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Msg #591531

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The closing exchange
By Clem/CA on 3/23/18 7:26pm

50 mile round trip. $50.00

I told them

No well not just no Hell no

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LPC, Kentucky. Outrageous, Insulting $40, seller, FXBCKS
By HeatherR/CA on 3/23/18 1:47pm

from clients location before leaving and bring witnesses.


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Total Title LLC Reynoldsburg Oh
By  Claudine Osborne on 3/23/18 1:38pm

I am trying to add this TC to SC but the system says its already in there! How do I find them? I did do a search cant find them on Not Rot. Thank You

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Regency Escrow Mission Viejo, CA
By Linda_H/FL on 3/23/18 9:42am

In follow-up to my post Msg #589113 about a spam email we all received...

I just received a very vague email from this same person, Mary Cuevas, for a RM signing for Wednesday at 12:00 - that's all the details she provided...however this time she included more contact info - she claims to be an escrow officer with Regency Escrow? Anyone heard of this company? Not in SC and couldn't find in's how the email is signed

Escrow Officer, Team Manager

Regency Escrow

25950 Acero, Suite 100

Mission Viejo, CA 92691

Any info appreciated if only to figure out if this one is a scammer or not...

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Ca capacity pee pee contest
By Clem/CA on 3/22/18 8:28pm

Some Colorado EO is insisting that I have to notarize capacity for a POA signing. First she added the POA verbiage to the certificate attached to the DOT and put initial lines for the borrowers. Wrong! Before the signing I had to tell her that I would not include the name of the person that was not there. She then insisted that the signers initial the bad certificate anyway. Wrong! Sent back a Ca apa. She just sent another email telling me I had to notarize capacity. Wrong! I suggested that she call one of her counter parts in Ca. to clarify. and attached a note from My SOS. Must be hard for an EO to have to understand all the laws on an out of state job.


Thank you for contacting our office regarding the duties of a notary public.

The signers capacity is signing as, President, Vice President, Husband, Wife, Attorney In Fact etc.

A California notary public may not notarize a signers capacity. The notary public may notarize an individual's signature only.

If you have additional questions or this information does not answer your questions, please let us know.

Notary Public & Special Filings Section

A summary of the new laws affecting notaries public and helpful information is available on our website at

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Got lucky today...actually, I created my own luck
By  Cheryl Elliott on 3/22/18 7:51pm

Received a call from an LA-based escrow company, could I accommodate an overnight refi package, part 2 of 2-part signing in Santa Barbara. Happily, I accepted.

Due to downpour of relentless rain all morning, FEDEX was late, one hour. I waited for them to show up, staying in contact with LO and co-borrower. Thankfully, since his work was closed down to mandatory evacuation of the senior residential facility where he is the head chef.

I finally got the documents, I called him to say I was on the way and he said, I don't know where you can park, you may have to walk a couple of blocks....really? Rain coming down in sheets.

Nope, I found parking in the back of his apartment buillding. It is raining so hard, I can't read the numbers on the unit doors. I call him, he comes down and meets me in the laundry room and escorts me upstairs to his apartment. He hands me a few paper towels so that I can dry the water on my face and hair. I'm dripping...

The job was $125. The LO called me up to make sure everything went well, and said he was very impressed with my patience and diligence. Can I do another one for him next week in the next county? He will pay me $275. He has a pipeline. You never know where the opportunities may arise.

So what's with a little water, right? I dry fast.

Went to the Honda dealership and got my care lubed and oiled and ZERO cost because I had a coupon, and Verizon fixed my Samsung. I racked up 8,000 steps today on my fit bit without breaking a sweat.

Next challenge? get a fire started in the wood stove with damp wood...everything is wet. More rain on the way, but evacuation orders lifted at 5pm.

Wishing every one a solid, productive month end. Suddenly, mine is looking better than I anticipated.

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Elite Mobile Notary out of Houston? GBU n/m
By Clem/CA on 3/22/18 7:40pm

Msg #591456

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This afternoon I'm taking my car in for service, and I think
By  Cheryl Elliott on 3/22/18 9:01am

it's just brilliant how Signing Stream asks notaries to reduce their fee from $80 to $55 after the signing has occurred and closed.

So I thought I'd tell Honda service department that I'll be paying 1/3 less for their work because ????

Who are the dummies taking work from Signing Stream in the first place?

Guess there are always those out there who don't do their due diligence on companies that call them for work. Guess they excited the phone is ringing.

Btw, there's a rumor out there that Notary on the Run in LA is still in business, their website is still up. Anyone heard from this SS lately? Nothing recent on SC. A company by the same name in Anaheim is closed.

Msg #591446

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Old Republic Direct Notary Approved List
By ananotary on 3/21/18 6:30pm

For those of you that are ORTC directly approved-

Has the snapdocs requirement rolled out nationwide? I am being told that the max rate being paid out no matter the circumstance is $150 and snapdocs vendor pay must be used. This is smelling very much like an employee/ employer relationship. The only thing making one an ORTC approved notary is to be snapdocs "approved" and this is expected to roll out nationwide, if it hasn't already.

I only work with one ORTC office at this time for a very high end lender. For now a work around has been used but I am concerned about what the future might be with being an ORTC approved notary.

Msg #591432

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Pavaso list of aligned vendors
By Yoli/CA on 3/21/18 4:11pm

Pavaso sent me their list of vendors today. After reviewing it, I sent them the following message, followed by their response. First the list:

Signature Closers
Expert Notary Signers
Equity National
MCI Mortgage Closers
ASK Services
Notarize 24/7
Skye Closings
All-Bright Assoc
Avanti Notary Services, Inc.
Coast 2 Coast Signings, Inc.
Nationwide Signing Services
Doc Signers LLC
(Draft) Universal Notary Inc
(Draft) Certified Signer Nationwide
Signing Services of America
(Draft) Notaries To You
The Closer, LLC
(Draft) The Closers, Inc
(Draft) The Closing Exchange
(Draft) BBS Notary

(Those listed as "draft" as still in discussion and not yet finalized.)

Me: I'm unpleasantly surprised that Pavaso has affiliated with some on your list. Many of those companies have a poor reputation -- low pay/slow pay/no pay. You can check them out on Notary Rotary and then click on Signing Central.

Pavaso: Interesting. Thank you for the feedback. I will share your concerns with management. We have not had any issues thus far.

When the collection calls start, they can't say they didn't know.


Msg #591424

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Had a call this morning ...
By Yoli/CA on 3/21/18 3:14pm

from a company in FL. Caller needed a notary to go to Teterboro Airport on Friday. Excuse me. I'm in California.
That airport's in New Jersey. Somehow my name came up. We both had a good laugh over technology. Wink

Watching news on TV and internet, New Jersey's experiencing another humdinger nor'easter. Please be safe out there.

Msg #591414

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Seller's docs
By famena on 3/21/18 11:34am

Have you ever been in a situation where you had no CTC or Settlement Statement with the Seller’s docs that you receive to be signed “today” ?

This is the second time that I receive Seller’s papers to be signed “Today” without the Seller’s Settlement Statement and title answer is that “the SS will be ready next week”. The Seller’s pack include the WD conveying title to Buyer.

Msg #591409

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Reliable Notaries in Rancho Santa Margarita non-payers
By  Cheryl Elliott on 3/21/18 8:58am

and low payers. Back in February, a member her reported nonpaying for 80 days.

Msg #589389

and they pay a whopping $75 for a refi.

Beware of Reliable Notaries owned by Richard Negrillo, a 2-star company in is SC, which is clearly over rating this company, and makes him clearly UNRELIABLE.

Msg #591396

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Thanks to all , and a special shout out to Brenda
By Bob_Chicago on 3/20/18 9:50pm

Just got back to Florida today.
Was a very tough week, but the kind words of my NOTROT family were very
Pinkie fought hard for many years and refused to give up. Sadly her body finally gave up on
her brave spirit, and her Doctors said that she had nothing left to fight with. She wore a beautiful
smile to the very end and passed peacefully, surrounded by her kids and best friend (me). I think
that is about the best anyone can hope for.
She gave me many wonderful years, and leaves behind three amazing children, five fantastic
grandchildren and countless loving friends and relatives.
Again , thanks to all.
My contact info is available on my profile at 33484

Msg #591387

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Offered $25.00 for docs and signing and trip fee today
By  OR on 3/20/18 5:57pm

NOTE: Offers are sent to multiple Notaries, if you want to secure acceptance of an offer, please make sure you do so in a timely manner.


The Closing Exchange


Msg #591378

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DONT do work for OnSource
By IAC on 3/20/18 3:44pm

I thought I would take a chance and do a job for rip-off OnSource. At the time, I failed to look them up in the Search section. On Feb 6, 2018 I did a assignment of a bitter cold day, even my cell phone had to be kept in my coat to keep it warm enough to take video and pictures. When I arrived at the assignment the office mgr. went on and on how they had enough from the company since they kept insisting the picture and video were not coming thru. So this is were I come in, I took video and pictures. Sent it the same evening, next day I get a email and phone call they are in need of the video and pictures, I resent it. I receive a email received. Next day I get another phone call saying send again to another person. I proceeded and informed them I will not do it anymore and double check with the person who sent me the email stating it was received. Well, here I am, 40days later and no payment. So I called them, This guy Ronnie who I am speaking with told me payment would be sent by week end. Never received payment, called them again, spoke with Ronnie again, he does not remember talking to me he looks into the file and guess what he said I did not complete the assignment and will not be paid! I inquired about who is the supervisor and he said he was not at liberty to give out anyone name. So I informed him I give them 24 hrs for a response and them I am going to go to all authorities. I received a email about 10 minutes later from Jeff Martin, Inspector Management, informing me poor quality of photos, (my photos were very clear) and not done in a timely manner. So here is what I am going to do I will inform my attorney general office, as well as, Nationwide Insurance and inform them of non payment of services. I do believe this OnSource is a scam co. using poor quality as a way of getting out of non payment. Take note fellow notaries, DO NOY WORK FOR OnSource.

Msg #591362

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By Kim Arehart on 3/20/18 12:23pm

Has work slowed down? I have been a notary for about 6 months and things were going pretty well, now all of a sudden nothing and I have not had a signing in 3 weeks. Very frustrating! 😵

Msg #591348

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Is The Amrock Website Down This Morning?
By PegiT_MN on 3/20/18 8:15am

I am unable to log in to the new website this morning to print docs. Is anyone else having this problem? Can you check and let us know what message you get when you try to log in. Thank you.

Msg #591345

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Mandatory Evacuation Orders by noon today in red zones
By  Cheryl Elliott on 3/20/18 7:09am

Expecting 5-10 inches of rain in the foothills in the next couple of days. The entire country will experience extreme weather this week. Everyone is on heightened awareness and alertness, especially first responders. Will clear on Friday with sunny skies.

Please be cautious, prepared and safe, everyone. I plan to be off the road and stay high and dry, making a big pot of chicken soup and hoping the power holds up. Got the generator ready if we need it.

Msg #591331

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Signature Closers has a new app to spy on the notary's
By grapebed on 3/19/18 7:26pm

location. I got an email from Signature Closers about a new "voluntary" application that lets them know the exact location of the notary on their way to and from a borrower. Where are we? In Russia? No thanks, I will pass on this opportunity.

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