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Msg #601214

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Priority Notary (continued from Dec 7th) FYI
By Shoshana/AZ on 12/15/18 5:38am

Yesterday, while I was in the hospital having a procedure, I got a message from Eric that there was a problem with the signing I did for him last week.
1. I never did that signing due to the $50 cancellation fee. I told him to find a newbie.
2. I also noted that he requires a $1M E&O policy. I further explained that I am self-insured.
Is this SOP for him?
I just sent him an email explanation. No need to call and get aggravated over his overactive imagination!

Msg #601212

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Beware of Blog Comment Link Spammers
By ABC Legal Docs, LLC - Jerry Lucas on 12/15/18 1:28am

This week, a Los Angeles mobile notary, operating from a rented mailbox, attempted to insert a useless comment and backlink to his website in my Colorado Notary Blog, to try to boost his search engine rank. The comment spam was detected by my WordPress spam filter, sent to my spam folder, and was not posted to my blog.

I discovered this notary has sent comment spam to at least 14 other notary, signing service, legal and mortgage blogs in different states and been getting in, creating his desired spam backlinks.

If you have a blog, don't be fooled by link spammers who send you a generic comment of praise such as good post, great blog, thank you, etc., without any mention of the specific keywords or blog topic you wrote about. These useless comments do not add any value to your blog, dilute the post, consume storage space, and slow down page loading. Worse yet, the link may be to a malicious website, causing damage to your blog readers.

Eventually, the spammer will get blacklisted in spam databases. If you link to their low-quality website, your website will be considered as supporting spam activity, and it will hurt your search rank. Link spam is often generated by spam bots from foreign countries. It looks like this notary is using a blackhat "marketing" service from India.

Protect your blog, readers and website. Moderate your blog post comments to block and delete spam links and worthless comments.

Publish and follow a Blog Comment Policy. Beware of friendly hackers, and Greeks bearing gifts.

Msg #601211

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interesting dilemma this past week.....
By notarydi/CA on 12/15/18 12:30am

So, I drop off docs this past week to one of my direct clients/EO. She's cursing under her breath and pounding her head on her desk, saying, "Why me?" Apparently, she has a top producing loan officer that insists on using "his own notary" for his signings. This notary, Jane Doe, consistently has "notary errors" on signed loan docs and the lender consistently won't clear the file to fund. This particular morning there were SIX notary errors that needed to be corrected before the funder would clear it to fund.

I asked her if this notary was N*A certified and approved at all the title companies direct. To which she said yes. And, the lender won't disapprove her as it's their LO that is a top producer. And, apparently, the LO and notary go way back and nothing is budging him from using her. The EO has said she has repeatedly asked him to please give me a try, but, he's not having it.

Again, just goes to's all about relationships.

Market, market, market. Network, network, network.

Thanks again, Cheryl, for helping me out with that signing in your area week before last.

Thanks again, Ananotary, for helping out with that signing this past week.

It turned out to be a busy week with signings for direct clients. Everybody is happy happy! Clients are happy the job gets done. We make direct money.

Have a great signing day tomorrow everyone! Smile

Msg #601207

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Largest seller package ever today
By Luckydog on 12/14/18 6:48pm

97 pages from Hawaii...good grief! I thought CA seller packages were bad, but this took the award.

Msg #601171

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FREE MONEY?? Fatco deposited $75 into my acct and returned
By  sigtogo/OR on 12/13/18 6:18pm

the check I sent them to correct the error. Silly people!

After hunting down a contact name/number for their accounting dept, I spoke with a gal who gave me instruction on reimbursing them for their error.

So far I have spent over 30 minutes finding someone to talk to, mailing a check and now sending an email to the gal that sent me back my check.

I am about to call it even Smile
Merry Christmas to me!

Msg #601170

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First Choice Notary Service, Long Beach, CA
By  LynnNC on 12/13/18 6:02pm

I received a call from First Choice Notary Service today to handle two HELOC closings next week. They offered a good fee, but, I couldn't find anything about them in Signing Central or by using the orange search button.

I would appreciate information about them

Msg #601166

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California PUC wants to tax text messaging usage
By  Cheryl Elliott on 12/13/18 4:41pm

Californians are infuriated.

But, on the heals of that news came this:

Tax, tax, tax. Pretty soon they'll propose a tax on the air we breathe.

Msg #601164

8 replies
Getting fed up with my old KM laser printer
By Mobile1/PA on 12/13/18 4:01pm

Any suggestions on a good economical new one that supports two trays. thanks!

Msg #601160

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Boomtimers...end of life documents
By  Cheryl Elliott on 12/13/18 3:03pm

Sadly, I received a call from the wife of one of my neighbors, "XXX is getting near to the point where he is so weak that we need to get our final affairs in order before it's too late." I went to them immediately, as it seems as though he could pass any time. He recently had chemotherapy for fourth stage, inoperable cancer, having been a life long smoker.

My neighbors have been a God-send to me. Mr. XXX is so handy there isn't anything he can't fix or do, and he would never take any payment for his hard work so I had to always put a gift card in the front seat of his work truck in recognition of his skill, time and effort. He is a WWII veteran, from Virginia, a true southern gentleman farmer. He is a licensed electrician to boot. He knows everything about anything mechanical, electrical and he's a biodynamic gardener.

So when we finished signing, notarizing, getting "sign by X" witnesses from next door, Mr. XXX asked me how much he owed me for my services. I replied "not a thing", you don't have enough documents for me to notarize to appropriately match all that you have done for me over the past 14 years. I can't even express my appreciation and gratitude for bailing me out so many times."

He then said, "I'm not done yet." It gave my heart a huge leap, nonetheless, I don't think he will be rolling up my driveway ever again, and I'm deeply sad, however grateful, to have known and loved this very humble and kind person, the kinds of people that need to stay and not leave us, but their time has arrived.

What continues to amaze me is how many people leave these things to the last minute, if they do it at all. This gentleman owns a lot of properties and has other assets that he needs to protect and avoid probate.

The point of this entire post is that there are a great many people out there, baby boomers, who haven't paid attention to their advancing years, healthy or not, and haven't taken care of their end of life documents for their heirs, survivors, etc. and probate is not only expensive, it is lengthly and can erode the assets of the heirs when it doesn't have to be that way.

Notaries who can do GNW in their states for this kind of work should look hard at how to assist seniors in their documents and save them and others a lot of angst. Connect with people in your area via churches, clubs, senior communities, the list is exhaustive, to garner some of this work.

I had a signing with a couple last night who sold their home in San Antonio TX...they didn't like Texas and are from CA. She is a 2-year cancer survivor. She and her husband both said, when we close escrow and move into our new SLO home, we'll contact you for our family trust documents in the works now.

Msg #601157

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Things we do to make accommodations for signers…………
By Alz on 12/13/18 2:37pm

The other day I had a sign up at the TC’s office. Signers were 20 minutes late. Upon arriving, Signer A stated that Signer B could not come in to sign the documents and must sign in the car. Yeah! After some discussions between Signer A and EO, EO and I….. The decision was made to accommodate Signer B. You all know the ole saying..... “Get ‘er done”.

I do not mind making accommodations; however, when things like this do occur… opens up the door for a higher probability to errors. Consequently, I checked & reviewed, checked & reviewed, checked & reviewed, checked & reviewed, and checked & reviewed.

EO suggested submitting invoice with a higher fee.

What are your thoughts?

Msg #601155

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For Austin Notaries....
By  Cheryl Elliott on 12/13/18 12:08pm

This is huge on so many levels. Increased opportunities for many, and new people moving into the area will be looking for new homes.

Msg #601152

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Notarize 247
By schlub/NC on 12/13/18 11:51am

I've done six signings for them and never had a problem. They usually pay in just over 30 days. I inquired about a payment for a signing that is 47 days old and received this:

"Please be advised we are currently behind in issuing payments and do apologize for this unforeseen delay. We do appreciate your understanding and are doing our best to be back within terms and get your payment(s) to you as quickly as we can. We appreciate your understanding and again apologize for this delay."

Msg #601141

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One and Done Signings?
By  Claudine Osborne on 12/12/18 8:15pm

Received a text from this company today wanting me to sign up with them. I couldnt find much info on them. Does anyone have info on them? Thank You

Msg #601129

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Sattelite Signing Services
By SDZ on 12/12/18 2:55pm

What's up with this SS? Their overdue in paying me by 45 days and their phone is a continual busy signal...Sent two invoices and no response...

Msg #601128

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echeck vendor payments posing problem for my bank-continued
By snowflake/PA on 12/12/18 2:48pm

Still getting grief from my bank. I had problems getting through to the manager. I told the teller who "assisted" me I needed the manager. Teller placed my call to another teller. I again requested the manager. Manager stated the e-checks are high risk for many of their clientele. They are not "Micro-encoded." I told the manager I am a longtime client of bank. She asked me the amount of the check and I told her. Asked what I am to do since this is the way business is headed. I also mentioned the website for Echecks that she could read. She stated she knew all about that.

She had to verify something and call me back. When we next spoke, I told her I want to know that moving forward that my bank will allow me a choice to either cash or deposit these echecks. She said I can as long as there is a routing and account #, but that if the presented check is fraudulent or bounces, the check amount will be deducted from my account plus a $12.00 fee just as any other type of check would be. I said the echecks presented did in fact have routing and account #'s. I said I understood that. Manager said they do not close my accounts if check presented is fraudulent. So...... I will try again.

Msg #601119

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It's That Time Of The Year Again . . . Deadly Germs Are Here
By PegiT_MN on 12/12/18 10:58am

My borrower has informed me that she is home sick with a terrible chest cold . . . at least she doesn't have influenza. I've got my hand sanitizer ready, and my disposable pens. I have heard that some notaries will put on one of those little masks. Do you feel that part is going overboard? My hand sanitizer, disposable pens, and remembering to not touch my face should be enough . . . right?

Please tell us what your action plan is for keeping yourself germ free during this time of year. Thank you Notary Rotary family.

Msg #601118

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Looking For Info on American Consumer Rights Organization
By Nancy Simcox on 12/12/18 10:57am

I recently received an order via phone from the above mentioned group - had a hard time understanding the man on the phone but accepted the order. When I received the order via email I realized that not only had I never heard of this group, they did not ask me for any of my Notary credentials and their return email was and they wanted me to photo the front and back of the signing party's credit card.
Just want to know if anyone has had experience dealing with this group or their other name: Tristar Consumer Group??? Thank you! Nan

Msg #601103

39 replies
Look at these rates a national signing service charges
By Mobile1/PA on 12/11/18 6:27pm

and ask yourself WHY you accept low fees....

General Notary: $50 + $15 per notarized signature

Loan Document Signing (1st only): $200

Loan Document Signing (1st and 2nd): $300

Reverse Mortgage Document: $200

Escrow Package Signing: $135

Msg #601095

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All Wrapped Up Notary Service Notary
By Ti/Ga on 12/11/18 5:03pm

Anyone have any experiences with Nicole Carlsbad, Ca? I did a signing and my check is shorted $25. No call or email back no explanation. I have been a notary for quite awhile and thought I would be way past the swindlers in the business. I also do not do many because they do not pay as much as they have (and can) in the past. Oh yeah the amount was also changed in SnapDocs which I do not necessarily use because you have to agree to the terms even before you see whats really going on with the company etc...anyone?

Msg #601087

12 replies
Buyer/Seller at same appointment. Does this happen?
By  sigtogo/OR on 12/11/18 1:26pm

I recently received a request from Amrock wanting to know my fees for 3 different types of purchase transactions.
1. buyer. Their suggested fee as most know is $65, plus $.. for printing. (I charge more.)
2. seller, suggested $65
3. buyer and seller, suggested $85! Seriously?

I like many think their fees are low and now I have the opportunity of having a buyer and seller at the "same closing" as they describe it, and receive a whopping additional $20?
Hello? that would be two signings, not one, and IMHO having buyers and sellers in the same room is not only no picnic, it can be chaotic.

How often do you have buyers and sellers at the same time?
I have done less than 5 in 30 plus years and all were less than desirable. Just like you can't be in two places at once, you can't really talk to two different parties about two separate transactions at the same time.
One party is going to have to sit and wait/observe while the other signs, reads, asks questions....

If the buyers of my recently sold home had been in the same room, I might have gone for his throat!! just saying...

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