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Can A Notary notorize his own document?
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Can A Notary notorize his own document?
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Posted by R C Nelson on 4/19/05 7:07am
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Can A Notary notorize his own document?

Can A Notary notorize his own document?

Reply by Jay on 4/19/05 7:20am
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Reply by PAW_Fl on 4/19/05 7:22am
Msg #32587

Considering that you don't notarize a document (usually), the question then becomes can a notary notarize his own _signature_. The answer, in most if not all cases, is NO.

Now, if you truly mean documents created by you, for your own use, but signed by someone else, then yes you can notarize the signature on that document, again, since you are notarizing the signature of the person who signed it.

Reply by Melody on 4/19/05 10:49am
Msg #32620

Do it yourself loan refi signing?

If the document you are talking about are loan refi papers and you wondering if you can do the work yourself, the answer is

sort of.

Example: when I get a loan this fall, I am going to have my favorite LO write the loan. I will pick up the docs from the title company and sign everything except the docs to be notarized. Those I will sign before my notary friend for her to notarize. We do favors for each other.

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