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Can you certify a copy of a green card?
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Can you certify a copy of a green card?
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Posted by Anonymous on 1/7/06 6:09pm
Msg #86917

Can you certify a copy of a green card?

Or is it considered recordable? This is for any state. Thanx.

Reply by Genkichan on 1/7/06 9:13pm
Msg #86927

I don't know your state notary laws. Some states can certify copies of things, others cannot. Read your notary handbook for the answer. To my knowledge, it would be similar to certifying a copy of a passport or DL (not a birth/death cert.).

Reply by Anonymous on 1/7/06 10:34pm
Msg #86932

Thanks Genkichan, I am in a State that I can cerify copies and I have and read my primer. I also looked on the INS website and every other website I could as to whether or not a green card is recordable. Do you know where I can obtain this info. on the web? Or does someone else know? My SOS site does not even mention the green card. I told a person today that I can't notorize their copy because it is recordable...I want to confirm if I am correct. I believe that whether or not it is recordable does not matter which state you are in?!?!? Not 100% sure about that, but I can't find where is in or is not recordable?!?! I can't notorize a copy of a passport, marriage license, etc. I am thoroughly confused. Thanx again.

Reply by PAW_Fl on 1/7/06 10:45pm
Msg #86935

If you can certify copies of certain documents, why can't you certify the copy of a passport? It is not a "recordable" document and the holder of the document has the original. Unlike birth certificates, marriage licenses, death certificates, etc. which are copies of a document held by some entity (a bureau of vital statistics, for example), driver's licenses, passports, alien registration cards are originals, issued by a government and are not recordable documents in the same sense.

BTW, what state are you in?

Reply by Anonymous on 1/8/06 1:26am
Msg #86940

I think this is the answer I am looking for by BrendaTX - msg #32767. So as long as the person swearing that it is a true copy of their green card, I can notorize the statement in writing that it is indeed a true copy??? Unfortunately, my handbook doesn't help and I can't fine anything on the web that says yes or no.

"In Texas you cannot certify anything that is already recorded in a government entity's official files (ie, passport, birth certificate, driver's license, social security card, deed, etc. -- these things are recorded by a government authority.)

However, you can notarize a statement from a person swearing that the copy they have attached to their statement is a true and correct copy if they wish to make such a statement. (Let them write the statement, let them pick the notarial certificate to attach to the statement.)

In Texas the proper way to get a certified copy of these things is to ask the government authority that issues them.

Check your notary handbook."

Reply by PAW_Fl on 1/8/06 6:34am
Msg #86948

You still didn't answer the question, "What state are you in?" Different states have different rules about what can and cannot be copied, how they can be copied and whether or not a Notary Public can make the certified copy.

In FL, the copy must be made by the notary to be certified as a copy by that notary. In CA, a notary cannot make a copy but can notarize the signature of the document holder on a sworn affidavit by the person.

As I said, different states have different rules.

Reply by MBCA on 1/8/06 9:51am
Msg #86956

Re: Copy of a Green Card?

My husband had accidently let his expire (he's now working on his citizenship) and it was a big deal getting it replaced after 9/11. Usually they ask for your Green Card number when filling out documents if they need to know whether you're a citizen or not. With all the fraud attached to this little card I can't imagine the US Government allowing us to make certified copies of Green Cards. Does it matter what state you're in if this is a National Security Issue? I live in California and we're right in the middle of fraud central! Just curious.

Reply by Marlene_USNA on 1/10/06 3:17pm
Msg #87396

Re: Copy of a Green Card?

Notaries can make certified copies in Pennsylvania of any document - including passports - that does not have on it "This document may not be photocopied" or similar wording.

Does the Green Card have such wording?

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