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Msg #594929

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New Signing Agent
By Karen Belcher on 6/22/18 6:23am

Hello! I am a new notary signing agent in Virginia. I went thru the signing central section of this site and signed up to be a notary for a lot of companies. What else can I do to generate business? I am on snap docs. Thanks!

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Notary Stamp
By  Diann/MI on 6/21/18 7:35pm

Since the majority of my closings are done in the county in which I live, I requested that one of my notary stamps reflect the county name in the "Acting In _________ County" section. I'm aware that if I conduct a closing in another county that I have to fill in the correct county. However, I was told by someone at NNA that it was "illegal" to do so. Is this correct? I can't imagine why it would make a difference if it is pre-printed or I write it in.

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Amrock fka Title Source is starting Property Data Collection
By Colonel/IA on 6/21/18 12:33pm

I received an email about this new service signing agents can perform. Bottom line it will take twice as long as a closing to do, be more work and pays $65.

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And yet another platform ...
By Yoli/CA on 6/21/18 8:35am

received this today:

"Attention Signing Agents,

You are receiving this email because you are registered with Express Notary Service and There is no cost of any kind related to this opportunity.

Express Notary Service is a nationwide signing service established in 2003 which contracts with mobile notaries to fulfill signing requests. registered signing agents are the signing agents utilized by Express Notary Service, as well as other companies. These companies all use our technology platform, is the signing management platform for Express Notary Service, other companies, and many industries to schedule and manage mobile notary document signings.

Both Signing Agent School and Closeclear are owned and operated by Express Notary Service.

We are reaching out to you because there are signing opportunities in your area and you can be eligible to receive these signing opportunities by opting in to receive signing requests via text message. There is no cost associated with doing so, only an opportunity to put $ in your pocket!

Once you opt-in you will be eligible to receive texted signing requests from Express Notary Service and Closeclear. To opt-in simply visit and login (if you do not know your password select ‘Forgot Password’). Once you login a ‘opt-in’ message will appear. Once you acknowledge that message it will take you directly to the text notifications page. From there just update your cell number and service provider and hit submit. You will now be legible to receive signing requests via text message!

Take advantage of this opportunity today!

Thank you,

The Express Notary family of companies"

I've only worked with Express Notary Service twice - in 2007 and 2009. Each of those paid my usual $XXX fee within 30 days. SC shows them with 3 stars.

Msg #594878

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RI - Supreme Court Committee report on UPL in closing
By  Linda_in_IN on 6/21/18 7:08am

This is a committee report from the Rhode Island Supreme Court Unlicensed Practice of Law Committee to the Supreme Court. It involves a closing, title services, title insurance, and settlement services provided by South Coast Title, Attorney Anthony Senerchia (SouthCoast Title’s attorney-shareholder) and Attorney John T. Sheehan III (an attorney employed by SouthCoast Title).

Interesting read so far. Involves a lot of remarks as to what services were/are on SouthCoast Titls's webiste and what was done at the closing, and what fees were listed on the final settlement statement. Ultimately, it resulted in a solid handslap for SouthCoast rather than civil or criminal charges, and a recommendation that the services outlined in the report (title exam and conducting a closing) constitute practice of law and can only be performed by a licensed attorney or law firm. Sorry, but the actual verbiage was too long to cut and paste here.

But consider these tidbits:

"At the closing on December 2, 2016—which Attorney Senerchia was prepared to conduct himself—it became known that Carmino Cellucci was, in fact, deceased. Tr. Vol. I, 69. The closing was stopped and Attorney Senerchia advised Ronald, the seller, that he should obtain counsel in order to open a probate matter to address Carmino’s interest in the property. Tr. Vol. I, 70."

The facts of the particular transaction at 60 Pine Hill Road in Johnston are cataloged above. It is enough to state here that during that transaction, Attorney Senerchia acted as title insurance agent, and he also performed the title search, the title examination, and the closing. SouthCoast Title acted as settlement agent. For Attorney Senerchia’s title search and examination, SouthCoast Title was paid $275.00, and for SouthCoast Title’s settlement services, SouthCoast Title was paid $550.00. As analyzed above, the Committee finds that the performance of title examinations and closings constitute the practice of law"

Msg #594870

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Accepting Bitcoin Payments
By ABC Legal Docs, LLC - Jerry Lucas on 6/20/18 10:55pm

After doing some reading and research, I updated my website to include payment by Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Dash cryptocurrencies.

For a WordPress website, there are several free software plugins available to add Bitcoin capability. I picked the most popular plugin, GoUrl Bitcoin Payment Gateway. It can be used to pay for a product or service, paid membership, paid course, Pay-Per-View restricted web pages, and Pay-Per-Download, such as an ebook or PDF file. There is no monthly fee. They charge a 1.5% transaction fee.

My customers can already pay online using PayPal or a credit card.

A growing number of small and large businesses now accept payment by Bitcoin. Some offer discounts to attract new and repeat customers. I also added a free business listing on

There are only a few businesses in my area that accept Bitcoin. But there is a growing public interest and an active Bitcoin and blockchain technology community with regular networking and educational meetings. Check for meetings in your area.

You can accept Bitcoin by installing a free Bitcoin wallet app on your smartphone. Read and follow security instructions carefully to protect your wallet.

There is a growing network of Bitcoin ATMs and online cryptoexchanges where you can buy or sell Bitcoins.

Msg #594864

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Made $700 + today...bonu$ day
By  Cheryl Elliott on 6/20/18 7:38pm

I had a purchase and a HELOC today, a vehicle purchase and two insurance inspections, just photos, physical inspection of Montecito properties near mud flow areas. That was good enough for one day.

But then...

I went to Costco to stock up on paper and you know how the guy in the big screen TV area that smiles at you and asks who your provider is, the DirecTV guy? Well, I've been geting pretty fed up with all the outages of DISH, which I've had for eons and DirecTV guy offers me half of what I'm paying for one year, goes up $26 in year two and a $300 GIFT CARD for signing up.

Bada bang, bada boom. I'm in the money as soon as I receive that gift card.

I love gift cards...of course that's a trip to Costco...

Msg #594863

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Mortgage Application Volume Second Highest of Year.
By grapebed on 6/20/18 7:29pm

June 20th, 2018 SOURCE: Mortgage Bankers Assciation

The volume of mortgage applications have increased rather decisively. this past week. The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) said its Market Composite Index, a measure of that volume, surged by 5.1 percent during the week ended June 15. It was the largest increase in total mortgage volume since the week ended January 5, 2018. On an unadjusted basis the volume was up 3 percent.

Applications for both refinancing and home purchases increased compared to the week ended June 8. The Refinance Index gained 6 percent and the refinancing share of applications grew from 35.6 percent to 36.8 percent. The seasonally adjusted Purchase Index increased by 4.0 percent from one week earlier and the unadjusted Purchase Index by 1.0 percent. The latter was up 3.0 percent from the same week one year ago.

Msg #594853

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FL ID question
By rengel/CA on 6/20/18 6:31pm

Have a friend who is Quit Claiming her 1/2 ownership of a timeshare to her ex. She has since remarried and is using new husband's last name. How does Florida handle this?



Msg #594847

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Expert Notary Services (ENS) (Kevin Snead), Costa Mesa, CA
By Yoli/CA on 6/20/18 3:08pm

In SD today offering reverse signing for $85 ... then $100 ... then $110 ... now $125. All this in about an hour's time. Guess they have the allocation. Just no takers.

Msg #594824

6 replies
By IAC on 6/20/18 11:45am

My renewal is coming up, I sere so many variations for E&O and bond. Its gotten confusing what do I absolutely need.

Msg #594813

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Reporting spam email from Ron Miller offering $175
By  Cheryl Elliott on 6/20/18 7:30am

for a structured settlement package.

We all know how preposterous offers like this are in this business climate...blocked him.

Msg #594800

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who is Jeremy Belmont?
By Prevantsy on 6/19/18 7:38pm

I got a call from this guy saying he was screening his notaries, at first he was nice asking me if then he become so rude when I was repeating his questions back. I don't mind been screen, been doing my work for years, just don't get why a random person will call to say they want to screening me? thanks in advance

Msg #594775

5 replies g/b/u?
By Lee/AR on 6/19/18 2:24pm

Kinda smells off. Website has no business address...not even the state. AKA Advanced Mobile Notary d/b/a Not in SC.

Msg #594769

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FASS having payment issues??
By Yoli/CA on 6/19/18 11:00am

Haven't worked with them since August 2013. Back then, they would only call me for complicated or signings further than an hour's drive from me - and pay handsomely.

Today, received the following email:






So, it appears that not only are their fees ridiculously low but now they're not paying the full fee?!?

Msg #594766

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Notarized Inc. (Msg #: 567748)
By Cheryl/SC on 6/19/18 10:33am

This is the contact info for this Notarized, Inc:
25876 The Old Road Suite 544
Stevenson Ranch, CA 91381
(800) 936-2144

They are on SnapDocs and definitely low-balling on fees. Offering $40 for a seller's package. I did one last year for a negotiated fee of $75, and no indication of scan backs being required until order was accepted. This is something I've found that some SS companies are doing, not providing the additional requirement of scan backs until after the confirmation is sent, or even later when the docs are printed. It is an additional service being provided, and requires more time and expense (gas). Certainly not unreasonable to request that the fee be adjusted.

Msg #594753

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Annual background check/cert renewal time
By  Cheryl Elliott on 6/19/18 7:56am

Yes, another year has passed and I'm getting emails from my vendors to get my updated bcg and certification 60 days prior to the current bgc expiration.

Some people renew right away, meaning they are doing this every 10 months instead of 12 months. As a habitual risk taker, I wait to the last minute. Last year it only took 48 hours to turn around my bgc.

Any one renewed lately, and what turnaround time are you experiencing getting your certification and bgc renewal these days?

Msg #594747

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Has anyone heard of Unlimited Ink Notary?
By SDCANotary on 6/19/18 12:44am

Msg #594729

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XYZ's 2018 Annual Conference: "What Every Notary Needs to
By grapebed on 6/18/18 4:07pm

Know About the Online Notarization Trends" Panel Discussion

http ://

Any thoughts, comments, observations.

I was totally unimpressed by the Panel...losers. And the audience just sat they listened to a plan that could ultimately lead to their demise as a mobile notary.

Msg #594724

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Bought E&O insurance... where is it?
By Jamie Ryan on 6/18/18 3:03pm

Purchased E&O insurance through this site. I have a receipt.... do they email me the policy? How long does it usually take? Or am I missing a place we can download it from on the site? Any help, please!

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