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Msg #607848

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Recently one of my clients purchased a $16M comm n/m
By  Cheryl Elliott on 6/24/19 11:12am

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Gas prices will take a big hike next Monday
By  Cheryl Elliott on 6/24/19 7:43am

(CNN) - Oil prices spiked as tensions between the United States and Iran escalated.

The price of US oil soared 6% above $57 a barrel.

Need to be even more vigilant in negotiating our fees for both local and distance assignments.

Msg #607843

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By  jojo_MN on 6/24/19 7:40am

What is with the paper prices right now? I need to order 8 1/2 14 paper and Sams Club is totally out of legal. They have single packages of 500 for almost $9. I checked other suppliers in the area. Staples and Office Depot are even higher. The cheapest case of 10 is $78. Is the rest of the country the same, or just my area?

Msg #607837

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E &O ins
By Suzanne/OH on 6/23/19 12:54pm

Just out of curiosity, has anyone ever heard of anyone filing a claim on their e&o insurance? In 15 years of doing closings I never have heard of anyone filing a claim. Yet since I began doing closings the minimum has been raised from 25,000 to 100,000, and some companies are requesting 500,000. I am wondering why. Does anyone know?

Msg #607835

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Brother extra savings on refurbished machines sale
By Luckydog on 6/23/19 9:17am I shortened the link or

Great deal if in the market to upgrade or replace

Msg #607818

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And the scams? keep coming-this one almost hooked me in
By  Linda_TN on 6/22/19 1:30pm

I got the email below (copied under the asterisks) earlier today, and was just about to respond asking for a return phone call when my spidey senses said something wasn't right. So I re-read the email and did a little digging.
- I am in TN, not TX.
- Closing is referenced as taking place "here in TX" (OK, could be honest type or mistake). But no specific place in TX mentioned.
- The grammar seemed off, very casual, very . . . something
- No signature line in the email whatsoever, professional or personal. Just "Thanks"
- the only Mary Soong-Brock I could find via Google was a realtor. But in New York, not Texas. There was nothing on LinkedIn under that name.
- The syntax of the message didn't sit with me.
- Although a perfectly good email software, I don't know of many realtors that use hotmail as their professional email.
- The raw message data had the message being sent at Sat, 22 Jun 2019 15:56:57 +0000, and if I'm reading the cryptic code correctly, there was a reference to a Europe based Outlook version. It was timed into my email at 11:56. OK, my internet says that could be a good time, but still . . .

Yes, it may be legitimate, and I may be passing up the opportunity of a lifetime, but it sounds too good to be true. Not enough details for me. Call me silly, stupid, too cautious, but I think I'll pass.

******EMAIL RECEIVED***********
FROM: Mary Soong-Brock <>

Jun 22 at 11:56 AM


I was actually searching for a notary agent Urgently for my up coming closing here in TX next week...... Please get back to me if you will be available so that i can have the closing document send to you in a secure email.

Thank you.

Msg #607803

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Call for debt resolution signing from private individual
By  VT_Syrup on 6/22/19 5:26am

This was a first for me. I got a call to sign a POA related to representation for credit card debts from a private individual, instead of the usual signing services. The person worked in VT but lives in NY. I referred them to New York 211 for referral to a reputable credit councilor. I explained their are good and bad credit counseling firms. Apparently the person already had problems with one firm.

If the person decides to go ahead with the POA, I suggested going to a Vermont town clerk or city clerk for a free notarization. For reasons often discussed on this board, I don't want to do those.

Msg #607781

8 replies Does anyone use this website, does it work?
By Mercedes Reyes on 6/21/19 4:34pm

I'm a fairly new signing agent and I am trying to apply with as many companies as possible and I came across I registered and updated my profile and I saw that if you upgrade for $9.99 you can expand your outreach to 20 zip codes. Has anyone purchased this, and if so, how did that work out?

I got a little skeptical with how basic their webpage was, but maybe I'm just making too much of it.

Msg #607773

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amour title owings mills md
By Francis Colavita on 6/21/19 1:42pm

anybody ? any negatives
pay ok and ontime?

Msg #607772

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standard fee for asap signing Services inc
By Francis Colavita on 6/21/19 1:40pm

anybody ??

Msg #607763

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Hurry up and wait!
By Yoli/CA on 6/21/19 11:13am

Got a call yesterday morning for a signing at 8:00 am this morning with scanbacks (for a purchase). Ok but need docs by end of day. No problem.

Shortly after 4pm, borrower calls me to let me know she just found out docs are not ready and signing is rescheduled for Monday. I tell her I'll be out of town on Monday and she says she's got a prior commitment for Monday as well and Tuesday works best for her as well. When TC finally emails me to reschedule for Monday 10:30, I advise her of Monday conflicts and that she may want to speak with borrower for availability. (purchase contract expires Monday and if extended needs an amendment)

Still waiting to hear if they're reassiging to another notary on Monday or if we're on for Tuesday.

Msg #607761

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Signing sites
By Kathy Ingraham on 6/21/19 11:00am

Is there places to list that you pay for your listing are these worth paying the money for ? Are you getting signings from these pay sites ,what can make me stand out more ? I get a lot from scan docs but they all have been low pay to far and at really bad times ,any suggestions would be really appreciated I am in nj

Msg #607759

15 replies
Costco membership perk ...
By Yoli/CA on 6/21/19 10:54am

Has anyone here purchased a vehicle through Costco? I'm not a member (I'm with Sam's Club). But, this may be worth adding that membership ..

Msg #607752

5 replies
By Sandra Franks on 6/21/19 9:12am

Premier Title in Rhode Island handled a closing on 1/31/19 and still have not been paid. Get the run around when I call. Watch out!

Msg #607744

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just got a computer with windows 10.
By  canotaryhere on 6/20/19 9:16pm

Help I'm used to windows 7, none of my laser printers have downloaded to this computer

Msg #607725

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looks like another notary not knowing or doing it anyway
By  canotaryhere on 6/20/19 12:42pm

received a call from someone looking for a notary for an advanced healthcare directive in a skilled nursing facility. I told them they would need an ombudsman and they said never mind they found another notary

Msg #607719

11 replies
Just discovered a deal at Sam's Club
By Luckydog on 6/20/19 12:06pm

ACCO brand 8 boxes of 12 count-medium 1-1/4" binder clips for $5.63. What a deal! I use the long 7" rubber bands to send the title back their copy, but still use binder clips for borrower's copy. I never thought of looking there, glad I did.

Msg #607718

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Attention My Fellow Verizon NSA's - - - Verizon Was Hacked!
By  PegiT_MN on 6/20/19 11:51am

I was on the road for closings yesterday when I received an automated telephone call from the Verizon billing department that my telephone services were scheduled for disconnection within the next 24 hours and I needed to press 6 to make an automated payment. They even told me the amount that was due, $443.00, which is much higher than my normal monthly bill, but exactly what I paid them last month because there was a charge for a telephone that was getting exchanged and the credit would show up in the next bill.

Under normal circumstances I would have paid it but because they were charging me so much two months in a row when I had been told there would be a credit on my account, I immediately hung up the phone and called back in on the 611 telephone number. After a lengthy hold time, a polite young lady came on the line and assured me that no balance is due because of the credit given to me and that several other Verizon customers had been calling in stating that they too had received these automated telephone calls stating that service was going to be disconnected within 24 hours if they did not make a payment.

She did not say they were hacked, but I find it ironic that my normal bill runs about $170.00 per month but they were asking for the exact same amount I had paid last month because of the equipment exchange.

Verizon is offering a spam blocker they put on your line that normally costs $3.95 per month but it is free because of this incident.

I just wanted to pass the information along in case anyone else out there has Verizon and may be contacted . . . just so you know it is a scam.

Good luck everyone . . . hope business is well . . . heading back out for more closings. Have a great day.

Msg #607692

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has anyone here looked at the notary pages on FB?
By  canotaryhere on 6/19/19 9:42pm

There was a ridiculous discussion regarding dress. One girl posted herself in a t shirt and jeans and several others posted that it was their business they would dress the way they wanted.
Only one of several ridiculous posts including those who don't know how to do their job, those who don't even understand what they are doing.Now I can understand why some people feel it is necessary to put instructions in every package

Msg #607683

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Oh, oh. CT lawyers are stopping us from doing closings.
By  Ernest__CT on 6/19/19 7:01pm

The CT General Assembly passed a bill that states "... no person shall conduct a real estate closing unless such person has been admitted as an attorney in this state ...." According to the way that I read it (I am NOT an attorney!), only HELOCs are exempt.


You can see the whole bill at

SPECIAL THANKS to Anja Hoffmann who brought this to our attention!

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