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Mystery Shopper Scam...
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Mystery Shopper Scam...
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Posted by BarbaraL_CA on 10/16/08 6:31pm
Msg #267539

Mystery Shopper Scam...

I know in these lean times there are notaries looking for additional income. If you are, or are thinking about being a mystery shopper here is an email I received from American Consumer Opinions saying to beware....
Mystery Shopper Scam

A fraudulent Canadian company is using the American Consumer OpinionŽ name to mail counterfeit checks for thousands of dollars, instructing you to deposit the check and then wire part of the money back to them. The company falsely claims the money you wire will go towards your training to become a mystery shopper. This is a criminal and illegal scam. Do not attempt to cash or deposit the check. Do not wire any money to anyone. Membership in American Consumer OpinionŽ is always free.

Thank you.

Anne Parks,
Vice President of American Consumer OpinionŽ

Reply by Marian_in_CA on 10/16/08 7:47pm
Msg #267544

No matter the details.... if anyone offers to send you

a check, money order, etc. and then asks you to turn around and send them money back --- it's a scam.

Reply by MikeC/NY on 10/16/08 10:02pm
Msg #267553

P.T. Barnum was right...

I find it hard to believe that anyone would fall for such an obvious scam, but greed seems to be an incredible motivator.

Reply by CaliNotary on 10/17/08 1:32am
Msg #267558

Re: P.T. Barnum was right...

I sold a laptop computer on craigslist earlier this year and I must have gotten 10 variations of this email over a 2 day period. And I'm sure there are people who still fall for it.

Reply by KKinNoCal on 10/17/08 1:00am
Msg #267557

I've been a mystery shopper for years....

It is chump change, but I still manage $200 to $300 a month. I have had a free oil change every month for the last two years. I just had a lifeline screening -5 diagnostic tests and a blood test on their dime and even got paid $15.00 do to it. Free groceries and meals out-not bad ....

Reply by MistarellaFL on 10/17/08 9:42am
Msg #267579

I actually got a $7500 check in the mail

from this company, as an introduction. My husband was thrilled, until I told him I wouldn't cash it until I verified it. I googled it, and found it was a scam.

Reply by MW/VA on 10/17/08 2:13pm
Msg #267605

Re: I actually got a $7500 check in the mail

Wow, that's cool--that way you can get them on mail fraud.

Reply by MistarellaFL on 10/17/08 2:16pm
Msg #267607

Re: I actually got a $7500 check in the mail

Except the feds could have cared less.
They cared a little less about this scam than the countereit check I turned over to them with a scam that reared it's ugly head in 2005.
Based on my experiences with these frauds, this is why I might roll my eyes and/or giggle when I see some of these posts about how the government is going to get involved with non-payment of "us". The govt has it's hands full with "more important" issues.

Reply by Steven Pearce on 10/17/08 9:50pm
Msg #267643

You aren't kidding! I got the same thing from a company

That included real checks, just for empty accounts probably.

Same thing, cash this - keep that - send me the rest.... yeah right.

I notified the FBI, Postmaster General, IRS, Police, ....and all the people who run ads about calling them if you suspect fraud. There were several others that I notified as well, I went on a rampage with this one and held the checks for months waiting for some body ANYbody, to care enough about it to call back. nothing. Finally, I get an email congratulating me on not falling for it, but were too busy with other things blah blah blah.....

Last week the local news had a story regarding two local citizens who were defrauded out of $3700 each in a check cashing scheme and if anybody receives any of these checks to please notify... kiss my @$$ I tried and nobody cared.

Reply by Donna LaBelle on 10/18/08 12:34am
Msg #267662

I got one from the UK and you know what that means

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