletters have often contained misleading or erroneous information,
so I don't have a lot of confidence in her skills regarding SAs. Her forte seems to be telling others how to be entrepeneurs. I will give her some credit for her free company list and SA training(?) course, but if you're going to pay for a directory listing, I'd suggest some of the proven ones such as NNA, GoMobileNotary, American Notary Network, The Signing Registry, and for now, 123Notary.

Reply by AnoninNJ on 6/22/04 6:01pm
Msg #3353

If you don't mind my asking...Why did you say "and for now, 123Notary"? Are changes coming down the pike with them that I'm not aware of? Please advise.

Reply by Roger/OH on 6/23/04 10:14am
Msg #3388

There have been a number of comments on the notary boards regarding 123's significant price increases, issues with listing order, counties covered not shown, and his new requirement that all renewals must take 123's certification test to be listed. According to those that have taken it the latter is a very simplistic test, and is just another moneymaker for him. Most posters lament that this used to be an excellent site for exposure, but they note it appears greed has gotten the better of its owner.

Reply by judyca on 6/23/04 5:10pm
Msg #3413

I keep track of where my jobs come from and most are from these three in this order... NNA, Notary Rotary (I upgraded) and 50state

Reply by HisHughness on 6/23/04 9:27pm
Msg #3431

I find it astonishing that any signing agent with an active business credits NNA with giving her the most leads. According to the stats for my web site, I've gotten only one hit off NNA in more than six months. Potential clients may be skipping the web site and going directly to the phone from NNA, but I doubt it. I get far more hits off other listings, the vast majority of which are free. The traffic has been so slight, in fact, that I would drop my membership in NNA were it not for the fact that next year's convention is in Las Vega, and my perky-butted wife and I have never been there together. With the NNA convention there, I can write it off, since she also is involved in Signing Agents of Austin.

And speaking of listings: I signed up for NotaryRotary's premier listing last week. When do I get one of them thar cute little blue handles and orange squares to accompany my postings here?

Reply by HisForgetfulHughness on 6/23/04 9:36pm
Msg #3432

Failed to mention in my earlier post that NNA -- I suspect there are others of you who will find this as hard to believe as I -- does not have a link on it's home page to the separate web site for its Signing Agent section. A lender, title company or closing company goes to NNA looking for a signing agent, and they can't go anywhere from there. I had a hard time finding the NSA site myself. I suggested some time back that NNA establish a link. To date, no link. Not a really responsive organization.

Reply by PAW Notary Services on 6/23/04 9:45pm
Msg #3434

Cute little blue handles and orange squares

In a previous show, HisHughness uttered:

And speaking of listings: I signed up for NotaryRotary's premier listing last week. When do I get one of them thar cute little blue handles and orange squares to accompany my postings here?


Once you become a "member" of the NotaryRotary, you need to set up your profile and LOGIN (see top of screen, just to the right of center). Once you login, then there will be a "Add Link To My Profile". That will add the cuteness the Hughness seeks.

Reply by HisHughness on 6/23/04 9:53pm
Msg #3435

Re: Cute little blue handles and orange squares

Thanx. I just revised my will to include you.

Reply by HisHughness on 6/23/04 10:10pm
Msg #3437

Re: Cute little blue handles and orange squares

Done. Isn't it just darling? Reckon I could get another color, something like, maybe, puce?

Reply by Stephanie on 6/23/04 11:22pm
Msg #3441

Re: Cute little blue handles and orange squares

Look at you - I pictured you lookng differently
However, it is nice to put a face with a name
Thank you,

Reply by HisHughness on 6/24/04 1:29pm
Msg #3459

Re: My face & Cute little blue handles and orange squares

The face is under a promotional contract with Roach Motel. Several pharmaceutical companies are bidding for the body when it is no longer in use.

Reply by sarmfield on 8/11/04 12:36am
Msg #5906

Free Notary Listings

Can you advise which notary listings allow you to place a free profile?



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