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Fed Ex Priority Overnight vs Fed Ex Standard Overnight
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Fed Ex Priority Overnight vs Fed Ex Standard Overnight
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Posted by Gigi/CA on 4/27/07 7:32pm
Msg #187525

Fed Ex Priority Overnight vs Fed Ex Standard Overnight

What does everyone use? I completed a loan package on Thurs. night sent docs back Standard Overnight, recevied a nasty gram from SS with a frantic escrow officer because she got the package at 1:00 pm instead of 10:00 am. I always use Standard overnight, any thoughts on this??

Reply by Michelle Smith on 4/27/07 7:34pm
Msg #187528

I use Standard. I sued to use Priority and some complained about THAT too.

Reply by SGardTX on 4/27/07 7:34pm
Msg #187529

I used to work for a mortgage co as a loan closer and all of the title companies we worked with preferred priority overnight. That is what I always use.

Reply by TXNotary on 4/28/07 12:26pm
Msg #187709


Reply by Linda_H/FL on 4/27/07 7:34pm
Msg #187530

Anytime I've questioned them on which they want used the answer has always been "priority" - so I use priority overnight as standard practice now - it's their nickel.

Reply by MistarellaFL on 4/27/07 7:37pm
Msg #187531

Always check your confirmation

Most times "send priority overnight" will be mentioned.

Reply by Molly Richardson on 4/27/07 7:40pm
Msg #187537

Standard vs Priority

I have used Priority and been yelled at. I have used standard and been yelled at. I now usually ask at time of signing acceptance which is preferred...that way I am not going to get yelled at again :0) business practice of covering your behind....always cyb.

Reply by Mary_CT on 4/27/07 7:40pm
Msg #187536

Re: FEDEX- I ask them to fax me the FEDEX label

Have only had one refuse- (that was a title company and they were paying me enough to cover that shipping fee.)

it saves me time filling out labels, insures it is sent to their correct destination, and at the rate they prefer- plus they have the tracking number.

Reply by Blueink_CA on 4/27/07 7:52pm
Msg #187546

Always send priority unless stated otherwise. NREIS is the only co that I work for that asks for standard.

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