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Mortgage Connect LP
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Posted by Hill Country Notary Service on 2/4/13 10:57am
Msg #453892

Mortgage Connect LP

I did a closing for these folks in mid-December, 2012, and after 3 emails and invoices have still not been paid for my work. I have not had a problem with them in the past, but based on comments here I guess I was just lucky. My next step will be to send a snail mail certified letter.

Reply by hodgy on 2/4/13 11:34am
Msg #453898

They do pay - just very slow. They are not too responsive to emails either. I think they take closer to 75 days to pay.

Reply by ME/NJ on 2/4/13 11:43am
Msg #453899

All I can speak of is past, all billing at end of month and checks cut on the 15th. You should of got the check around the 20th of January if you followed there steps.

Reply by A S Johnson on 2/4/13 12:25pm
Msg #453903

Slow pay! lowballers!! 2 1/2 star rated conpany here on Notary Rotary. What do expect?

Reply by ToniK on 2/4/13 2:53pm
Msg #453932

Im still waiting on payment for sept and Nov signing. They dont respond to emails. I just sent it to my Attorney for collection and yes Im including the Attorney fee.

When Gabe left back in June 2012, its seems like things went down hill when Jaclyn Fox took over. Or whoever is doing it now. I miss Gabe. MC was one of my biggest clients. In Aug/Sept they was begging me to drop my fee to $85 from $xxx but I refused and they stopped calling and then only called and met my fee when they couldnt find a notary to take the assignment. Now Im battling to get paid.

Reply by Jessica Ward on 2/4/13 4:18pm
Msg #453954

Not my experience

In the last 2 years, I've done nine closings for Mortgage Connect, LP. I follow their invoicing instructions to the letter, and I am paid in an average of 37 days. I closed one on 1/11 for them, and I have already been paid.

In my experience, this company pays like clockwork.

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