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Msg #609438

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I got removed from a signing
By Clem/CA on 8/19/19 8:07pm

From Escrow officer To the signing service, CC me

Sun 8/18/2019 1:01 PM Notary was no show for notary today.

From Escrow To Me

Sun 8/18/2019 1:29 PM Can you please explain why you were Anni show for the notary today? (they were spell check)

My response to I do not own a time machine.

from Escrow officer Signing Un-Assigned From You

Confirmation Appointment Time :
2019-08-19 11:00 AM

First time I have been Un-Assigned for not showing up a day early ....

Their response.... well none

Guess I will go eat Popcorn now

Msg #609435

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Regency Escrow out of Mission Viejo - any comments
By  Linda_TN on 8/19/19 4:26pm

Searched in SC, but didn't find anything. Searching comments only brought up Regency Title out of MD--but those comments were dated 2007. Anyone with experience or comments you are willing to share?

Msg #609427

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Real Signing Solutions, Chris Gage...Any recent experience?
By FeliseSoCal on 8/19/19 3:36pm

I can't find any conclusive reviews on this company. Anyone?

Msg #609422

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Accurate Group, Independence OH...G/B/U?
By FeliseSoCal on 8/19/19 1:39pm

Does anyone have recent info on this company. They are using SnapDocs. Fees seem pretty low.

Msg #609421

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Anyone know anything about FairSmith Funding, Exton, PA? n/m
By  ikando on 8/19/19 12:50pm

Msg #609395

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It's a good skill knowing how to roll
By  Cheryl Elliott on 8/17/19 10:37am

Tried to enter completion on app. App frozen. I called it in instead.

Waited all day for docs and when they finally came, legal pages were cut off. It was beer Friday, apparently. Everyone gone for the weekend? We will see. Supposed to sign today.

Finally the last signing of the day, borrower lost ID at the movies.

Honestly, this biz is not for wimps.

Msg #609391

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Loan Processing Center Louisville, KY
By Luckydog on 8/17/19 8:17am

Even the best of us get it once and awhile. I was thinking this was Title Processing Center and took this closing for a seller side in June and now I get to practice my collections skills. They have their payment schedule which is worse than worse, okay... according to them check to go out from Aug 5-10th for 2nd half of June, and now late with that. David did return my calls and their whole system is making a duplicate addresses on their checks! Can you imagine that?? ...and now have to manually void and reissue new checks. That's a new one.
Anyway, what tactics did anyone use with them, and will they eventually pay? TIA

Msg #609383

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Giving out defects to hiring entity
By  Cheryl Elliott on 8/16/19 2:42pm

I had a signing last night at 6pm. I arrived early, so I tried to contact the borrower, but the number was a Framingham MA number and no voice mail or AS. I'm perplexed. This assignment was already confirmed with the borrower, I needn't bother with another confirmation, I was told. Borrower is expecting you.

I'm sitting in my mobile notary command station looking at my phone, the borrower's phone number, and asking myself "How can this be?" I then think well, the area code numbers might be transposed, so I tried 805 rather than 580 and sure enough, the borrower answered the phone.

Hello, I'm sitting in front of your house. I'm a little early, would you like to get started?

Holy #$%^ he says, I'm at a restaurant having dinner. I'm so sorry, I completely forgot we were signing documents tonight.

That's okay, where are you, I'll meet you there so you can finish your dinner with your friends.

Okay, he says. So I drive up the road about a mile to a very nice Italian restaurant where the borrower is sitting with his fiance whom he met on, I learn.

He is so embarrassed, he asks if he can buy me dinner. No thanks, I said, I'm going to the Chumash Indian Casino and have dinner with my sister. He says, at least let me buy you a glass of wine. We had a great time, and he apologized profusely through the entire session.

Well, okay.

It all worked out swell. I had a piece of Italian bread with aioli and a pinot noir, and one hour later, I was on my way to meet my sister. It really helps to be a clairvoyant in this business

Not every disconnect works out so well. It was after hours, no way to get a human being on the phone.

So, how do I give the hiring party a defect? Does any one know?

Msg #609370

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Lola Williams strange request
By  Anita Edwards on 8/15/19 9:46pm

On Monday this week I received an email from Lola Williams. Nothing identifying her or who she is with. She asked me if I could do a closing in MN next Tuesday. That's all. I replied back that I didn't know....where and what time. I've not heard anymore from her until today. She sent me a link to download documents with lots of instructions on what I'm supposed to do. Without opening the link, which I can't open, only copy and paste, I still know nothing about the closing itself. No pricing was ever discussed. What would you do? I'm baffled. I've been a victim of computer hacking before and am extremely leery of opening this link.

Msg #609358

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I am having one of "those" weeks
By Luckydog on 8/15/19 12:04pm

I had 2 closing cancellations to be rescheduled this week. They reschedule when I cannot do them as booked. THEN an hour later the time that I couldn't do it, cancels on me too, and then lose that original closing, plus the one that just canceled, so now I sit and have nothing at that time. GRRR I know it goes with the territory, but a prime example of when it rains it pours. So frustrating...out of our control.

Msg #609354

8 replies
Documentary Transfer Tax Title of document question.
By Susan/CA on 8/15/19 11:48am

I know it's always better to get a signature when in doubt however, I would appreciate your feedback on this document. I had a signing package with a Quitclaim and PCOR included which of course I had the signers sign. There was also a document that is :"Titled Quitclaim Deed Title of Document" and it has the Documentary Transfer tax with the box checked "Computed on Full Value of Property Conveyed, or" then it has a signature line below which says "Signature of declarant or agent determining tax." In the past I have always been told this is not to be signed by the borrower. What has been your experience with this document? Thank you all so much!

Msg #609331

10 replies
Signing Trac/ Beware- Ridiculous Wait Time to get paid!
By Michele Guerin on 8/14/19 10:54am

I've worked with Signing Trac quite a bit, especially when I first started out doing signings last fall. In the beginning, I was paid somewhat 'promptly'- within 45 days. SINCE then- the jobs I've done with them have been longer and longer to get paid.
I'm currently due for two jobs I did - May 24, 2019 and June 1, 2019.
Their payment policy states 45-60 days. Well, I'm-74 and 82 days out, respectively and STILL WAITING! Both jobs were Loan Modifications for Mr. Cooper/Nationstar.
I've contacted the Signing Trac billing dept via email (the only way you can contact them) several times and get assured my payments are being processed this month. (August, now August 14th!) .
If you just want to do some work and get your money- 'whenever' as a surprise bonus for yourself- that you earned months ago- take the jobs. Otherwise, let them be. They take WAY TOO LONG to pay.
If the creditors I owe were waiting 74-82 days out, the interest I'd be paying would be outrageous. Too bad I can't hold Signing Trac to paying me interest on my money they are still holding.
Contact: Phone: 559.408.5456 #4 OR Email:

Msg #609329

2 replies
Newest "techie" advances in the homemarket?
By  Linda_TN on 8/14/19 8:15am

Your thoughts?

Msg #609320

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Notary & Courier Services, LLC Irvinen G/B/U?
By FeliseSoCal on 8/13/19 5:52pm

I can't find any reviews on this company...

Msg #609318

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Serenity Signings
By Tannis Zamora on 8/13/19 3:04pm

Hi all, been awhile. I did a search in the SS listings and the "unavailable" except for Premium members came up. Can anyone explain that to me and does anyone know about this company. Thank you for your time.

Msg #609303

21 replies
Has anyone noticed a dramatic drop in Hybrid signings from
By grapebed on 8/12/19 8:00pm

Amrock? Thanks in advance for your responses.

Msg #609301

3 replies
Latest variation on a scam?
By JanetK_CA on 8/12/19 6:36pm

I'll bet I'm not the only one who received an email from "Patricia Birdsong" who claims to be in Spain and has a package that needs to be picked up tomorrow. (It was from a gmail account. And I'm sure a UPS store would just hand it over.)

The tip-off is that the UPS store supposedly holding the package is about 100 miles away from me - with hundreds of notaries in between... Wink My guess is that if I responded (I did not), I'd get a link with "more info" in reply.

Msg #609286

12 replies
question about hybrid hello
By Pruet - Alice on 8/12/19 10:24am

Hybrid HELOC (eSigning) what is this>

Msg #609284

5 replies
My Mobile Closer - finally got paid
By Janet Pattison on 8/12/19 8:56am

Anyone have a problem getting paid from My Mobile Closer in Colleyville TX?
They were over 100 days past due and I got a check from them today. They said it's because the accountant embezzled the funds.

Msg #609271

7 replies
By  walthtz on 8/10/19 10:51pm

Trying to get a little info for a friend before she speaks to an attorney?
Her Husband walked out leaving her with 2 kids & 2 dogs.
Now, a few years ago, they did a refi. @ that time the they were both on the Mortgage as required by New Jersey, but only the husband was on the Note.
Now the husband wants to forgo any more mortgage payments. Is the wife responsible for the Mortgage.?
Can this be held against her credit?

like I said in the beginning, I am just looking for some info so i can direct her.
PLEASE, only serious reply's.
Thank you.

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