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Initials, abbreviations, acronyms, etc.
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Initials, abbreviations, acronyms, etc.
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Posted by Bravo on 7/9/10 11:35pm
Msg #344413

Initials, abbreviations, acronyms, etc.

Hey, I know its cool to be a part of the "in crowd" and already know all the abbreviations, initials, etc. that are used in these messages but could you fill me in too? Is there a place on this site to get a list of what ESS, NREIS, G/B/U/, n/m, etc. means? Its kind of frustrating trying to read some of these posts. Thanks so much!

Reply by Shoshana/AZ on 7/9/10 11:42pm
Msg #344414

Chek your email. n/m

Reply by Marian_in_CA on 7/10/10 2:01am
Msg #344416

None of us know this at first...

...but simple use of the search function usually helps. I'm not kidding... the orange button usually answers a lot of these questions very quickly. That's why it's there.

But... some resources to help you:

n/m: This is a system generated code on a lot of message board. It means "nothing more" or "no message" -- in other words, the entire response is visible in the subject line and there's no need to click on it, because it's an empty message.

GBU: "Good. Bad. Ugly" -- It can also mean, 'God Bless You," but nobody really uses it here in that context. It means the person is asking for details about a particular subject from people who have experience. Around here it usually refers to Title Companies and Signing Services.

NREIS: Now, really... this can be found in a simple Google search. It stands for National Real Estate Information Services. But, for other it means, "No Respect..." -- They're a crappy servicing company with a poor payment record that continues to suck in people to work for them.

ESS: Equifax Settlement services

TC: Title Company

SS: Signing Service

SC: Signing Central

Reply by PAW on 7/10/10 7:01am
Msg #344421

I have compiled and published a fairly comprehensive acronym list that is specific (more or less) to the signing agent. You can view this list at

(Updates, corrections and additions to the list are always welcome.)

Reply by Bob_Chicago on 7/10/10 10:39am
Msg #344426

Suggestions for a few new ones.....

TCDP = These Clowns don't pay
LD = Late dox
VLD= very late dox
FAILD= Forget about it late dox
TCR = this company rocks
TCS= this company sucks
CB = crazy borrowers
OTDEB= Off the deep end borrowers
REWB = Read every word borrowers
RAP = really annoying pets
RAK = Really annoying kids
RFH = really filthy house
POAGBRFH = put on a giant baggie really filthy house
LBSS = low ball signing service
YGTBKMLBSS = you've got to be kidding me low ball signing service
HHSS = hand holding signing service
IYCMOMTIIDDINS = if you call me one more time I'll drop dox in nearest sewer
IGTOFTS = I'm getting too old for this $hit

Reply by James Dawson on 7/10/10 10:51am
Msg #344427

IGTOFTS Bob I couldn't help it ROFLMAO! n/m

Reply by John/CT on 7/10/10 10:56am
Msg #344429

In case you're wondering Bravo, ROFLMAO =

Rolling On Floor Laughing My A$$ Off, or sometimes the variation: ROFLMFAO, which the addition of the F = Fat. Wink

Reply by jba/fl on 7/10/10 10:57am
Msg #344430

my fav:

IYCMOMTIIDDINS = if you call me one more time I'll drop dox in nearest sewer

Reply by James Dawson on 7/10/10 11:14am
Msg #344434

Re: my fav: Yea..that's a good one also except..

Hand-holders being the "bottom feeders" they are would probably thrive in a sewer.....

Reply by MW/VA on 7/10/10 11:39am
Msg #344442

ROFLMAO These are great, Bob. We need to use them all,

especially the one I think of daily, IGTOFTS!

Reply by MW/VA on 7/10/10 11:43am
Msg #344444

Re: Suggestions for a few new ones.....

How about adding to that list, like OHANWOAC! (Oh, no, not another notary without a clue).

Reply by James Dawson on 7/10/10 12:46pm
Msg #344455

Re: Suggestions for a few new ones.....

Ooh yea gotta add this one

Reply by bagger on 7/10/10 12:10pm
Msg #344449

Re: Suggestions for a few new ones.....

YTou forgot one when dealing with the non-payers.
BOHICA Bend Over, Here It Comes Again.

Reply by Moneyman/TX on 7/10/10 1:06pm
Msg #344457

Great list! n/m

Reply by CopperheadVA on 7/10/10 4:24pm
Msg #344485

OMG sooooooo funny! Thanks for the laugh! n/m

Reply by JanetK_CA on 7/10/10 5:10pm
Msg #344492

MMD-TKS! (Made My Day - Thanks!) ;>) n/m

Reply by Shoshana/AZ on 7/10/10 8:26pm
Msg #344508

I needed that laugh! Thx. n/m

Reply by cadmonkey/CA on 7/11/10 2:37am
Msg #344524

GTHOOD - Get the hell out of dodge, add that one! n/m

Reply by Hugh Nations Signing Agents of Austin on 7/11/10 11:49pm
Msg #344567

The most important acronym to know is PAW

It stands for "Possessing All Wisdom."

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