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Posted by anita55109 on 7/1/10 1:22pm
Msg #343411

Signature Notary Services

Any idea on how to reach these people? The email is returned....the phone message box is full.....OMG.

Reply by JulieD/KS on 7/1/10 10:58pm
Msg #343499

Never heard of them, sorry.

Reply by Richard Ingram on 7/2/10 9:51am
Msg #343548

I have a bounced check for $105 plus 1 unpaid invoice for $110 from May 17, 2010. They did leave a voice mail saying they would be taking care of this matter this week. I will let all know the status at the end of next week.

Reply by Angel Richard on 7/9/10 10:16am
Msg #344316

I haven't gotten paid from a closing I did on May 14, 2010. Talk to that Erin woman and she said that payment was in the mail and that was 40 days ago...nothing yet. I'm so angry at myself because I stop do closing for me companies because chances are you aren't going to get your money.....She owes me $110. I have tried all luck yet!!!

Reply by Angel Richard on 7/14/10 3:30pm
Msg #344949

Everything is disconnected! I've tried other title companies to find out if they were linked with Consumer Title. No such luck!!!

Wish you well! Did a closing in May haven't gotten paid yet and probably won't. It's a shame...

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