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Msg #603528

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Adding companies to SC
By  ProntoGirl on 2/19/19 12:32am

Hi everyone....I can't add any company and I've tried several. Any suggestions? Error message below:

We're sorry. It appears the company you are trying to enter is already in our database. We have forwarded the details of your request to Notary Rotary Signing Central Administration for further investigation. If you would like to contact us regarding the addition of this company, please call us at 1-877-349-6588 and reference RequestID 2743.

If this is a problem you believe you can correct, please click your browser's Back button to return to the page you were on and correct the error. If this error appears to be the result of a system problem, please contact Notary Rotary Support.

Msg #603525

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ZigZag or whatever it's called...
By Jose Gutierrez on 2/18/19 8:44pm

I got my first text from them for a signing 60 miles purchase for -20.00 dollars, does that means I have to bring a 20 dollar bill to get this assignment? What are they thinking? If it was a typo I don't go that far and that offer needs another zero. Later I checked if the assignment was still there and it was already taken. At what price I don't know.

Msg #603519

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So, I get umpteen pages of lender instructions ...
By BearPaw/CO on 2/18/19 5:10pm

... including not once not twice and who knows how many more times cos I stopped reading, stating <<DO NOT ALLOW THE BORROWER TO PRINT THEIR NAMES. MAKE SURE THEY SIGN IT WITH AN ACTUAL SIGNATURE.>>Really? Well, too bad Mr. Kadiddlehopper didn't take Miss Prim's Handwriting Class of 1903. It's very rare that someone will actually print their name, but it's always by a foreign-born person who hasn't learned cursive, doesn't want to, doesn't want to do the chicken scratch, or printing is their signature as it is in some cultures. Just another case of a crazy lender and he who has the gold makes the rules.

Still, of all the nutty instructions we get: don't notarize the note, don't have a nonborrower sign the 1003, be sure to notarize the deed and check the box on the 4906T (which is almost always checked anyway) etc., they now forbid the signer to print their name as a signature. Where did this come from? I'd hate to be the one to tell Mr. K he can't sign his name that way. I've had enough trouble making them sign the way they don't want to because of threatening notary instructions that they must sign the way their name is printed on the docs or else. Which incidentally, I'm done with. I've had two instances where I went mano a mano to get Mr. Cranky to sign the way his name was printed, they absolutely refused, finally told me to stuff it, and I never heard a word from the SS or lender. Boo. No more of that.

Signature definition: the act of signing one's name or of making a mark in lieu thereof. b : the name of a person written with his or her own hand to signify that the writing which precedes accords with his or her wishes or intentions.

Msg #603513

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A Step Above Signing Service G/B/U
By  Cheryl Elliott on 2/18/19 3:52pm

Any Information on this company will greatly be appreciated. Amy McCloud is the owner.

Msg #603488

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Do You Know How To Notarize An Attorney-In-Fact Signature?
By PegiT_MN on 2/18/19 12:42pm

You have a closing for Mr. and Mrs. Clem Clarence Kadiddlehopper, and you realize that Mrs. Clara Cecilia Kadiddlehopper has gone out of town with Mrs. Margaret Mae Magillicutty and has given power of attorney to Margaret's son Matthew Maximillion Magillicutty.

On the day of the closing you meet with Clem and Matthew while Mrs. Kadiddlehopper and Mrs. Magillicutty have gone off to visit their dear friend Hattie Hatfield who's daughter Heloise McCoy has recently had a baby and it's a pretty big deal being a Hatfield-McCoy baby and all.

So now that you've got the story straight on all this Kadiddlehopper, Magillicutty, Hatfield, McCoy business . . . and before you ask . . . I do not know the name of the baby . . . but I have heard talk it might very well be named something like Saint Royal HatCoy if it is a boy (yes these modern parents have decided to combine their last names and make up their own new last name erasing all Hatfield-McCoy bad history) and Precious Jewels Ikea Orange Cornflower HatCoy if it is a girl.

So you are finally at the closing table and Mr. Kadiddlehopper signs his name, and Matthew Magillicutty signs as Clara Kadiddlehopper by Matthew Magillicutty her attorney in fact. The big question now is how do you fill in your acknowledgements?

P.S. I seriously had a young couple take their two last names and combine them and make up their own last name. It was on their driver's license but not on any of their loan documents or title documents. Needless to say . . . title went bonkers when I called in from the table . . . and the closing was promptly adjourned until things could be sorted out.

Msg #603481

8 replies
Want To Know More About Electronic Closings,
By PegiT_MN on 2/18/19 11:55am

hybrid closings, or webcam closings? Please feel free to ask me, email me, or private message me. I have done several fully electronic closings and hybrid closings. I will now be venturing into the wonderful world of webcam closings very soon. Minnesota just rolled them out as of January 1, 2019, and it looks as though I will be doing some very soon. It was all so scary at first, but once I started doing them and really understanding how they work . . . it's not scary at all.

If anyone else has any information or feedback they would like to share, please feel free to add it to this thread. I am hoping we can have a nice discussion in regard to our experiences with these newest opportunities.

My signer today was elderly and he absolutely loved clicking a mouse to sign his name rather than having to try and sign all the pages included in a loan package. He really gave some nice feedback on how much he enjoyed it.

Msg #603469

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Avanti Notary in Glendale, CA still in business?
By  Cheryl Elliott on 2/18/19 9:33am

Apparently, this signing service run by four notaries is not paying their notaries.

Does anyone know if they are still in biz?

Msg #603468

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Signing for the Deaf
By  Cheryl Elliott on 2/18/19 9:23am

How many notaries out there know how to sign for the deaf? According to statistics in America, American Sign Language is the third most used language.

Did you know that 10 American presidents suffered from hearing loss?

I bring it up because I'm encountering a lot more people whose malady is hearing loss at all ages. Some are born with no hearing, some lost is as a result of "blasting music", work environment, or part of the aging process. Some forms of hearing loss are genetic. They are hereditary and caused by gene mutations. ... Finally, gene mutations may cause several non-hearing related, hereditary conditions combined with a deformation of the inner ear, resulting in deafness at birth or later in life..

On CBS Sunday morning, there was a featured story about a little 2--yo girl in a small Massachusetts' town who was born with no hearing and diagnosed early. Many of the town dwellers learned to sign so that she could grow and be accepted in day-to-day life. If you missed it, I found this article about Samantha Savitz this morning. Her story made global news.

It might be worthwhile to learn American Sign Language, as the deaf population globally is growing. My own mother was nearly 95% deaf most of her senior life. She struggled with it as she was so social and very active in philanthropic causes in her retirement years. Her hearing loss was due to mastoid as a child.

The American Society for Deaf Children is huge Coast to Coast. Deafness is growing among our own age group.

Msg #603462

4 replies
DIY 4350HP Troubleshooting
By  Cheryl Elliott on 2/17/19 9:00pm

I was trying to print 155p refi documents yesterday and it was a bugaboo. The paper kept jamming. Since it's been so wet lately with 19 inches of seasonal rain, I thought it was because the paper was damp. Turned out the rollers were sticking and not rolling freely, so I wiped them down with a soft cloth with a little alcohol and determined they were in need of cleaning ! VOILA. I'm probably due for another refurbished printer soon. Making little noises. They've been through a lot.

Msg #603451

3 replies
has anyone noticed how vague the CA notary handbook is
By  canotaryhere on 2/17/19 5:45pm

and how many issues aren't even addressed in it?

Msg #603442

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for those of you with the newer iphones
By  canotaryhere on 2/17/19 4:58pm

is facial recognition the only way to unlock the phone?

Msg #603429

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Is FASS history? Snapdocs taking over the US?
By  sigtogo/OR on 2/17/19 1:04pm

I, like many, have received notice from First American Title Company that all of their scheduling for WA will be handled by snapdocs. While visiting FATCO office in Oregon I learned that they too are now using snapdocs.

The unconfirmed scoop is that FATCO is transitioning to snapdocs across the entire county and looking to future employment of snapdocs platforms for online notarizations, including webcam.

Our SOS stated in seminar I attended last week that webcam is coming in the not so distant future.

Lots of changes in our industry. Certainly seems starting a SS at this point in time might be a futile endeavor. JMHO

Msg #603410

12 replies
Document Encryptisn for scanning and emailing docs
By  Cheryl Elliott on 2/17/19 7:21am

What are you all using to encrypt your signed documents?

Msg #603385

20 replies
Issues with a specific bank POA
By  canotaryhere on 2/16/19 2:55pm

I recently had to have POA's done for my dad and his wife. They are both very elderly, are not easily mobile, they don't do well when there are other people in their home, etc. My dad has all his wits about him, his wife has dementia but at the time we did this, she was just in early stages and was lucid.
Anyway, since I am already aware that some banks have their own POA docs that they require, I checked with both of their banks. One did the other one didn't. The one that did gave me the forms. I spoke with a few notaries in their area and found a wonderful notary who lives about a mile from them. We scheduled an appointment, she came out, did everything by the book, was very nice and very patient with them, etc. We had completed the paperwork a couple of days before she came to notarize it because it takes so much time and patience to go over everything. When I took the documents to the bank, they looked them over- all of the bank employees at the desks have just recently been required to become notaries- any way when they sent the documents to their legal department, the legal department rejected them because they had been completed prior to the date of notarization, which is ok because they were acknowledgements not jurats.
I forgot to mention that I do not live in the same town as my parents. It's about 3 hours away. I had originally taken them to my local branch, so then I took them to their local branch, along with a printout from the NNA and another from the American Society of notaries stating the rule about notarization date vs. signing date. The bank manager there has recently been commissioned for the first time himself. He spoke to the legal dept and when they wouldn't accept the documents, his solution was for him to notarize new bank docs. Since my dad is not mobile and I was only there for the day, the bank manager wemt to my dads house to take care of the problem, which I thought was very good service.
However, before we left the bank, he wanted to take care of the page needing my signature to be notarized and he said to wait a minute he had to get his notary stuff out of his car. Huh? his car that was parked out in the bank parking lot. Then when he did the notarization, he neglected to strike/ circle the particulars (is/are, he/she/they). I don't get it- this bank doesn't accept a document that was executed correctly and done completely by the book, but instead ...

Msg #603358

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I need some rant time
By notaryKing on 2/16/19 12:36am

As if things weren't slow enough during a rocky Jan, I went and did some homework on my competition. I think you'll see me greeting at Wal Mart soon.

A local attorney has been disbarred over misconduct and drug abuse, and has joined our business as an SS. Get this: My inside buddy at a certain company says he takes every job he can. A man who more than likely spent 100k to be an attorney is taking every job he can at Crapdocs (No where near my big client, maybe 3 a month from these rip off kings) and takes those sorry DMC deals for $40 and $50 a pop. I'm told all he cares about is work, any work, to keep money coming in since his days of making $400 an hour are OVER.

When someone is lowballing that far for his eight ball, it may be time to hang it up. How funny is it that he's disbarred, yet allowed to be an attorney. Isn't this country great?

Msg #603327

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Interesting thumb print
By JustANotary on 2/15/19 8:02pm

At a recent signing as the borrower was putting a thumb print in my journal, they were showing me that they were born with a double thumb, most of the 2nd part of the thumb had been surgically removed, but some was remaining. Does anyone else have a double thumb print in your journals?

Msg #603315

31 replies
What you look for in an ideal Signing Company?
By Info Interested on 2/15/19 6:30pm

Hi Notaries,

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. As a notary what does an ideal Signing Company provide you? Do you prefer to have docs mailed, emailed, or printed? Do you prefer to have pre-scheduled appointments?

Any information will be helpful, thank you!

Msg #603293

48 replies
Can I notarize an old document that is resigned California
By JustANotary on 2/15/19 2:30pm

Someone is asking me to have someone put a fresh signature on an old power of attorney document, with the current date of course. They would rather do that than come up with a new document. I do not think of anything that would prevent me from doing that as I am witnessing the signature, and I am not interested in the content of the document. I am in California. Do you all agree?

Msg #603286

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Mortgage Connect
By Signerbill on 2/15/19 1:52pm

Was told today that Mortgage Connect is lowering their fees on HELOC pkg.... 15 minutes later a call from them confirming appointment, any questions, do I have everything, will I be on time? I quizzed the young person why she was calling me 20 minutes prior to find out these answers.... SHOCKER coming --- ""Well we have had a lot of late shows or missing documents in packages returned... and some just forget they have an appointments""... Oddly enough my appointment was an old client with a HELOC, also Division Ops mgr. for the bank. I casually asked if they're slow in the HELOC 2nd Mtg area... Hmmm... their business is up 8%.
SO... another S/S that has turned to LOW BALL.... Give them a call when you need $30 work...

Msg #603280

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California Real ID recent scenario
By LJCA on 2/15/19 12:58pm

When recently doing general notary work on a Living Trust for a lovely family and their father that has used my notary services over the years I learned something new. The father had not driven in over 15 years and recently had a stroke. He is very aware of what is going on around him but the stroke has effected his writing and can no longer drive. Hence no current drivers license, state ID, or Passport. The family had credible witness's available for when I arrived. While gathering proper ID information from one of the credible witness to record in my journal I was a little surprised to notice that her drivers license had a punch hole through her driver lics. expiration date. I nicely asked her about the lic. punch hole on the expiration date. She let me know that she recently applied for a CA Real ID. From what I understand is that she has applied for her Real ID and that DMV punched a hole through the expiration date. So don't be surprised if you start to see punch holes on older California driver lic.. Since her Dr. Lic. was issued only two years ago I was able to use it as her ID per CA code. I am sure many California notaries have seen this punch hole but it was a first for me :-)

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