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Posted by Karla/OR on 11/25/11 3:50am
Msg #404943

Notary Journal

I did two general notary signings for very good friends today following Thanksgiving dinner at their home (I was asked and agreed to do it in advance of today). After the signings, I was asked if there are any requirements to cover up previous signer entries in my journal. I responded that I didn't believe there was any such regulation and also that you can buy sleeves that cover up the info. I said I would check on their question and get back to them. It was more of a curious question than anything.

I would like to be prepared in case I get asked this question again, so I look forward to your responses.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Day! Karla

Reply by Lee/AR on 11/25/11 7:27am
Msg #404944

I imagine that any requirement/law would be state-specific. Nevertheless, common sense dictates that previous signers info 'ought to be' confidential. I think most of us find a way to cover up previous entries.

Reply by jba/fl on 11/25/11 7:27am
Msg #404945

Probably a "curious question" because they were able to see others information and it triggered something in their brains....that would be my guess anyway.

A few years ago there was a discussion here about that: how do you keep private journal entries while another is signing? Some talked of their own methods of how they did just that. 2 pieces of paper should do it - laid over the previous entries, leaving the blank lines showing. I think that is the easiest method. Others had a different method -

you will be getting more answers.....

Reply by CopperheadVA on 11/25/11 7:54am
Msg #404946

I use a piece of cardstock and have folded lines that will accommodate the various lines in my journal. Every single time I make a new entry, I will adjust the cardstock down to cover the previous entries on the right side of the page (on my journal, the right side contains signers' name, ID info, and signature). I use two paperclips to keep it in place. I don't cover the left side.

Reply by CopperheadVA on 11/25/11 8:00am
Msg #404947

See Msg #341895

Reply by Notarysigner on 11/25/11 8:04am
Msg #404948

Re: agree with Lee and Jba. Ore notary rules chapt 194

I could find no reference to you question reguarding Ore notary rules (chapter 194) but in Ca our notary handbook refers to "complete control of the notary." There is an administration penalty for not doing so. Complete control being the key wording.

Reply by Susan Fischer on 11/25/11 8:06am
Msg #404949

Good question. When I first started, a borrower signed my

journal while I was placing the stack, and ran his finger (eyes following) up the page and commented, "OH, hey, I know So and So!" I grabbed my journal, and pretended (except I actually meant it) to chastise him for snoopery.

So, got home, and fashioned a 'blocker' by cutting a file folder to size of page, scoring with blunt side of scizzors at each entry line, and making the folds accordingly. After each sig (or pair of sigs per table) I'd move the blocker down to cover the sigs, and be ready for the next signer(s). I use a paperclip at the top of the page to secure.

Curiosity is a noble trait, and people just naturally want to know their neighbors' business - so it's worked for years, and continues to elicit positive comments of appreciation for people's privacy.

Another thought: When signing in a public place, I place the stack upside down, and likewise flip the signed pages on the 'done' stack.' Passers by at a Starbucks, or where ever, don't need to 'peek' at the business being conducted at the table.

Hope that helps, Karla. You're doing great, and ask such good questions!

Reply by Susan Fischer on 11/25/11 8:13am
Msg #404950

Copper said it so well - loved the pic. n/m

Reply by Stephanie Santiago on 11/25/11 10:26am
Msg #404952

Prevent & Deter Fraud..

I always cover previous signer's identification.
Not only out of consideration but to prevent and deter fraud.

Reply by Karla/OR on 11/25/11 11:56am
Msg #404955

Most excellent info from ALL of you. Lesson learned! Thanks! n/m

Reply by Brad Clements on 11/25/11 1:02pm
Msg #404957

You can buy a Natary Privacy Guard from NNA. for abou 10 bucks Here is a link

Reply by BrotherOwner on 11/25/11 2:20pm
Msg #404958

Re: No offense intended Brad....

as I don't know you or of you, but you shouldn't advertise goods of a competing for- profit enterprise, such as XYZ on this website, it is a violation of usage terms, and just bad karma. I use half a manila folder and a small binder clip. Works for me. Significant reduction in my cost of said item, and I have a large supply on hand for when it gets soiled. I guess I should label mine NPI PROTECTOR, but I'd probably run afoul of their (giggle) patent, so I'll just leave it blank, or maybe adorn it with the flag. They sure don't miss a beat when it comes to making a buck.

Reply by BrotherOwner on 11/25/11 11:25pm
Msg #404978

Re: **********CORRECTION*********

I have made an error: US PATENT 7,946,552 IS NOT held by xyz , but by Sandra St.Claire of Vancouver, WA. I apologize for the error and any confusion it may have caused.

Reply by TinaCA on 11/28/11 9:34am
Msg #405078

Re: No offense intended Brad....

I use sticky notes. Which work well for me. Smile

Reply by HisHughness on 11/25/11 3:53pm
Msg #404963

You will find that most long-time posters to NotRot are quite protective of the site out of appreciation and regard for its owner, who over the years has been most solicitous of the participants -- in contrast to at least one other well-known site. Part of that regard entails not advertising competing sites on NotRot.

Also, there are many signing agents who would not buy a fire extinguisher from the site you named even if their underwear was on fire.

Reply by Les_CO on 11/25/11 4:27pm
Msg #404964

Re: Aggreed! I'm one. n/m

Reply by HisHughness on 11/25/11 5:06pm
Msg #404969

Re: Aggreed! I'm one.

Reliable sources have informed me you don't wear underwear.

But I guess it's the thought that counts.

Reply by Claudine Osborne on 11/25/11 8:47pm
Msg #404976

Re: Aggreed! I'm one.

I use a Notary Gaurd and my signers think its a great idea! I bought mine a few years ago and not from the xyz site. It looks a little more professional than a piece of paper or manila folder and my signers really appreciate the fact that I cover their information. There is a little pocket on it to put some business cards in.

Im not slamming other peoples ideas just sharing what I do.

Reply by SharonMN on 11/25/11 9:06pm
Msg #404977

I wish someone would come out with a one page per transaction notary journal. Then you wouldn't have to cover up the prior entries, just flip the page AND you'd have more room to write. I know that the one-page format might not be legal in all states, but it would for me. Might just buy a blank notebook to use when my current journal runs out!

Reply by Doris_CO on 11/25/11 11:39pm
Msg #404979

I use the 3x3 inch sticky notes. You can fit three on a column. I cover the column with the signers name and the column with the signers signature. It works, and seems to be less complicated then folding card paper or a file folder to fit the page. When I start a new page in the journal, I just reuse the sticky notes on the new page.

Reply by linda/ca on 11/26/11 2:45am
Msg #404984

I do the same as Doris with the sticky notes trick. They look professional in my book as they match my business cards. Everything looks uniform and it is obvious to the borrower that I am making sure that their information is private!

Reply by nunu on 11/26/11 9:18am
Msg #404986

wow, very simple solution and i actually have sticky notes that are 6 x 9".

Reply by Karla/OR on 11/26/11 5:49pm
Msg #405008

Doris~ great idea! Thanks!! Karla

Reply by Linda_H/FL on 11/27/11 1:13pm
Msg #405040 too!! Sticky notes!! n/m

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