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Msg #611359

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If it is your intention to discourage
By Laureen/LA on 10/22/19 2:35am

then you all are doing a mighty good job at it. I decided that all of the money out of pocket just in order to possibly be in line to take the bait just was not worth the waiting around and I have never once accepted an assignment as a result of reading this forum. If it wasn't one thing then it was another. Either the assignment didn't arrive with sufficient time to become versed in it, let alone the instructions, or there were more pages than had been presented, even though on SnapDocs you can't expect things like accuracy. I never once accepted an assignment. Some nice man here once scolded me and told me to get out of this business. I had yet to get into it and he didn't mean it in a nice way. He seemed to be communicating to me that I wasn't good enough for it. If being willing to go out of pocket for things like toner and paper and mileage and things in order to risk my E&O insurance due to not being fully versed and prepared and to find myself on the receiving end of a claim as a result is worth the risk to some silly soul, then more power to them. I keep away from this endeavor. The nominal reward, if any, is simply not worth the risk in my humble opinion.

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Another first for me... :-(
By JanetK_CA on 10/21/19 10:25pm

My bank deposit today included some cash - which unfortunately also included a fake $20 bill! (I'm glad it wasn't more than that!) It looked really good, but if you carefully felt the paper, you could kinda tell. The only reason I know is because I did my deposit in person, then handled some emails while still in the parking lot, so when I got a call from the banker, I was still there and able to go back in to take a look.

Sadly, I have no idea who it came from. The person who gave it to me likely received it from someone else without realizing it. If I have time, I think I'll reach out to the last several people who paid cash, all for GNW (I usually notate form of payment in my spreadsheets) and ask them to be on the lookout... Just looked at my spreadsheet - and there were two entries from someone who owns a store. Bet it was from there!

When I get paid cash, I usually just shove it in my purse, but I won't be doing that anymore!!

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By TD_CA on 10/21/19 11:26am

I received this email this morning..........anyone heard of this company or did anything for them?

Good Morning,

I am in need of a signing agent to complete a Federal I-9 form and to validate legal documentation for an employee who is remote. I found your name on Please let me know if you are interested and able to get this done this Friday October 25 at 11:00 a.m.or after, or anytime on Oct 28 all-day or Oct 29th before 12 noon.

. The basic instructions are as follow and the payment is $45.

1. Set a time and place to meet the employee.

2. Send me your W9 so that I can pay you once I have I9 in hand.

3. Print the I9 form (I will send it electronically).

4. Complete the Employer Representative portion.

5. Have the Employee complete their portion.

6. Fax to me and MAIL the ORIGINAL.

7. Call me with ANY questions.

Thank you!


Carol W. Breen, PHR

Licensing and Human Resources Associate

(860) 451-3757 | Fax: (860) 451-3696 |

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Do paid memberships provide any real value??
By John Crowell on 10/21/19 10:16am

I am new to the Mobile Signing arena and was wondering if the membership fees (like the $99 yearly fee with these guys) are worth the benefits received. If you are a (paying) member have you gotten your moneys worth? I know most work will come with reputation and pursing local/regional/national signing companies on my own. If there are others that are more beneficial please share. I don't want to pay for a membership/service that will not provide some benefit to growing my business. Any info from you seasoned professionals is appreciated.

Msg #611328

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My vent for this week.
By Mills Mobile Notary Service on 10/20/19 7:28pm

Busy morning Friday with several typical low ball Availability Requests from different Signing Services which I then revise the fees to reasonable levels and see who bites.

About noon, I get a call directly from a client asking ME to confirm our 5 pm appointment to sign on his Refi!?
At this time, I had received NO confirmations of any signing assignments form anyone for the afternoon. I tell the client the appointment is news to me, and who told him I was signing him today. He gives me a name of Lender and the loan officer, which is no help to me.

He was very anxious about this deal so I do a leap of blind faith and promise him I would show up at a 5 pm and get his deal signed without any clue who would send me the docs and asked him to text me his address.

Turns out the assignment and docs arrived about 40 minutes later and the signing happened smoothly.

Had a different signing set up Saturday at 0900, but docs never showed up despite repeated reminders to the Signing Service. At 0830 I call the client to cancel the appointment and he say "Oh, the Lender called me yesterday and said the docs would not be ready to some time next week". Lender never informed the Escrow or SS about the delay.

I hate to whine, but it feels better after I vent.


Msg #611323

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For those of you accepting hybrid signings from Amrock
By  Cheryl Elliott on 10/20/19 3:47pm

What equipment are you using? My iPad Pro connectivity has been sketchy on a couple recent signing appointments. What works the best in your experience.

Msg #611320

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Sorry: Notary Cloud
By  apsnltch on 10/20/19 1:55pm

Any updates on Notary Cloud/Milestone Settlements LLC/ Village Capital & Investment, LLC
Sunday Closing
No One responding to voice mail, texts, emails
400 pages, Not correct
Come to find out this is the third time this has been scheduled with the borrower
seems to be a simple refi, but cant get figures right
have left emails at different addresses and phone messages etc since 9 AM this morning
can't bring myself to go 40 miles if we know the figures are not correct and wont sign.......

Msg #611319

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Notary Cloud
By  apsnltch on 10/20/19 1:49pm

Msg #611316

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Maybe I've been at this too long but if a lender
By  Cheryl Elliott on 10/20/19 11:52am

can't get my name right, or misspells the name of the street of my property being refinanced, I'd kick them to the curb. They don't deserve my business. To get all the way to doc drawer and still has major errors, unacceptable. They have client's drivers license, what's the problem???

Also, I recently had a loan officer keep me waiting for 1/2 hour. I told him I was too busy to sit around and wait for him at the busiest time of the month and people 6 deep waiting for me to show up on time. Even if I didn't have more appointments, it's just plain rude.

Most of the LOs I work with are exactly on time, if not early to the appointment. Waiting at the curb for me to show up so we walk in together.

My rant for the month...decided to couple em.

Another thing, I don't wait around all day for docs to show...I don't know how people do it. I just give it back to the scheduler if we can't make the timetable.

Msg #611307

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Brussel Sprouts for breakfast, lunch and dinner
By  Cheryl Elliott on 10/20/19 8:58am

I was so amazed at these parents, refi ing their mobile home, three little ones sitting at the table eating their dinner, halved brussel sprouts sauteed in onion and butter, a tad of garlic, walnuts, red and green pepper slices, sweet potato cubed, and pieces of apple and raisins topped with a fried egg. The kids were putting it away like it was spaghetti, and loving the medley of nutritional veggies and egg and goat milk. The children were beautiful! Eating well is the key. How many children do you know who like brussel sprouts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I complimented the parents cuz when I was a kid, I detested brussel sprouts, lima beans and spinach. If I had to guess, their little ones were starting at say 3 through around 6. They were scarfing it up. Mom says they love it and they will eat these veggies with fried egg three times a day. What great parents, never hit a McDonalds or In-and-Out, and they are everywhere around here. Mom is stay at home mom.

Always learning something new out there in the signing jungle! Blessed to meet such great people. Keeps me grounded. It was such a busy month, and more tomorrow, the next day, the next. Thinking of going to the grocer for these ingredients. I've been eating a lot of salads, but now that weather is cooling, time to change up for warmer foods.

Msg #611296

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notary/signing agent group in San Francisco Bay area
By Gayle Newman on 10/19/19 4:24pm

Is there any group of notary/signing agents that would like to get together and chat about various situations, tips,tricks,experiences etc? I have been a notary for 13years but signing agent for 1year and I still have ???? We could find a central location to meet once in a while. Thanks.

Msg #611268

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Ca property Deed of Trust
By Cathy Edmondson on 10/19/19 6:05am

Hello Fellow Notaries,

Can you help me with this? I am a CA notary and this company continues to write their documents with the following information. I have attached the info for your review and comments. Thanks so much. The property and borrowers are in CA.

This is typed on the CA Deed of trust signing page and the errors and omissions page:

State of Pennsylvania
County of Allegheny
This record was acknowledged before me on by
Notary Public
(Print Name)
My commission expires:

Would you stamp this and attach a CA Acknowledgement? Last time I crossed out Pennsylvania and put CA and changed the county and got a hand slap. Thanks much for your time. Happy signings!

Msg #611262

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Got an odd signing offer today.
By Nicholas Kontgas on 10/18/19 10:01pm

Don't remember what it was, now. I think it was a purchase package. Pay was good. Didn't seem to be a large package. But the method of document return was to be taken in to an office in Bend, Oregon. From Salt Lake City.

Sent a reply asking for clarification on the method of return on the docs. No reply.


Msg #611258

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Bad couple days
By LndWelch/CA on 10/18/19 4:33pm

I have no idea what's going on, but yesterday and today have just been off the charts weird. Prior to these two days my month has been great. I retired up in Tuolumne County 2 years ago but continue doing my work as a closing agent. I've been a closing agent eleven years, so I pretty much know what I'm doing. I really enjoyed having only two or three jobs a week, and being able to only work for companies I know were reputable and paid what I asked and on time.
Then yesterday happened...
A few days earlier I'd accepted a job for 10 a.m. and then another one at 5:30 p.m. for that same day. The 10 a.m. job was local, only a 15 minute drive, and the 5:30 one was a little farther away, about an hour drive. The company that hired me was one I worked for many times. The morning the two signings were scheduled I noticed that I had not received the documents yet for the 10 am signing. I asked where they were and was told they would be in my email shortly. While I was at it, I asked about the signing at 5:30. They said those documents would be ready early afternoon. At 9:30 I emailed again asking where the 10 am documents were. They'll get to me any minute now they said. At 9:45 I got the cancellation notice for the 10 a.m. signing. Not one to be frustrated I decided I would just go play some golf at morning and take it easy. Then I got the request to do the 10 one at 10:30. Okay fine, but where are the documents. At 10:15 still no documents. At 10:25 they cancel that appointment. Then they asked me if I could do it at 4 p.m. that night. I let them know that I already had one at 5:30 with them and that it was an hour drive away so a 4 PM closing would not be possible. Oh, and by the way where are the documents for that one at 5:30 p.m.? They're on their way was the answer. At 3 p.m. still no documents. At 3:30 p.m. I called them and informed them that if the documents weren't in my box by a quarter to 4 it was a no-go. At a quarter to 4 I called and said it wasn't going to happen. And I was feeling pretty frustrated by that. This morning I got a call to do the closing that was cancelled at 5:30, at 5 p.m. today. I accepted but let them know that I would definitely need the documents by 2:30. Not only did they never returned my call, or email, or pigeon carrier. No documents no return email, no response, no nothing. This has to be the worst I've ever been treated by a signing service. And this was one I'd worked for many times and I had thought they were really great.
So yesterday was a total wasted day sitting at the computer waiting for something to happen, and this morning was also a wasted day anticipating a signing tonight. I sure am glad I'm retired.

Msg #611257

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The way it should be ...
By  Yoli/CA on 10/18/19 3:41pm

Got a call from escrow this morning for a refi today any time after 1pm. She informed me docs would be ready in a few minutes, it's a small Quicken package and the notary fee they have set is $225 (payable at close of escrow). Am I available? Of Course!!

Newbies take note: This is the kind of assignments we strive for. Market, market, market .....

Msg #611255

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By Coraleen Stuart on 10/18/19 12:50pm

Has anyone dealt with them? Are they on time posting the docs and how big is the package?

Thank you.

Msg #611240

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Who is pnrnotarydotcom? In San Fernando Valley, CA
By  Cheryl Elliott on 10/17/19 11:55am

Have never heard of them? Any one else?

Msg #611225

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Texas Pioneer Title, Allen, TX
By  Yoli/CA on 10/16/19 2:54pm

I don't see them in SC. Orange "search" brings up some discussion with most recent being 2013.

Received an email from Tim Wagoner, Sr. Account Manager - National Settlement, asking for my availability for today 12-3 (email stamped at 10:21am) for refi with 30-45 minute drive from me. Docs were ready. I responded I could accommodate purposely omitting my fee to see what they were offering. He responded their refi signing fee is $100. I responded my base edoc fee to that city is $150. He said "Sorry we can't do that." I thanked him for responding and we parted ways.

Have they always paid such low fees??

Msg #611203

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I've been thinking about the state of our business a lot
By  MW/VA on 10/16/19 10:47am

lately, considering all the changes because of platforms, etc.
I recently have been dealing with one of those "home warranty cos." & how they operate. Their chosen "contractors" are inferior grade cos. willing to take the low fees they're willing to pay.
IMO too much of American business is going to this kind of operation. Our business is no exception. It's becoming about automatic & electronic emails & texts, offering lower & lower fees with higher & higher demands. After building my business for many years, it's harder for me to maintain good cos. to work with. The whole situation is very sad.
I get that it helps the cos. with scheduling issues, and eliminates the need for phone schedulers (which I still prefer). If they're saving money by doing that, why are they also trying to undermine our role in the process.
Just venting here, and concerned with what's happening to business in America.

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Big thanks to you guys.
By Nicholas Kontgas on 10/15/19 6:44pm

I just got off a 90+ page buyer package, and I was thinking about all the advice I received on my "tips for faster signings" thread. I got in and out in half the time I usually would take on that kind of signing, and I got a really sweet compliment from the signers on my way out the door.

Thanks for your help, all!

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