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AKA Affidavit
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AKA Affidavit
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Posted by Sharpnotary on 1/2/05 12:53pm
Msg #15220

AKA Affidavit

I have a Signature/Name affidavit that is 2 pages long - the borrower has 11 aliases. Is it required that he sign each name as it is written or can he use the same (his regular) signature for each name?

Reply by Loretta Reed on 1/2/05 4:34pm
Msg #15234

The name that is printed on the left column should be signed on the right. I have even seen names that do not even apply or the borrowers have never, ever used but the lender wants them to sign it that way. I have had one borrower that refused to sign an alias because they were never known by that name nor was it anywhere on their credit report. It is not the greatest piece of paper but it needs to be done. If they really have a problem with the aka aff, then call the broker during the closing and ask their opinion on what to do. If you skip it or leave that paper blank anywhere, you may have problems when the package gets back to the lender and have to go have it resigned.

Reply by Lee/AR on 1/2/05 11:39pm
Msg #15273

Had one where B insisted they had never used (a name) and refused to sign that particular name... instead wrote above the typed name "never known as"... and it flew. Tried calling, but was late & nobody there.

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