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Square vs. Intuit GoPayment vs. Paypal: Helpful Info!
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Square vs. Intuit GoPayment vs. Paypal: Helpful Info!
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Posted by Christine/OK on 6/2/13 10:00am
Msg #472018

Square vs. Intuit GoPayment vs. Paypal: Helpful Info!

Just doing research while considering adding this feature to my business . . . The review and comparison is VERY helpful!

Reply by Christine/OK on 6/2/13 10:27am
Msg #472019

Re: Square vs. Intuit GoPayment vs. Paypal: Helpful Info! n/m

Reply by 101livescan on 6/2/13 10:29am
Msg #472020

Great for consumers' comparison.

Reply by Yoli/CA on 6/2/13 2:06pm
Msg #472028

Thanks for those comparisons!

I've been using Square for several years now and would recommend it to anyone.

Having never used the Intuit card reader, can't speak to it.

Have never used the PayPal card reader. However, I have used PayPal to receive payment. With PayPal, I have to go in and tell it to transfer to my bank account. Otherwise, it stays in the PayPal account (and stands the chance of being reversed).

With Square, they immediately send me email advising of transaction. True Example: Friday, 5/31/13, I accommodated a GNW using Square. Immediately after swiping and entering amount and description and having client sign, it allows me to send receipt. Immediately after that, it sends me email regarding transaction and actual amount (after fee deduction) to be sent to my account. (this happened at 11:30 am) At 1:06 am on Saturday, 6/1/13, I received another email advising funds had been sent to my bank account and would be available within 1-2 business days. Can't get any easier than that.

Reply by Karla/OR on 6/2/13 3:26pm
Msg #472032

Great example. Thanks Yoli! n/m

Reply by JanetK_CA on 6/2/13 5:44pm
Msg #472034

Re: Thanks for those comparisons!

I've had the same or similar experience with Square. Plus, it allows me to input the signer's email address so they can optionally have a receipt immediately generated to their email account. (Most prefer that to me writing out a paper receipt.) I can also enter a detailed note on their receipt with a breakdown of the charges. I read a while back that it all has to be on one line, but that may have since changed with the current version. I haven't tried yet, as so far I've always found myself in a fast paced office environment when using a credit/debit card, so I didn't want to take a chance. I just separate entries (i.e. notary charges vs. mobile service fees) with a semi-colon.

I decided to go with Square because I'm not a fan of some business practices of both PayPal (lack of support, inability to reach someone if there's ever a problem, arbitrary actions, etc.), and Intuit (mostly related to other products).

I've been very happy with my Square and have found it pretty easy to use. And my clients have been pretty happy with it, as well.

Reply by LKT/CA on 6/3/13 8:42pm
Msg #472122

I use Intuit....and it does ALL that Square does...and

then some....and the fees are cheaper. I initially got Square but the Blackberry I use to have wasn't supported by their card reader. Having the same phone - Intuit's card reader didn't support the Blackberry either. One thing in Intuit's favor - I could manually enter credit card/debit info, whereas that was not an option with Square. Today I have a smart phone and the Intuit card reader works just fine.

Intuit is quite easy to use too - sends me an email of the transaction, I can immediately email a receipt to the client, etc., etc.

Reply by jba/fl on 6/3/13 11:17pm
Msg #472132

I just got an Intuit -

The fees are the same, both can be manually entered at a higher percentage rate - an additional 1%.

The reason I got a new one is because 1. I have a new bank account and haven't figured out how to change the info yet and 2. I sometimes have to double swipe the Square and have heard the Intuit is not plagued with that difficulty. I don't like to ever look as though I don't know what I am doing or that my equipment is not up to par....the square gave me "sweat" factor (never let them see you sweat) so I thought I would try the other one.

One is for business, one for garage sales or things I sell on a limited basis. Useful tools for sure.

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