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Msg #605486

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Prestige Notaries Inc finally paid... and it bounced
By JkWa on 4/18/19 9:18am

Signing completed mid-January, finally got paid on April 12. Check bounced April 17.

They've never been great (low fees, pretty much always require hand delivery back to offices, usually drag their feet to 45 days for payment) but they do pay eventually.

Is this the end of another signing service?

Msg #605473

3 replies
Signing Agent
By Lillian G Tillman on 4/17/19 10:25pm

Hello everyone. I'm new to Notary Rotary, has anyone heard of USA Signing Agent?

Msg #605472

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what is out there beside real estate signings in your area?
By Linda Frezza on 4/17/19 9:10pm

I am in Florida and I go to hospitals, nursing homes and notarize POA's and Last Wills. I perform beach weddings - but recently I have been asked to take restaurant pictures, proctor exams, process server work and I have even been asked because I was a trusted notary to pickup and deliver people's mail from their homes to a second address - I'm not even sure that is legal?? One lady out of state wants to pay me well to deliver pizza and ice cream to her dad in a nursing home.Says I can be trusted because I have a background check. Says she loves him but he is just too far away from her and she knows he would love to get donuts or a philly steak sandwich once in a while - I would too!!!!!
Have you guys done any of this stuff???? what other stuff do you do because you are a respected Notary?

Msg #605469

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How much should the SS keep for their cut
By  GQ/Orlando on 4/17/19 8:03pm

I been getting irritating lately with the percentage of the fee the SS are keeping for themselves, after all, we do all the printing, driving, notarizing and explaing

so is 20 , 25 , 30 .......

Msg #605454

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Just Say No!
By Stephen Wasserman on 4/17/19 9:57am

Had a nice call from a young lady in the Midwest, asking if I would perform a re-fi signing in Long Island NY for $65. I said "I am not in Kansas, Dorothy. This is not Oz. Say $150 to $175." She said no. If everyone did this (I am not advocating price fixing, which would be illegal,) maybe they would respect us, and pay us what we're worth.

Msg #605452

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Remote notarization is sure to happen in Florida
By FlaNotary2 on 4/17/19 5:24am

The house bill has passed all committees and is heading to a full house vote. Unfortunately I donít think this will be stopped.

Msg #605451

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Futher education and E&O on Notary Rotary
By Belinda/OR on 4/16/19 8:43pm

I heard a rumor that you could get continuing education on NR and if you do this the E&O is $217 for four years. I cannot locate anything about this on the website. Does anyone know anything about this? I appreciate whatever your share.

Msg #605437

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Question on Dual Notary.
By GAMMYx3/MA on 4/16/19 1:41pm

I will be selling my home in MA within two years, I am moving to NH in MAY 2019 Hubby will stay in MA and we will travel back and forth till the house is sold. IF I maintain both homes even though MA will no longer be my primary residence, is it possible to keep my MA notary commission??...I am thinking NOT BUT am asking as someone else on the # site is showing they are in NH but list a whole mess of MA counties that they service...I think they are circumventing the law of the land...what do you think? They have not responded to me via email and I am thinking that I should report them....

It would be nice as my commission expires in early 2020 and I will not renew after that after 28 years in MA, and have already started the process for the NH notary commission.

Msg #605434

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Argument for remote notarization fail
By CH2inCA on 4/16/19 12:04pm

This isn't specifically about a remote notarization fail. But it's an argument against the way your identity might be verified.
Background; my daughter and I have the exact name. She is the founder/owner of several corporations. February this year someone filed taxes using my identity and applied and received about 10 different credit cards , I put a freeze and a credit alert with the credit reporting agencies and the FTC.
Fast forward to today, I'm applying to refinance my house. Everything is good to go, but the credit alert comes up, so the lender must verify my identity. They do this with a phone call, verification consist of 4 multiple choice questions.
Three of the four questions were like, Which of the following corporations have you been associated with. XXX, III, XXX or XXX. III is my daughter's company. I have nothing whatsoever to do with the company, except I know the co's name.
So I answered affirmative to being associated with the companies on three of the questions. Which is totally not true.
It unlocked my credit.
So much for that type of security.
Notaries are still going to be 1000 times better at personal id, because they can physically see the person and compare the licenses or ID cards.

Msg #605422

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Notary Rotary Fax
By  MJW/MS on 4/15/19 6:19pm

Is anyone else having problems with the fax provided by NotaryRotary? I have verified the fax number and I have tried 6 times today to send a document (7 pages) and it has failed every time.

Msg #605418

12 replies
Which Fujitsu scanner is it many here prefer?
By Yoli/CA on 4/15/19 5:20pm

Is it the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 Deluxe?

Msg #605413

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Has business surged everywhere??
By Yoli/CA on 4/15/19 12:16pm

Certainly hope so!

For the last week and a half (at least), I've noticed a considerable surge in business Ö especially last week. Due to timing conflicts, I had to turn away at least 3-4 calls a day and referred them to another local NSA whose work I'm familiar with (hopefully she was able to accommodate).

All but one of these assignments have been by phone call. Only 1 was something I countered on SD and SURPRISE! they immediately accepted. Even had a call from ORTC for a 2-in-1 VIP signing.

I'm hoping and praying this upward trend continues and all my NotRot family is kept busy with good partners. Smile

Msg #605409

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Unlimited Ink - Phoenix, AZ - g/b/u feedback?
By SanDiegoStar on 4/14/19 10:28pm

Has anyone worked with Unlimited Ink based out of Phoenix, AZ?

I couldn't find anything in Signing Central.

Msg #605397

7 replies
The RealReal Company, Headquarter in San Francisco
By  JerryhFL on 4/14/19 11:21am

Be extremely careful of doing business with this organization. They are an organization that re-sells luxury consignment products for thousands of dollars .

On February 20, 2019 I was contacted and asked to meet a new employee of theirs to notarize a single document. The assignment was completed on 2/22/19. The fee was $45 and since that time I have been trying to collect from them.

I have called 855-435-5893 several times and if you listen to the main menu they indicate to get in touch with the AP department touch 4. When you get to the the AP department (which no one ever answers), they request you leave a message by touching 1. No you can't, it disconnects immediately and it happens every time you call.

If you call and ask to be connected by name to the CEO, or COO the response is they cannot find that person.

I finally sent an email again and said I needed payment or else I would post their company's name on all notary forum boards. I got a response from someone in AP who said he would take care of the situation. That was 3 weeks ago and I cannot him to respond.

I don't expect to receive the fee, I want to make sure no one else is deceived.

Also, I do not know how to post this message to board so there is a permanent record. If someone will respond with directions I will make it happen.

Msg #605382

11 replies
Use of foreign passport as ID
By  LynnNC on 4/13/19 9:23am

My husband is also a notary and handles car deals for Maverick, which is located in CA. Recently he handled a deal for a person who had let his DL expire, so he used his India passport as ID. Maverick is giving him a hard time about it. The NC Notary Manual lists a current passport as an acceptable form of ID, but doesn't mention a foreign passport. I, and other NSA's in NC often use foreign passports as ID.

Does CA not allow the use of a foreign passport?

Msg #605377

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Scan app
By jba/fl on 4/13/19 12:05am

Does anyone use their phone to scan documents from time to time? My scanner went nuts on me today and the improvisation was not the best, efficiency wise. I used to have a good app, but deleted it as I didn't use it enough. TIA

Msg #605364

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Father of Venus & Serena Williams in property dispute...
By JanetK_CA on 4/12/19 4:26pm

Could this have been prevented by proper conduct by a notary?

First, it appears that the notary didn't have the person posing as Mr. Williams personally appear and have his ID examined. But I'm wondering if the ex-wife just claimed that her signature was the only one that the notary needed to notarize that day. I know... Pure speculation, but there are lots of different possibilities. And this example could relate to the fairly recent thread here about completion of all the details (including specifying pronouns) in a notary certificate. Also, lining out any remaining space where names are to be filled in, might also prevent potential tampering.

We have no idea if this was the case here or not, but it could be a good lesson in prevention for notaries everywhere on why and how details can make a difference.

Msg #605359

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Fidelity Title virus Warning
By Stamper_WI on 4/12/19 1:41pm

I received an email from Fidelity today. It was a "no reply" account. It said the unlabeled attachment was a closing disclosure for a closing on monday at 3pm.
I don't have a closing at that time.
I don't get closing disclosures 3 days before closings.

So I didn't open it

I contacted them and they said they don't have an email addressed the same as their that ends in "fidelitytitlesd" and .com.

They recommend that if you got one, run a virus scan and changed your password.

Msg #605343

22 replies
Good news for Georgia NSAs & Notaries?
By  Cheryl Elliott on 4/12/19 8:40am

OS National expanding Georgia headquarters
OS National LLC will invest more than $15 million in an expansion of its suburban Atlanta headquarters that will create more than 1,000 jobs. Read on for more details.

Msg #605336

2 replies
tax return for 2018 CA
By EagleEye/Ca on 4/11/19 11:05pm

Has anyone with similar income year to year as a signing agent noticed any major
difference in Federal Tax owed on the current filings? So many changes in tax laws...
Thanks for respoinding EE

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