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Msg #598693

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Progressive hit a new low
By Louisiana33 on 9/20/18 8:41am

I have not heard from that company in forever. They send me a text offering $50 refi with faxbacks! I ignored but I know the person who "won the prize". I told them that after mileage,time,supplies, etc., there would be little if any profit. That is insulting to even offer $50 closings. I never thought I would see anyone go lower than NotaryGo, but never say never.....

Msg #598682

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MIS Signing Agent background certification and authorization
By VegasNotary on 9/19/18 6:58pm

I accepted a signing from MIS, I have done quite a few in the past, but this time the first page of the 168 page package is requesting a background check authorization and my SS# which they have the liberty to share with anyone with the file. I have provided the requested background check from NNA previously. I'm not sure what to do with this. I don't want my SS# floating around with everyone.

Any suggestions?

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An interesting event in my area regarding RE Transactions
By  Cheryl Elliott on 9/19/18 1:01pm

I can't attend, unfortunately, as much as I would like to. Already committed.

Perhaps you all can find a similar event in your area, or cause one to be planned.

Event Date:

Wednesday, September 19, 2018 - 17:00

Imagine being able to borrow funds and buy and sell real estate virtually, all from your computer or mobile device, and having full control and transparency into the process. Will technology ultimately replace humans in real estate transactions?

The processes surrounding real estate transactions have long been managed by legacy systems and human interaction. It is not until the last few years that innovation and technology have really started to transform how real estate is bought and sold. With these technological advances, existing processes will change and the impact will be felt by all involved, including homeowners, investors, agents and brokers.

We have brought together a panel of industry experts who will discuss innovation in real estate transactions and its impact on the industry and its participants.

Join us on Wednesday, September 19. We will be accompanied by industry experts from Home Bay, platform for buying and selling homes without a listing agent; CREXi, commercial real estate exchange; StreamLoan, digital mortgage platform; and Village Properties, a leading real estate brokerage with over 20 years of experience representing buyers and sellers.

How Technology is Transforming the way Real Estate is Bought & Sold | Edhat

Msg #598644

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Just a heads-up - Signature Closers
By Linda_H/FL on 9/19/18 10:08am

now doing their own certification through LSS..

Msg #598630

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Fidelity Approval
By Kelly Moore on 9/18/18 8:13pm

I am still trying to figure out how to become Fidelity approved. I am currently working on getting out from under the signing companies so I can make more money. Something I think all us notaries want to do. I have a new website, am purchasing $100,000 E&O, marketing materials but still need the Fidelity approval. I am also a member of the NNA which I understand is necessary. From what I gather from previous posts is you have to know an escrow officer at Fidelity or possibly have a LO give you a recommendation. Seems there should be a way to apply and not have to know someone. But that's why I'm asking for help...I don't know! Suggestions greatly appreciated.

Msg #598624

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Which Would You Rather Do . . .
By PegiT_MN on 9/18/18 7:01pm

. . . four closings within a 15 mile radius from your house throughout the course of the day . . . or one closing 110 miles from your home for the exact same pay you would receive for the four closings?

I am finding out that under the right circumstances, I enjoy both. Today I did the second scenario and I have to say I rather enjoyed myself. The weather was beautiful and I really enjoyed being able to take in the breathtaking Minnesota fall colors.

Msg #598616

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Debt Resolution: TriStar Consumer Group
By Marilyn June Wilson on 9/18/18 12:28pm

I have represented this company for several DRPs, much against my better judgment. They pay $50 unless there is distance involved. I have had to reach out to them for payment in every case, but usually was able to get paid w/i 30-45 days. But for a signing I did in August, it is not the payment that is the problem, it is the fact that the poor client (an elderly A/A veteran who desperately needed financial help to make his small SS payment stretch to pay his living expenses and take care of his 95 y/o mother with dementia) who has tried to reach his account representative to no avail since the signing. He started calling me about 2 weeks ago because I always leave my business card with signers (notary protocol). After his first call I reached out to TriStar and advised them that he needed to speak to his account rep. I was assured they would call him that day. (The TriStar Agreement states they will be in touch with the client w/i 48 hours of the signing.) I asked the client if he had spoken to the rep since the signing. NO. I was not surprised, I was disgusted! Yesterday I received 2 more calls from the client stating that he wanted to talk to the rep and no one would call him back. So I called again yesterday and again this morning. I finally spoke to Patrick Green, Notary Services Supervisor. I basically told him that not only was TriStar's payment program lacking, but the program being sold to the poor unsuspecting clients is very close to fraud and possibly elder abuse. I asked to speak with someone in the Program Services, but was not given that opportunity. I advised Mr. Green that since I had not been paid the promised $50, my fee had increase to $80, the additional fees for Customer Service for the 3 phone calls I had received from the signer. He stated that he would get my payment out promptly. I thanked him and advised him that if the signer did not get a call back today from his representative or someone in that department, that I was going to report them to the MS AG's office for Elder Abuse. Further, I would advise the signer to stop payment on his program until he was contacted and he was satisfied with their action. I know I overstepped my role as a Notary, but as a human, I had to act.
BOTTOM LINE: Do Not Accept Work For TriStar Consumer Group (Bruyette and Associates).

Msg #598597

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Thank You California Notaries
By PegiT_MN on 9/17/18 10:20pm

Your advice and encouragement over the years in regard to working directly with local title companies is starting to pay off for me. It has been a two year uphill battle trying to get my foot in the door with the local title companies because here in Minnesota they typically do not use outside closers, mobile notaries, contract closers, etc. They keep all of the business in-house with their employees performing all of the closings. It is my understanding and experience that outside closers are only used in extreme circumstances. Most of the title companies are owned by the real estate companies they service.

Last year I was approached by a local title company asking me if I would like to do some overflow closings for them. Of course I said yes, but it has been over a year and still no closings. Again, it is because they would rather do their closings themselves when possible, rather than to farm it out to an outsider.

I have a very dear realtor friend who works for the real estate agency that owns the title company I am signed up with and she is trying her hardest to see if she can get me some business, as I have recently referred business to her. I am happy to report that I did my first sellers package for them on Friday . . . and I have another sellers package for them later this month.

Here in Minnesota it is very hard to get your foot in the door with the local title companies, and if you are lucky enough to do so, it is a totally different experience than what we are used to. In Minnesota, everyone involved in the transaction shows up at the table at the same time. On one side of the table you have the buyers, their real estate agent, their loan officer, and their title person. On the other side of the table you have the sellers, their real estate agent, and their title person. The closing commences, everyone is talking at once, papers are flying all over the place, and people are signing whatever is thrown in front of them. It is the most fast-paced, loud, unorganized, fiasco I have ever seen . . . but it works . . . and that is how it is done here. When everyone is done passing their papers around the table and everyone has signed what they need to sign, the two title people excuse themselves from the table, go into a tiny room and start making an endless number of copies for everyone who attended the closing to go home with. Each agent gets two ALTA's and their checks, the buyers get their signed loan package, as well as two extra copies of the ALTA for homesteading and tax purposes and paperwork that the seller signed, the sellers get their signed copies along with their check and another ALTA for them for their taxes as well as paperwork that the buyer signed, the title company for the buyers gets all the originals to fund the loan and a bunch of copies, and the title company for the sellers gets a bunch of copies and a check. All the appropriate copies are passed around to the appropriate people and everyone shakes hands and says what a wonderful experience it was and everyone goes about their business . . . but not before the sellers tell the buyers a few wonderful memories they shared in that house and to please not change the wallpaper in the dining room because it was a labor of love. It is certainly a lot different than performing a closing one-on-one with your borrowers or sellers in the comfort of their dining room with their sweet little dog or cat laying at your feet.

So as different of an experience as this was for me, I am up for the challenge. I know all of the documents like the back of my hand. I just need to learn that the papers are going to fly, and everyone is talking to everyone all at once and to just keep everyone signing and stamping and make those copies and go on to the next one.

So again, thank you to all of the California notaries who have been encouraging us to try and get that local business. If not for you and your words of wisdom, encouragement, and knowledge, I would have never been able to do this.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

Msg #598588

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Benefits of NR Membership
By  Cheryl Elliott on 9/17/18 7:09pm

For any one considering becoming a Premier Member of NR, here are some of the benefits I have realized since 2003, a charter member of this community.

Deeply discounted, high quality notary supplies.

Signing Central. While it has its flaws, it's the best barometer out there for NSA's to weigh in on who to work for and who to avoid. It's very easy to see who the self rating companies are.

Page separator. I use it all the time.

Efax. I use this quite a lot, although the movement has been to scanning documents and emailing them. Faxes are becoming obsolete.

Education and Training. NR is promising six figure incomes, so you get real information here, no slimy sales pitches.

You don't have to be a member to post. Some of the brightest minds I know no longer post here, but a few do. A lot of people have moved on. You don't have to read every post. Some posts have more value than others, you'll learn to be selective

There is a wealth of information in previous years' postings. History repeats itself, we're experiencing a low ebb of tides in the business right now.

There is no other forum out there like this one, G/B/U.

In my personal experience, the $79 I pay annually to be a member of this community is every bit worth it. The owners of this site are supportive, and they do not monitor the forum. It gets hot and steamy in here and a lot of people have left because of snarky, know-it-all notaries. I don't really think the Shoemakers care whether non paying posters purchase their supplies. I know that Traci is the fulfillment person, and she's busier than a one man band getting orders out. NR is my go-to notary supply resource. Stamps are high quality, and I love the hardback journals.

I've made some very good friends here on this forum, and many I've met face to face. One even showed up at a major hub airport to seek me out last summer on my way to Roatan for a family wedding. I met another lady in Idaho, and many CA notaries, besides my think-tank crowd in So California. There are some really great NSAs out there working hard, and rarely post here.

No one can relate to the kinds of people and situations NSA's encounter except other NSAs. It's a great place to bounce ideas off. Like I said, you don't have to read every post.

Msg #598544

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Title Team, Orlando, Florida
By Stacey/FL on 9/17/18 12:02pm

Has anyone dealt with this company? They are trying to hire me to do a refinance but I can't find anything about them in Signing Central.

Msg #598541

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Signing Agents in NC
By Dancia Carter on 9/17/18 10:34am

Hello: I wanted to know are their particular sites to enroll on to get business to sign for North Carolina? I recently moved from SC to NC and I was enrolled on the snapdoc website and they would always send jobs that were available in SC, however now that I am a NC notary I havent received any and I know that signings are taking place. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!

Msg #598539

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Mobile hotspot
By jnew on 9/17/18 10:22am

Can anyone explain how these work on a smartphone? Is it adaptable to Pavaso or other hybrid eclosing platforms? I don't want to invest in an aircard for potential work with no guarantee of sustained business.

Msg #598533

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Once a year, or so, a group of stellar NSAs gather
By  Cheryl Elliott on 9/17/18 8:33am

together in SoCal, informally, for a lovely lunch engagement and to share ideas and trends about our biz. These are productive, well educated professionals, sharing, caring, informative people who've been in this business for over a decade and weathered many storms. It is a great opportunity to catch up, as we don't spend much time PMing, calling each other, posting.

We do not compete with each other, we help each other. These are professionals who have exceeded all their own expectations and those of their vendors. They spend little time on this forum because they are so busy. When they're not busy, they are marketing to new clients. They simply spend less time posting and more time marketing, to improve profits and outdistance their competition.

What are some of you doing to improve your bottom line, cuz a lot of topics lately don't seem to be very focused on building a successful NSA/notary business. Keen NSAs might want to think about formulating some relationships with like minds and focusing on ways to improve business and profits.

Let's turn this ship around to refocus our goals aimed at success in this business. It be would be great to hear some fresh new ideas on how to be more effective in garnering new business.

Msg #598513

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XYZ is organized as a Not-for-Profit Corporation similar to
By grapebed on 9/16/18 8:27pm

a charitable organization.

I thought my research on XYZ would be a simple trip to the library. There's too many moving parts going on here.
There's plenty of nepotism in senior management/board of directors. I will have to take 1/2 day off to finish my research on these guys. Not so easy.

All I can say is their business model is substantially superior to mine. Although I sleep well at night.

Msg #598510

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Has anyone worked for Scott Global
By  Rhonda Hey on 9/16/18 4:39pm

I did some notary work for them . I was promised payment 7-10 business days
I still havenít been paid and their representative Juan Carlos is a real shister.
Donít take any assignment from them!
Iím reporting them to BBB and to other social mediaís.
Stay away from them a real crooked company

Msg #598502

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It's been so hot in the Inland Empire this summer
By  Joan Bergstrom on 9/15/18 5:06pm

that my daytime signings have a new unforeseen hazard. People are keeping all their drapes and blinds shut and some of these homes are almost pitch black when I enter. I almost tripped on a empty 2liter soda bottle yesterday.

I've taken to asking "is there a step down nearby"? I will be glad when the weather changes for more reasons than just the heat.

Msg #598499

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Executive salaries at XYZ are public information but not
By grapebed on 9/15/18 3:25pm

necessarily available on the internet. They are available in databases at the library. I will research further later this week and publish in a future post I found two salaries on the net

1. Vice-President of Strategic Planning: $155,000
2. Vice-President of Internet Services: $ 170,000

I would assume Executive Vice Presidents and higher-ups earner even greater salaries. Inquiring minds want to know.
I would guess that they are grossly over-paid in proportion to what they do for members.

Msg #598488

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HP 4350 question...
By Jose Gutierrez on 9/14/18 9:34pm

Have you ever upgraded your memory RAM to 256mb or 512mb? I read it will handle large files without pausing, thank you.

Msg #598484

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Elder financial abuse by mortgagedocs
By  Cheryl Elliott on 9/14/18 8:31pm

Poor lady in TN sent me a PM saying no matter how much she tried to be paid, these crooksters never paid her. This is her auxiliary income to her ss check.

I'm posting this because it will replicate and resound for years on Google searches.

Msg #598475

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Electronic seal on survey
By Luckydog on 9/14/18 5:54pm

I learned something new today while doing a Fidelity office closing. They no longer use original surveys with the raised all are copies that have the mark of the electronic seal, and that is on file and makes them all original and recordable. (guessing like a car title) Interesting to me, and first time I have ever seen this. Every place else local I close at still uses the original survey with the raised seal, and they need to use them sparingly not to run out of them. Anyone else seen this or am I just behind the times?

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