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Posted by Patrice_CA on 8/2/05 12:24pm
Msg #56403


I am in the process of starting my loan signing business. I have completed all of the steps and have even taken the "How to be a Successful Loan Signing Agent" class. Unfortunately, less than one hour of the entire day was focused on actual loan document completion. I was extremely disappointed.

Although this forum has been an excellent source of information, I would like to tag along with an experienced loan document agent in order to witness first hand how it should be done.

I am located in West Hills, California. Telephone: (818) 372-0449.


Reply by WF-CA on 8/2/05 12:42pm
Msg #56408

Patrice: I too did all of the above as you did. I wasn't really disappointed in the class. What I have found is that you need to study the book with the forms & review them really well. Also, you need to refer the CA notary handbook. I check this forum frequently during the day and have found that the regular posters/oldsters(!) are fantastic & helpful with information. The forum also provides lots of funny stuff! I didn't have anyone to tag along with on my first signings & was so rattled. You do have to start somewhere. I think that you just have to study, & then plunge in & begin your career. I feel lucky to get as much important information from the forum as I do--it has made a difference for me. By the way, I AM a 'newbie'.

I am in Burbank.


Reply by Patrice_CA on 8/2/05 12:56pm
Msg #56418

Thank you so much. I will check it out.
I am still hoping that someone will allow me to accompany them to at least one signing.

Reply by Brian/CA on 8/2/05 1:20pm
Msg #56421

Most SS and TC do not want us to bring anyone along on a signing. Do you have your loan documents, or someone elses loan docs you can go thru. This would help you alot.

Reply by Patrice_CA on 8/2/05 1:38pm
Msg #56430

Yes, I have purchased several properties and refinanced several. I have been reviewing the docs.

Thank you kindly.

Reply by NY Notary on 8/2/05 12:53pm
Msg #56415

It seems both of you were less than satisfied with the training you received. I suggest you check out "The Mobile Notary Signing Registry" at

In addition to a great training program the SR has a mentoring program, a very active and PRTOFESSIONAL message board and a very informative on line newsletter. The SR is NOT designed to be a referral service or a money grabbing orgainzation like some. It is an EDUCATIONAL forum.

Check it out.

Reply by WF-CA on 8/2/05 12:56pm
Msg #56416

Thank you--I have seen it mentioned on this forum & I intend to check it out. Thanks again!

Reply by Patrice_CA on 8/2/05 12:56pm
Msg #56417

Thank you so much. I will check it out.
I am still hoping that someone will allow me to accompany them to at least one signing.

Reply by Patrice_CA on 8/2/05 1:10pm
Msg #56419

I would be happy to pay a fee ro sit in on a signing close to West Hlls, California, if someone is interested.

Thanks again.

Reply by Anonymous on 8/2/05 1:22pm
Msg #56423

Try the phone book. Find a notary/LS in your area and ask if they mentor.

Reply by Sylvia_FL on 8/2/05 3:04pm
Msg #56456

Most signing agents in your area would not be happy to have a "ride a long" by someone who could turn out to be their competition. Don't forget California is saturated with notary signing agents. Also companies do not usually OK a signing agent taking another party to the signing. You also have the liability issues of having someone else with you.

If you want to click on my link and if I can answer any of your questions just give me a call.

Reply by Jenny/CA on 8/2/05 3:39pm
Msg #56467

I f you want to "see" a presantation I would recommend the 34 min. DVD at I think it might be $25 by itself.

Reply by Anonymous on 8/2/05 6:16pm
Msg #56499

That sounds wonderful, thanks.

Reply by Patrice_CA on 8/2/05 6:16pm
Msg #56498

Thank you, sincerely.

Reply by Jenny/CA on 8/2/05 7:42pm
Msg #56514

Oooops, CD-rom not DVD n/m

Reply by Laura99 on 8/2/05 10:42pm
Msg #56530


I'm new too, and I tried to go to this site and it didn't work - is this the right link?

-Thanks in advance

Reply by Jenny/CA on 8/3/05 1:30am
Msg #56544

Re: link typo

Sorry about that,

I spoke with Victoria L. Rivera today on the phone (She's the author and producer of the CD that was mentioned earlier) . She is really great. She is going to be a guest at again this Thursday. She wants people to call in and be ready with questions for her to answer.

Good luck, if you pay the extra shipping you can have the CD in 2 days.

Reply by *** Amada Preciado*** on 8/3/05 12:17am
Msg #56535

Patrice, would you like to sit in on a reverse mortgage signing? I may be able to arrange that for you. I know someone at Home savings, it is in Ventura County. They do signing in LA and the Valley.I understrand how you feel.

Reply by Patrice-CA on 8/8/05 4:31pm
Msg #57663

Sorry, for the delay in my response. I have been out of town.

Yes, I would like to sit in on a reverse mortgage signing.

My telephone number is 818 372 0449.

Thanks for your response.

Reply by Allison B/SCal on 8/3/05 8:46am
Msg #56568

Dear Patrice

I am very surprised at your post because I took the Loan Siging class with NotaryClasses too and the entire afternoon was spent on loan docs (our class did not even end until 5:30pm) Maybe you should have said something to the instructor??? Or maybe you should call their office and speak to the manager? I would think that their lesson plan would be the same but maybe not but I would recommend my instructor any day! They have a ride-along program too.
I just joined the Signing Registry and they have a mentor program - go to www.signingregistry.coml Their message board is awsome too. Good luck!

Reply by Kelly R/So California on 8/4/05 9:22am
Msg #56872

Re: Dear Patrice

Hi Patrice -- I am so sorry to hear that your class was dissapponting! Please email me directly at [e-mail address].

Reply by Patrice-CA on 8/8/05 4:36pm
Msg #57664

Re: Dear Patrice

Thanks Allison

My experience was very unfortunate. Several of the students and I were waiting and hoping that the lesson would begin to focus on notarizing the loan documents. We did not practice that at all. There was only a short discusion, and I do mean extremely short.

There was lots of information on marketing the business, and lots of personal chit chat. Some people left a bit angry.

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