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Serial Notary Spammer in L.A. Deleting All Other Notary Ads
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Serial Notary Spammer in L.A. Deleting All Other Notary Ads
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Posted by sirblock on 12/5/11 3:47am
Msg #405765

Serial Notary Spammer in L.A. Deleting All Other Notary Ads

There is a Serial Notary Spammer in Los Angeles who is posting multiple ads per day on, all over Los Angeles County, and she's deleting every single other advertisement that even mentions Notary work by flagging all the other ads. I called her to challenge her after I got 2 of my ads deleted (very quickly deleted), and she told me that I had no right calling her at 2AM (even though her ad says that she is 24 hours) and she told me that she's paying someone to run the ads for her. I told her that she needs to call off her dog because it was unfair and unscrupulous. She hung up on me, so I called back and left a voicemail message that I would warn the whole Notary community if she does not stop. Well, it's been 5 days and she's still doing it. Her name is Lydia, and her phone number in all the ads is: (818)472-8323. Please go on Craigslist in L.A. yourself and do a search on "notary" and you will see- she puts the word "notarY" with the big "Y" in her ads so that she or her people don't delete her ads, but delete everyone else's. I suggest that all concerned Notaries give her a call and let her know how much you appreciates how she treats and respects the rest of the Notary Community here in L.A. and the public at large.

Reply by Linda_H/FL on 12/5/11 4:18am
Msg #405767

Number traces back to "Kitchen Angels Catering"?

Lydia Hernandez, chef extroardinaire

Reply by Linda_H/FL on 12/5/11 4:31am
Msg #405770

and, among other things...this

Lydia's Mobile Notary
Lydia Hernandez
11956 Hatteras St.
Valley Village, CA 91607

Reply by MistarellaFL on 12/5/11 5:26am
Msg #405771

I've had this happen with my airport service business

The real kicker was that the spammer got MY email address booted from CL, as CL's customer service really stinks. Their reasoning? If my ads were flagged that much, there must be something wrong with MY post. And, if you flag another's posts too many times from your account/IP address, they'll ban your email account, with all future postings being ghosted.
CL doesn't give a rip, as they write back in response: It's a FREE AD, lady.
I wish I could purchase ads on CL, I get a good response from the site, including notary services.

The problem for you is that if this other notary IS paying someone to run the ads for her, you may never get the problem resolved.
I feel your pain.

Reply by Linda_H/FL on 12/5/11 5:29am
Msg #405772

If this were me I'd pay an attorney a couple hundred

dollars to send her a cease and desist letter. She IS interfering with his business and his right to earn a living. I don't care if it's "someone she hired" - she's responsible for the actions of her agents.


Reply by MistarellaFL on 12/5/11 6:15am
Msg #405774

Agree, Linda BUT

Try to prove it.
They are uncooperative and unsympathetic.
No one from CL gives a rip.

Reply by Linda_H/FL on 12/5/11 7:24am
Msg #405777

Not CL...the notary.. n/m

Reply by MistarellaFL on 12/5/11 8:40am
Msg #405785

Re: Not CL...the notary..

This is only my experience:
Yes, you could pay an attorney to give the notary a cease and desist, but what are the ramifications if you can't pursue it through the court system?
Just saying, I couldn't get an attorney to do anything for me re: CL, because according to att'y I contacted, there was nothing that could be done legally, because I didn't pay for a listing, and CL is considered a private site, meaning the owners of CL can pretty much allow anything they want to allow (within legal limits). If it were a paid ad, it would be pursuable.

Reply by C. Rivera Chicago Notary Services on 12/5/11 4:12pm
Msg #405822

that's weird Mistarella I understood CL only will flag or

remove an ad, as I was advised by them, if its an ad appearing in multiple sections, unrelated to the service in the ad. Like putting a notary ad in the Beauty section for example.

I use CL for advertising all the time, and renew every week, for about 3 years now, and had only 1 incident but not with my notary biz, but my wedding biz. The jerk even told me he was going to do it, via email, and he did get CL to remove one of my ads. When I sent his email to CL, after some time of convincing me to do this, they allowed me to put up another ad, a few days later, and 've had no issues since then. (counting my blessings they don't start now!)

Some people just can't handle their competition and will go to ANY lengths like lying and spreading vicious rumors,which I'm very familiar with because one of my competitors, a local notary, who happens to live down the street from me, started spreading crap about me and my biz here on NotRot a long while back, but I nipped her in the bud so to speak.

So I'm surprised that CL removed your email address??

Reply by HisHughness on 12/5/11 8:01am
Msg #405780

***she puts the word "notarY" with the big "Y" in her ads so that she or her people don't delete her ads, but delete everyone else's***

1. Why don't you couch your ads in the same way?

2. Why don't you flag her ads and have every friend, business associate, relative, neighbor and ex-wife do it also?

Reply by 101livescan on 12/5/11 8:49am
Msg #405786

I just opened up her posting in CL and found that Lydia Hernandez is LICENSE and BONDED, so she can't spell either!

Reply by 101livescan on 12/5/11 8:16am
Msg #405781

SHAME ON LYDIA HERNANDEZ...who knows nothing of ethics in this arena or perhaps any other....

Reply by MistarellaFL on 12/5/11 8:32am
Msg #405784

Good advice, Hugh, with the capital Y suggestion n/m

Reply by jba/fl on 12/5/11 8:53am
Msg #405788

That's called: Fighting fire with fire. Always fair! JMO n/m

Reply by MrEd_Ca on 12/5/11 9:08am
Msg #405789

Wow! ...

... all the ads in the LA Craigslist site are from this notarY. I flagged a few of them for 'spamming/overpost' . The management at CL can be rather deaf at times.

Reply by BrendaTx on 12/5/11 9:37am
Msg #405793

I could not find one...can someone pm me? n/m

Reply by Linda_H/FL on 12/5/11 10:16am
Msg #405795

Wonder if this is the same person.

California Tax Return Preparer Sentenced for Tax Fraud
On July 19, 2010, in San Jose, Calif., Lydia Hernandez, the owner of Lydia Hernandez Tax Services, in Salinas, was sentenced to 15 months in prison, to be followed by three years of supervised release, and ordered to pay $35,433 in restitution for tax evasion and aiding and assisting in the preparation of false tax returns. According to the plea agreement, Hernandez prepared 39 income tax returns on behalf of 13 clients for the 2002 through 2005 tax years. She admitted that she prepared false returns for those clients to reduce their taxable income and obtain a bigger refund for them than they were entitled to receive. For some clients, Hernandez filed a false Schedule C, deducting items such as gifts, dry cleaning, cell phone expenses, gym membership fees, and union dues, even though she knew those items were not deductible. Hernandez also falsified the amount of deductions for state and local taxes and filed false depreciation and mileage deductions on behalf of her clients. Hernandez admitted that, for the 2004 tax year, she underreported her business income by $51,129 on her individual income tax returns.,,id=213764,00.html


Reply by BrendaTx on 12/5/11 6:22pm
Msg #405834

What a treat that woman is! n/m

Reply by ReneeK_MI on 12/5/11 10:37am
Msg #405796

Had this happen, turned out to be a different cause

We were selling a car - or TRYING to. Every day my husband would re-post, and every day it would be flagged & removed. He assumed it was the competition doing it.

He then started re-posting every day, but with an entirely re-written ad AND a differently worded topic line. Once he did that - they were never flagged again.

Reply by FeliseSoCal on 12/5/11 10:19pm
Msg #405848

This happened to me and I'm in LA...

My adds kept getting flagged and removed! I wonder if there is a way to report her.

Reply by MariaIECA on 12/7/11 4:54pm
Msg #405999

Re: I'm in the IE and it happens to me...

How do you know for sure that it is her?

Reply by NikkiB on 1/28/12 11:17pm
Msg #410219

I thought it was her flagging my notary ad on CL!! Thanks for the confirmation. She has been flagging ads since November I believe. Yes I will be calling her. My daughter is also a notary and her ads were also flagged.

Reply by NotaryCali on 1/22/13 8:56pm
Msg #451593

My post got flagged and removed today. I did a search before I posted and there was a few other notarys in my area, plus a TON of ads for Lydia. After my post was removed I did another search and only her ads were left. (At least 30 ads). What can be done to stop this? Can we get a live person at Craigslist? I have posted many ads before (not notary) and have never had this happen to me.

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