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carne asada marinade................
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carne asada marinade................
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Posted by Mung/CA on 7/4/06 10:58am
Msg #130701

carne asada marinade................

Carne asada marinade

For every 10 lbs of carne asada:

4 large limes
1 large white onion – sliced into ¼” thick slices
½ can of Budweiser beer (light is ok)
Garlic salt and pepper

Season each side of the meat with garlic salt and pepper, place into bowl.

Add the juice from the limes, ½ can of beer, and the onion. Mix everything well and chill for at least 2 hours.

Place on hot grill and cook for approximately 3-4 minutes per side. Enjoy it on tortillas with fresh salsa.

Types of meat:

Aranchera – the most expensive and delicious type, also the most tender.
Aguayon – top sirloin. More affordable but a good second choice.
Diesmillo – equal to Aguayon. I’m not quite sure what kind of cut this is but very good also.

Buy the meat from a Mexican meat market (not Savemart/Safeway,. Etc.) and have them slice it “para asar”. Usually they will already have the meat sliced and ready to go. I alternate between the Diesmillo or Aguayon and when I want to treat myself I buy Aranchera.

A good alternative to marinating your own meat is to have the butcher season it for you (“preparada”). All meat markets have their pre-prepared seasoning on hand. For my family I usually buy 20 lbs and have them season it for me. When it’s just the immediate family I’ll marinade it myself.

Good luck and enjoy!

Reply by Calnotary on 7/4/06 11:30am
Msg #130706

Hi Rafael, Ranchera or Aranchera?

Reply by Mung/CA on 7/4/06 12:06pm
Msg #130712

Typo! Not aranchera - ranchera (arachera style) vieja! n/m

Reply by LkArrowhd/CA on 7/4/06 12:05pm
Msg #130711

Re: carne asada marinade................I buy it already

made from Jenson's Market in Blue Jay(small town in mountain) when it is on sale and it is out of this world.

Reply by LkArrowhd/CA on 7/4/06 12:07pm
Msg #130713

Re: carne asada marinade................I buy it already-

I meant to say the whole enchilada that is, made the meat and marinade....yummy

Reply by Ilona_OH on 7/4/06 12:08pm
Msg #130714

For us Noreasteners and uneducated palettes-What is it?

It sounds wonderful!

Reply by christiSocal on 7/4/06 2:47pm
Msg #130746

It is wonderful!

We usually buy it premade too, but I have really wanted a recipe for it , so THANKS Mung!!!
It is thinly sliced beef, soaked in marinade. Then we usually bbq it. I dice up tomatoes and onions with a little salt (also celantro on the side) Heat up a corn tortilla, throw some in, like a taco and ummmmmmmmm. This is what we have for our Christmas eve dinner. Bbq'ing in dec is one of the perks of living in cali Wink

Reply by Susan/CA on 7/4/06 8:31pm
Msg #130772

I think I love you!!! :)

Thank you soooo much for this! I have been looking for a marinade for carne asada for the longest time. I just bought some prepared carne today . . yummy! Thanks Mung!


Reply by LynnNC on 7/5/06 7:54am
Msg #130820

10 lbs! How big is your family?!! n/m

Reply by christiSocal on 7/5/06 3:48pm
Msg #130912

Re: 10 lbs! How big is your family?!!

It's easy to go thru alot of this stuff! We go thru 20 lbs and still the kids want more. There are 6 of us (including3 boys 17, 22, 25)

Reply by Nicole_NCali on 7/5/06 9:54pm
Msg #131009

Thanks mung. I will try it this weekend.

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