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Federal Principal Business Code
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Federal Principal Business Code
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Posted by Around the Clock Signings - MJA on 1/4/06 7:00am
Msg #85881

Federal Principal Business Code

Does any know the Federal Principal Business Code for mobile signing agents to use on tax forms?

Reply by Becca_FL on 1/4/06 7:36am
Msg #85889

Do a search for tax code. Paul posted the code last year.

Reply by Beth/MD on 1/4/06 7:39am
Msg #85892

Re: Federal Principal Business Code

Reply by Beth/MD on 1/4/06 7:39am
Msg #85893

Re: Federal Principal Business Code meant to say ditto. n/m

Reply by Around the Clock Signings - MJA on 1/4/06 7:58am
Msg #85897

Tried that.. unsuccessful.

If someone can post the message number or the exact user name or the code that will be most appreciated.

You all are very helpful and warm. I have learned alot from reading past posts. The vibe hear is very inviting. I look forward to getting to know more of you especially those located in the MD/VA/DC area. I am planning big things for 2006 and looking forward to building honest, professional business relationships.

Reply by LilyMD on 1/4/06 8:24am
Msg #85899

Re:No, TurboTax does it for me. nm

Reply by Becca_FL on 1/4/06 8:44am
Msg #85901

msg # 22678..........n/m

Reply by BobRogers_FL on 1/4/06 12:15pm
Msg #85986

Re: SIC for Notaries Public


Reply by PAW_Fl on 1/4/06 4:15pm
Msg #86057

Just being picky ...

That's not a SIC code but a NAICS code. There is no code for a Notary Public in the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) System. However, the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) expanded their codes in 2002 to include industrial codes from the SIC system as well as broadening to all aspects of the working environment, starting with the service industries.

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