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Printers- which one is best.
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Printers- which one is best.
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Posted by Erica Bautista on 2/17/13 10:22pm
Msg #456314

Printers- which one is best.

Hi Everyone, I am in need of a new printer, does anyone have any suggestions. I was looking into a HP laser all-in one. Please advise.

Reply by CarolF/NC on 2/17/13 10:34pm
Msg #456315

I like my brother HL 6180dwt

Dual tray, air print, reasonably priced consumables, trays hold a full ream of paper, prints 45ppm, and the output tray hold up to about 200 pages. Watch for sales. Around $325. I start printing from my iPhone and docs are ready by time I get upstairsSmile. Buy if you need an all in one, I know several do have HPs they are happy with.

Reply by Joan Bergstrom on 2/17/13 10:48pm
Msg #456316

This printing from an I phone or smart will be great for us

The next printers I buy I want the ability to start printing from my phone and the thought
that we can print at 45 pages per minute is unbelievable for someone like me who started in 2002 and 19 pages per minute was considered good.

I have 3 Brothers (dual trays) that print at 30 pages, but I love the 45.
I have 2 MFC and 1 printer.

Reply by OR on 2/17/13 11:55pm
Msg #456319

Re: I love love love just something to think about.

I love the deal I get with an extended preformance protection plan form Office Depot. For any reason I am unhappy with my printer in 2 years they will give me 100% of my money back. I have used it for my last 3 printers. My last printer was 299 + 59 for the warrant. My old printer was 229.00. My new printer was 129.00 out of pocket. I will get the full price of $229 when this one is wears out 9/2014. I don't think there are any better deals out there then that. I also love anything HP. justme

Reply by ebautista1 on 2/18/13 9:44am
Msg #456335

Re: This printing from an I phone or smart will be great for us

Thanks Everyone! That was very helpful!

Reply by CarolF/NC on 2/18/13 10:13am
Msg #456343

Buy was to be but. what I could use is a

larger key pad on my iPhoneSmile

Reply by Clem/CA on 2/18/13 10:16am
Msg #456344

Can I Google that for you?

Reply by 101livescan on 2/18/13 11:18am
Msg #456351

I have two 4250 HP Lasers Dual Trays. Sometimes they are both cranking away at the same time. I bought them refurbished. They are awesome..I started out with one. One day when I was my busiest, it began to groan and creak. I panicked. Immediately picked up the phone and ordered a backup. Glad I did. They both work fine, but now if one croaks, I'm not up a creek without a printer. 68 PPM. I remember the old days 18 PPM. Could never do that again. Six years ago I had a 24PPM and outgrew that quickly. Went to 1320HP and outgrew that. Can't wait for the next modality.

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