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 Caught the crooks.........
Posted by  Pamela/CA on 6/13/18 10:15pm

Today, after hours of calls to Wells Fargo and speaking with 4 different reps in Nevada and 2 trips to an out of town Wells Fargo Bank, we successfully got our piddling fee out of Notary Clouds bank account in CASH!

Meanwhile we are filing with DA in Henderson Vegas to retrieve our bank fees and recovery fee after expending 6 hours on this miserable collection.
Here's how Notary Cloud and their Managers pulled a fast one to avoid or buy time to pay- We want every NSA to know about this crooked tactic.

They mailed a paper check to us dated May 23rd that we received on May 29th. We do Remote deposits rather than driving everyday to the Bank. On June 6th (after returning from Vegas conference), we find a COPY of the check with the words 'REFER TO MAKER'.... also typed was 'This is your original check'. That's the money shot right there, but we didn't know it till later. It had all the markings and ach numbers as having traversed from our Bank down to Wells Fargo NV (Notary Cloud's home bank) and back to our bank again as declined and showed the reversal of our deposit and the banks fees.

Today I take the Original check they mailed to us that was rejected and which has no bank imprints on it because it was Remotely Deposited via my cell and sitting in the Paid files, and drive it out to Wells to cash it instead. After 20 minutes of waiting, we're told that the Vegas Wells says check has already been cashed and not to provide anymore cash. Well, won't go into the extra time of useless arguing. We leave and call WF Sacramento customer service...and finally get our real answer.

I should not have taken the Original remote deposited check to Wells because it has already been "dealt with in some way".... AND someone at WF should have asked us for the Copy of the Original from our bank because it is the only "Negotiable Instrument" to receive CASH!
Further, according to WF the words REFER TO MAKER means that the Account Holder who Issued the check - followed up with a "Do Not Pay" on that check number and that payee. Apparently, the account holder doesn't need to explain why not to pay, but it is assume that either the check is stolen or forged.
This causes what could be WEEKS or MONTHS of non-payment. Very clever, NO?
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