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Virginia Notary Seal Stamp - Pre-inked
Retail Price: $18.95

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High-quality, pre-inked notary stamp.

The Titan is durable, slightly smaller than most handheld stamps, and can easily be re-inked. Impression quality is similar to the Brother stamp.

Compatible with iStamp and FastLight brands. Re-ink with Titan ink ONLY. Using another brand of ink may permanently damage your stamp.

What does the law say about the Virginia Notary Stamp?
Virginia Notary Handbook
Virginia notary law does not require a notary to own a seal or use a seal on any document. However, most Virginia notaries use a seal as a matter of custom. If a seal is used, it is recommended that the notary seal be imprinted or stamped just below the notarial statement. Care should be taken to not obscure the signatures or other parts of the document.

Moreover, if a notary expects to notarize documents to be used outside the Commonwealth or to be presented to federal agencies, he or she should be aware that many states and some federal agencies require a seal before they will accept the validity of the notarial act.

Notarial seals must be ordered through a private seal manufacturer. The Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth does not make or sell seals.

Virginia Notary Law
Virginia notary law does not require a notary to own a seal or use a seal on any document.There is no legal code in reference to an official notary seal.

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