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Problems with Mapquest Maps
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Problems with Mapquest Maps
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Posted by BetsyMI on 10/17/05 11:57am
Msg #70935

Problems with Mapquest Maps

I use Mapquest all the time to plot my route from my home to the borrower's home. I've been doing this for quite some time. All of a sudden, the directions are coming up, but no map. I'm able to access maps on yahoo and google, but not mapquest.

I haven't loaded any new software in awhile so I figured it might be a problem with mapquest (again since I was able to access maps through other sources). After a few weeks of this, I wrote to mapquest via email describing the problem. While they did respond, they blamed it on Windows XP.

They said:

Dear MapQuest visitor,

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

1 of 2)
The default setting for XP is to prevent downloads from
non-originating Web sites. That is, as a user you requested content
from, such as a map. Your local XP operating system is
defaulted to allow the content from -- the originating
Web site -- but will prevent content from being downloaded from
non-originating Web sites such:
"" or simply ""

Please refer to:

2 of 2)
Also, virus scanning software such as McAfee and spyware software such
as "Adaware" or "Spybot" can prevent content from non-originating Web

I replied:

Thank you for your reply. However this is still not solving my problem.

1) Why is it that this just happened? I have had Windows XP for 18 months
and have been accessing maps from mapquest for my business many times a
week for all those 18 months without incidence.

2) I loaded the McAfee software months ago, yet this mapping problem just
started about 2 weeks ago.

3) I did access the website you referenced below, and I went into Windows
Firewall, clicked on Exceptions, and "Add a Program" and added the one that
said something about "AOL content". I then rebooted my computer, and when I
access mapquest and an address, still no map displays.

To all you PC literate "gurus" out there, does anyone have any suggestions for me?


Reply by PattyTX on 10/17/05 2:01pm
Msg #70946

Try using directions, they have worked really well for me when Mapquest did not want to go through. I have a hard time with county roads on mapquest but not with MSN directons. Try it.

Reply by BetsyMI on 10/17/05 5:19pm
Msg #70979

I'll give it a try!

Reply by IndianaJones on 10/17/05 6:41pm
Msg #70983

My last two Mapquest Maps sent me to the middle of nowhere and twice as far as the route dictated to me by Borrower. I am using MSN maps now. Very satisfied.

Reply by db_IL on 10/17/05 10:17pm
Msg #71006 helps me!! (esp. in rural areas) n/m

Reply by Melissa Morse on 10/18/05 1:08pm
Msg #71052

I buy Microsoft Street & Trips. The software is wonderful. I have it installed on my laptop, I plug my eTrex GPS Vista in to the laptop and off I go. It even talks to me. Since the GPS and laptop are separate I can travel with them in any vehicle I drive, no matter which states I travel to for my full-time job.

Reply by PAW_Fl on 10/18/05 4:04pm
Msg #71075

I use two mapping software products. Google maps ( is a free, online service that has more up-to-maps than Mapquest, MSN or Yahoo. At least in the Central Florida area.

I also use DeLorme ( Street Atlas, a purchased software mapping program. I've been using DeLorme maps for over 25 years. Their mapping software is great, imo.

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