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printer help Brother HL-5250DN toner page count
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printer help Brother HL-5250DN toner page count
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Posted by Ronnie_WA on 11/1/07 12:14pm
Msg #219242

printer help Brother HL-5250DN toner page count

On my HP laserjet, I can print out the status of pages remaining and used up for the toner cartridge. I don't know how to do it on the Brother. I don't seem to get the extra usage out of the high volume count toner and would like to monitor it. Anyone know how to do it? Wishing all a propsperous Nov!

Reply by Mindy_WA on 11/1/07 12:36pm
Msg #219253

Re: we had the same printer...

We replaced our old HP with this one a while back. I never did find that you could monitor page count. I spoke with our toner rep gal here, and she said that the Brother only has about 4,000-5,000 page count on a high yield toner, and the HP we had has over 10,000. After a year our Brother petered out, so we replaced it with our OLD HP that never had anything wrong with it, we just had to buy an extra tray. Would have been cheaper in the long run to just go that route, You live and learn.

She (toner rep) said that it would cost more that the Brother is worth to fix it, and that the HP is a better machine. She would never put money into the Brother, but always put money into HP. After our experience with Brother, I AGREE!!

Reply by ericashaw on 11/1/07 12:40pm
Msg #219257

Press the set button 3 times and it should print out the page count and status on all parts of your printer

Reply by Ronnie_WA on 11/1/07 12:48pm
Msg #219260

Thank you both! Erica, that worked like a charm - you made my day!

Reply by GF_CA on 11/1/07 5:26pm
Msg #219338

good job Erica! n/m

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