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Msg #607683

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Oh, oh. CT lawyers are stopping us from doing closings.
By  Ernest__CT on 6/19/19 7:01pm

The CT General Assembly passed a bill that states "... no person shall conduct a real estate closing unless such person has been admitted as an attorney in this state ...." According to the way that I read it (I am NOT an attorney!), only HELOCs are exempt.


You can see the whole bill at

SPECIAL THANKS to Anja Hoffmann who brought this to our attention!

Msg #607682

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CT Attorney Only State
By  John/CT on 6/19/19 6:57pm

It appears Connecticut will join Massachusetts, Georgia, et. al. that will knock NSA's out of the refi business ... except for HELOC's effective October 1, 2019. Ouch Frown

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Anyone else frustrated?
By Kellosh/CA on 6/19/19 2:47pm

I think about half my signings these days arrive on my desk with misinformation or missing information. i.e. Of my four today, two had errors. In the first, Title gave me the phone number for the brother of the signer (who, for some reason, still confirmed the appointment and address, even though he lives thirty miles away it turns out). For the second, Title gave me both the wrong phone number and the wrong address. Luckily the phone number was of the signer's spouse, who relayed the message, but the address is 15 miles away from the one where I accepted the signing (which is only three blocks from my home office, the whole reason I took it.) I know this industry requires a lot of moving parts to function quickly, but I'm getting frustrated by how much I'm having to compensate for sloppy title mistakes.

Msg #607662

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Optional start date for new 1003 postponed
By Bear900/CA on 6/19/19 1:11pm

At the direction of the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (the government-sponsored enterprises, or GSEs) are communicating that the optional use period for the redesigned Uniform Residential Loan Application (URLA) form and corresponding datasets will not begin on July 1, 2019 as previously scheduled.

Msg #607657

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Emily Furlong First America Title ??? is this a scam???
By Haroon Anwarzai on 6/19/19 12:08pm

Got an email
On Mon, Jun 17, 2019, at 4:45 PM, Emily Furlong
<> wrote:
Good afternoon. I have some clients who need to sign loan and purchase documents in there office on Thursday 06/20 and need a notary closing(waiting for the lender to finish up with other docs) is that something you can handle and if so, what is the procedure and your fee?

Note:The closing package will be email to you prior the closing date

Thank you,

Emily Furlong
First America Title.

asking me to open an account with Dotloop? ok that is not a big deal. But, I searched for Emily Furlong on LinkedIn. I got a few results but none worked for any signing company. Next, I Googled First America Title. There is no such company?

Please be careful, not sure if this a trick to sign up for Dotloop (I did not find a phone number to confirm, and I have to open an account to get in touch with customer service??? that is a red flag) or the scammer wants to access your Google contacts and your info.

Not sure why people choose to be evil, but shi#T heads exist.

Please be careful about how you share your information online.

Msg #607637

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What should count an notary continuing education?
By  VT_Syrup on 6/19/19 8:47am

The VT Office of Professional Regulation will soon be proposing rules to go along with our new notary law. One area will be continuing education, which will be required for those renewing an existing commission starting in 2021. Two hours per two-year term are required. What do you think should count.

If they follow the system they use for other professions, the professional goes online, enters a description of the education, and uploads a completion certificate. The completion certificate is whatever the education provider supplies, there is no set format. The professional also keeps the certificates on file and there will be both random audits, and audits if something doesn't look right.

I hope they will follow the pattern they use for other professionals. Classes that review the fundamentals count, if that's what the professional feels he/she needs. A civil engineer could re-take Physics 101, if that's what she felt rusty on. But the professional can also take advanced classes; a nurse could attend a seminar on the latest treatments for diabetes. Also, a class counts regardless of whether you take it as a student, or you're the teacher. Writing books and magazine articles also count.

I think any of these should count, and the notary should be allowed to take whichever he/she needs:

-Review of fundamentals, similar to what many other states require.

-Any course approved as continuing education for lawyers that mentions notarization. (Lawyers are exempt from notary continuing education, but these courses are often open to the public.)

-Digital signatures, whether it mentions notaries or not.

-Preventing financial abuse of elders, whether notaries are mentioned or not.

-Detecting false IDs, whether notaries are mentioned or not. (So if you're other job is a cash register operator in a supermarket and you get trained to spot fake IDs from high school students who want to buy beer, it should count.)

-Classes on preventing real estate fraud, whether notaries are mentioned or not.

Other thoughts?

Msg #607636

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What should count an notary continuing education? n/m
By  VT_Syrup on 6/19/19 8:31am

Msg #607634

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Beware of United Debt Counselors
By Tiffany Barlow on 6/19/19 8:29am

I was called by s lady named Candice Lanier to do a debt consolidation. I rarely do them but I took it. After reviewing the paperwork, the signature line for the notary signing agent says “ field representative “. Also, another page titled FACE TO FACE SALES PRESENTATION ACKNOWLEDGEMENT does not have the verbiage for notary signing. It thanks the customer for meeting me to discuss the program and to acknowledge that we met on behalf of United Debt Counselors. It goes on to say they can call “our” customer service. They are requesting a seal for this page and a notary signature signing as their “field agent”. I looked at the clients age. She is 80!

I emailed the company and texted Candice letting her know the verbiage on the documents are conflicting with my duties as a notary signing agent. I told her I cannot sign on those lines stating I represent her company as an employee. She told me she’s been doing this for 20 years and she didn’t understand my issue. I told her I wasn’t comfortable. She raised her voice and wouldn’t let me speak. I advised her she will not speak to me in that manner. She hung up on me. I text her that she was unprofessional and to please not contact me in the future.

They also go by Convenient Closers and Global Client Solutions.

I found this article this morning.

Be careful out there and stick to your ethics!

Have an awesome day!

Msg #607630

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Per Title "I was a no show"
By CW2Ret/VA on 6/19/19 8:06am

Last night at 6 PM I got a call from a very upset woman who wanted to know if I was going to show up for my appointment. She informed me that she had to call Title to get my name and phone number since IAW Title I was the assigned NSA. At first I was very confused and wondered what had happen and had I make some sort of mistake. When she said we were meeting in San Jose I realized we had a problem.

I then explained that I am a Virginia Notary (in Virginia) and that San Jose is in California (at least the last time I checked). Even she realized that I wasn't going to be meeting her that evening and I suggested that she call Title again. See explained that she was wondering why she was given my name and phone number by Title since someone named Juan had called and introduced himself (apparently did not remember his last name) and my name is John.

I didn't get which Title company it was.

Msg #607628

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scam offers making the rounds
By Linda_TN on 6/19/19 5:59am

DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE BEFORE HITTING ACCEPT. In the past week, through postings here and in other forums I have seen posting asking for quotes or availability for accepting assignments from total strangers. They usually come in the form of "I have a private individual/couple/ people needing to sign documents relating to the purchase of their home". I have personally seen three, all with different names, business affiliations, dates, and some even include a quoted fee to sweeten the pot and catch some unaware notary to click the link. If the offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Research the sender, the sender's company. If you have the capability, check the email source (I can right click in both gmail and yahoo to see the real address) to see if it is legitimate. If you have contacts at the company that is supposedly sending the email, it might be worth a call to talk with the proposed sender themselves to validate the email. And consider posting that email here, as well in other forums, to alert notaries something is going on. Even though the players may eventually change, together we can force their hand and make life a little difficult for them.

Msg #607626

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Signature Closers/Nexsys to develop digital closing platform
By Linda_TN on 6/19/19 5:40am

From an email alert I have set up for Title Companys. This is Signature Closers based in Columbus Ohio.

"Signature Closers LLC announced it is partnering with Nexsys Technologies LLC to create a comprehensive digital mortgage closing platform.

Nexsys' Clear Sign&#8480; digital signing product will integrate with Signature Closers' SYNC&#8480; platform to provide software solutions for all types of digital closings. In a digital closing - also known as an eClosing - some or all of the documents are signed and submitted digitally."

Msg #607610

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Run of bad luck
By  Mike Goodey on 6/18/19 6:07pm

I received a text from a company I have worked with before asking if I was available for a signing in next city for tomorrow am. I heard my phone beep in my pocket, grabbed it, and was about to call them to let them know I was available. In the midst of that I realized it would be faster to just text them back... so I did, got a reply that it might have been given out...sure enough, it went to someone else!
Got a call about an hour later for a signing ASAP in my town, asking to get it to FedEx for shipment problem, met my fee. Waiting for the borrowers names and called them, about to tell him I will be there between 4 and 4:30.....He answers and says he just got off the phone with a notary who will be there at 4:30 pm. I'm like "HUH?' Called the company back...he didn't know what had happened but apologized for the confusion. Guess I'll continue to play with my 2 youngest grandsons.

Msg #607608

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Care to reminisce a little FBO a NEWB?
By Laureen/LA on 6/18/19 5:18pm

First let me say that I inadvertently got off on a wrong foot with many of you about a week ago when protesting low ball offers and what I referred to as being 'ordered around' by the SS. Since then I have folks sharing a similar sentiment and I think it's because of that fact that I am just new enough to not have known to frame my frustrations in terms of the actual source. One poster pointed out that this forum is canvassed by SS and TCs. I, being new on this playing field, get my offers so far from SD and there is very little room for coming to any kind of an agreement prior to agreeing, or declining, as I had been doing. I put myself on snooze with SD until I decide on how to go forward, or not.

Briefly, my career background is in Finance. I had a successful run in the Northeast for 15 years and relocated from NYC to LA in 2006. I found that there wasn't a financial infrastructure here such as there is in NYC. I had a state registered independent RIA company which I sold off and transitioned into opening a Tour business which I still now operate. The point being that I didn't just fall off of the wagon, I do understand business, quite well. This is my latest endeavor in branching out into something else, because the tour business here, like this business, is one of boom to bust, only difference being that it cycles all throughout the year by season which makes it predictable and so I see this as a way to keep busy in the slow seasons. Summer is our slowest season for tourism and so I could take these assignments on virtually a break-even basis just because I'm not busy anyways but I don't. I think it is out of respect, not only for myself and my time, but the industry, and qualified people like yourselves. It's the principle of the thing, as the saying goes.

I posted this below but I think the posts in the following subjects had already moved on to other things. So I post it here to ask; what can you tell me about your first year in the business? Would you have taken the low ball offers back then or were they non-existent at the time? I would be interested in knowing how today's experienced signers got started in their early years. I'd appreciate that, thanks, because that is where I'm at and we all started somewhere. I'm trying to build my early stage business model. I have another business so at least making ends meet isn't the priority. I just want to step off on the right foot, working smart.

Msg #607593

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FL notaries: New certificate requirement
By FlaNotary2 on 6/18/19 2:41pm

As of January 1, all notarial certificates must now specify whether the signer personally appeared by physical presence or by online notarization. Online notarizations can only be performed by “online notaries public” (which requires separate appointment, bond and class), so for the majority of us that means adding the words “physically present” to every certificate.

I’d get in the habit now!

Msg #607592

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How Is It Quicken Can Do It?
By kcg on 6/18/19 2:28pm

Quicken will book the notary and usually within 5 minutes, the documents are ready to be printed - if the signing is tomorrow, 2 days or 5 days away.

I am waiting on docs for a signing in 2-1/2 hours and this was booked 5 days ago. T/C tells me the lender is working on the CD (seriously?) and docs should be up on website within 30 minutes. So much for the 3-day rule that lender goes over CD with borrower. Not that every lender followed it anyway.

In the meantime - I normally wouldn't be this upset but of course I have an appt before this one and ready to go. Ugh.

Msg #607588

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Get a load who is spending the big $$ to sponsor the N3
By  Cheryl Elliott on 6/18/19 1:59pm

Settlement Annual Conference at the AZ Biltmore/PHX? Amazing, can't/won't pay notaries but spending $1000s to promote themselves.

Msg #607587

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SD: Okay, I'm done.
By  Cheryl Elliott on 6/18/19 1:38pm

I signed up with SD quite a while ago. Systematically, I've blocked the lowest of low paying SS's on this platform. But these days, everyone using SD is a low baller in my area, and it is so distracting I'm giving them the boot today.

It's not only annoying, but a complete waste of time to be interrupted with ridiculously lowball offers. And guess what, they get scooped up FAST!

I remember the days when notaries were revered, not minimized by these dirt bag SSs. The lot of the companies that use SD once were decent paying companies, but no longer.

Anyone else joining me in this major effort to squelch these idiotic offers to work for free?

Msg #607585

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Don't open links claiming to be from Mathew Levy. Phishing.
By JanetK_CA on 6/18/19 1:00pm

At least not unless you've confirmed that he's a real person and you've spoken to him. If he is a real person, I think he's being spoofed by someone from a title co in Mission Viejo (at least in the email I got). I received an unremarkable email request yesterday asking for my fees and availability. As usual, I replied asking for more information. I got a reply this am saying all the info was in the attachment. That smelled right away, so I didn't open it on my phone. When I logged into my pc, my AV software flagged it as "Phishing" and it was sent right to my "infected" folder in Outlook.

I'm happy to know that the anti-virus folks (at least at ESET) are getting wise to these crooks, but it just reinforces that we can't be too careful these days!

Msg #607562

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Nationwide Signing Service
By Paul Mees on 6/17/19 6:59pm

How did this outfit get 3 stars? Two and a half months later, still no pay. Fortunately most companies which are still in business are pretty good about payments to notaries. These guys are not. Do not work for them.

Msg #607550

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Signing offer is for a Reverse Application
By Laureen/LA on 6/17/19 5:40pm

Anyone have any insights to share regarding what is involved. I am familiar with the docs for HECM closing but have not done an application assignment and wonder what I could expect. Thanks for your help! Also, the offer comes from The Signing Pros Network and I find no info at Signing Central for them in case anyone here has experience with them.

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