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Signing offer is for a Reverse Application
By Laureen/LA on 6/17/19 5:40pm

Anyone have any insights to share regarding what is involved. I am familiar with the docs for HECM closing but have not done an application assignment and wonder what I could expect. Thanks for your help! Also, the offer comes from The Signing Pros Network and I find no info at Signing Central for them in case anyone here has experience with them.

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Help asap
By  ladyknc on 6/17/19 5:20pm

have a seller signing with banserve. Am on their site but icon will not open up for docs.
Anyone know what the secvret is? ty

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What to do with credible witness oath after signing?
By  VT_Syrup on 6/17/19 3:31pm

In about two weeks the new RULONA law goes into effect for most purposes in my state (Vermont). If I identify a signer with a credible witness, the following requirement applies:

"(2) by a verification on oath or affirmation of a credible witness personally appearing before the officer..."

So I have to administer a verification on oath or affirmation to the credible witness. The law is silent on the content of what the credible witness says in the oath or affirmation; presumably something to the effect that the name of the signer really is John Doe.

Another important definition is

"(18) “Verification on oath or affirmation” means a declaration, made by an individual on oath or affirmation before a notary public, that a statement in a record is true."

In RULONA a record is what we usually call a document. So that means the oath or affirmation has to be written and signed. At the end of the signing, I have a record from the credible witness. What do I do with it? Keep it in my records? After all, the signer, and whoever is asking the signer to have something notarized, didn't ask for this record, and isn't expecting it. In the new short-form notarial certificates, no mention is made of how the notary identified the signer, so the person receiving the document won't even know I used a credible witness (unless they ask).

In an internet blog, Jerry Lucas of Colorado seems to think the notary should give the credible witness verification to the signer. But if the notary does that, the notary will have nothing to show that the notary complied with the law, in case the notarization is questioned. (Colorado has also passed RULONA.)

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It's so nice to receive a compliment in this industry. It
By  MW/VA on 6/17/19 2:03pm

really lifted my spirits today to have a tc tell me "You are hands down the best Notary Service I have ever used. Thanks a million".
There are those who still appreciate true professionalism. ;-)

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Maverick Signings fraud
By Salena Bargsley on 6/17/19 1:16pm

This company does pay, but they request that you witness ther individual signing and DO NOT notarize. For the last project they were asking me to complete, the dealership wanted top notarize it without the signer present. Information on ther documents was false and notarizing without the signer present makes the documents fraudulent. They did not care that this is illegal and fraud, they just wanted it signed. I was harassed for a week after I explained to them I won't participate in illegal activities.

Msg #607511

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Loan Pack for bank in India
By ChattNotary on 6/17/19 10:16am

Does anyone have experience with this? A client came in with about 250+ pages of tax returns, passports, etc. that he has to submit to a bank in India. He is claiming that **EVERY** page needs to be notarized. As there are no notary certificates I am assuming they want a Copy Certification by Document Custodian.

I am having him confirm with the bank that they do indeed need every single page notarized and that the copy certification is what they are requesting.

If it is every page, anyone in Southeast TN want to take this client for me? :-) This is going to take days to journal, fill out, etc. that I can't devote as this is a side business for me.

Msg #607510

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It goes without saying but . . . .
By Reltco Inc - Reltco Inc on 6/17/19 10:10am

If you are a Loan Officer and a notary, do not try and sell your products to the borrowers that are in front of you. Not only is it just wrong, it is completely unethical and a fast way to lose your current source of income from the people that are paying you to preform a service. It just happened to us and it causes a huge strain on client relations.

SS or other TCs that monitor this forum, please PM us for details to protect your business

Msg #607509

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Traffic School for Mature Drivers = Lower ins rates
By  Cheryl Elliott on 6/17/19 10:08am

Every couple of years, I take the Mature Drivers course online and it results in lower rates on my annual automobile policy premium.

I haven't had a ticket in decades, but still, it helps to reduce my premium and is a great brush up on rules of the road, new laws in CA, avoiding road rage by bullies, etc.

It only costs $18 +/-.

Passing it on for those of you who are interested in lowering your insurance rates.

Msg #607500

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Whats going on with the slow down in June????
By Susan/CA on 6/16/19 10:17pm

I know June is typically a slower month due to graduations, vacations end of school year...yadda, yadda, yadda, but this June has been crazy slow for me! I did over 60 in May and now... I'm pushing 20 so far. I also watch the interest rates and they dropped back into the high 3's for the past couple of weeks or more. Do you all think July will be booming? I sure hope so....I did read refinance apps made a big come back. Fingers crossed!

Msg #607486

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Realty Title out of Florida
By MrMendez on 6/16/19 11:03am

Hello all,

Has anyone done any work for Realty Title out of Florida recently? Please let me know. Thanks.

Msg #607472

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Use my link to get leads
By Dominique Dredden on 6/15/19 7:09pm

Msg #607466

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Legal paper saga. I was buying those 3-ream cases at
By  MW/VA on 6/15/19 5:23pm

Sam's club but discovered today that they're no longer stocking it. The best they offer is a full case of Office Impressions 11x14 paper at $66. & change with free delivery.
I haven't been able to find a better price than that, even through Amazon.
This whole legal paper issue is a complete PIA!

Msg #607441

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ASAP PRO Notary Services, LLC
By Pea Leano on 6/15/19 5:16am

Do not take any signings from ASAP Pro Notary Services, LLC. I completed signings for this company over 2 months ago and to date have not been paid. I’ve contacted them several times and emailed and have been flat out ignored. I ended up reaching out to the title company for payment.

Msg #607440

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By Cassandra Guidry on 6/15/19 1:12am


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City of Baltimore suffers a ransomware attack, can't record
By grapebed on 6/14/19 7:53pm

title documents.


June 14, 2019

“The City of Baltimore, Maryland suffered a ransomware attack on May 7, 2019. Due to the attack, the City is currently unable to record documents until further notice. In the interim they are issuing ‘Lien Certificates’. Mr. Cooper is offering the following guidance related to loans closed within the city of Baltimore: ‘Any loans with title reports that contain title exception language regarding lien certificates will be ineligible until further notice.’ If you have any questions, please contact your Regional Sales Team.”

Scary stuff. What if this were to happen to an area that is growing by leaps and bounds? For example, two of the top three largest gaining MSAs from 2010 to 2018 were in the state of Texas, with both Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington and Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land gaining over 1 million people during that time, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Dallas and Houston have estimated populations of 7.5 million and 7.0 million, respectively, ranking them the fourth and fifth most populous metro areas in the U.S."

Msg #607429

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I googled Louisiana Notary Forum today, it brought me here
By Laureen/LA on 6/14/19 6:22pm

The top result brought me to a National forum with a drop-down menu for a given State. I selected Louisiana and there was only one post from over 10 years ago. The rest of the search results were past posts here on Notary Rotary. Those posts went back to 2009 with the most recent having been 2012. Those are posts that have the word Louisiana fully typed out and not abbreviated. I am a Newbie who was commissioned in early December and I have been studying from materials offered from Common Law States just because of the odds. This is the only Civil Law State in the country but just as I know from having studied for and passed the exam here, very few things are the same for a Notary under Civil Law and I come from Common Law States myself. I moved to Louisiana in 2006 and prior to that my career background was under Common Law. Indeed my entire life history was under Common Law. Everything about Civil Law is both foreign and fascinating because it is just so counter-intuitive to we Common Law peeps. All of the courses I have taken coming from Common Law States drive home some fundamental facts if you are a Common Law Notary such as not being allowed to suggest the type of wording, be it Jurat or Acknowledgement, whereas here it is incumbent upon us not only to know which is called for but to use the right wording for the given document and to even fix it if it is wrong. Needless to say I am surprised that there are no forums specifically for Louisiana Notaries because the language is so different in so many ways and I, having come from Common Law States, sure do have a bunch I could benefit from learning from Louisiana Notaries. Passing the exam was no small feat. It has an 18% pass rate and even then, many take it a number of times before they finally pass. Still, like all book education, it lays a foundation but it doesn't come close to parsing how Louisiana Signing Agents, specifically, interface with Lenders and Signing Services out of Common Law States. When reading over the posts from my google search I saw a number of times where the Louisiana Notary was explaining where they override instructions in order to conform to the Civil Code and they don't ask permission. It is just a given. Other times it depends on what the Lender wants, but you do need to call it to their attention if something doesn't conform to standard form and give them that option. It's quite a booger, as one poster referred to it, to perform a Louisiana signing. As much as we Common Law State folks need to have our wits about us, we Common Law State folks in a foreign Civil Law State have something like what appears to be a chaos to parse and unravel. I wonder if there is a reason why there are no Louisiana Notary forums. If anyone can find me one I'll bless you for having made the effort. Maybe I'm not as good as I think I am at formulating searches but I have been trying to connect with Louisiana Notaries online for close to a year now to no avail. Hope you all at least found this interesting in terms of insight into the different world of the Civil Law Notary.

Msg #607428

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Nevaehs Escrow Grand Terrace, CA G/B/U
By  LynnNC on 6/14/19 4:35pm

Nothing on Signing Central or found using orange search.

Msg #607419

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For newbies, those pesky CA FTB forms
By  Cheryl Elliott on 6/14/19 11:44am

in sellers packages, when client asks me how to fill these out, or explain them, my eyes glaze over, as I haven't a clue, and it AIN'T MY LANE! I am completely unfamiliar with their personal tax situation, while I am very knowledgeable about QB, I am no CPA or financial advisor, I hire those folks for my own investments.

Talk about UPL, this is a great way for a notary to get their &$@ in a ringer on many levels, so I just refer the seller to their own CPA and/or escrow on how to handle those forms. Not my yob! No notary, no matter how knowledgeable they think they are should touch this with a 10 footer.

Real estate withholding
Real estate withholding is a prepayment of income (or franchise) tax due from sellers or transferors on the gain from the sale of California real property. It is not an additional tax on the sale of real estate.

Withholding is required by the buyer; however, the withholding may be performed by the real estate escrow person (REEP) on the buyer’s behalf.

Real estate withholding is required whenever there is a transfer of title on California real property. Examples are:

Sales or transfers of real property (including exchanges and gifts).
Short sales.
Personal property sold with real property (if not stated separately).
Deferred exchanges.
Vacant land.

Msg #607417

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Article on re: Quicken FHA loans
By  Teresa/FL on 6/14/19 11:03am

I found this interesting

Msg #607415

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By  sheltn on 6/14/19 10:35am

I got a email saying the ‘docs’
Are ready . It feels like a scam.

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