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Not really
Posted by GOLDGIRL/CA of CA on 7/21/11 1:56pm Msg #390492
<<Think about it. They paid more money in the long run for the time and energy and fee to the crappy notary than they would have by just meeting your original fee and having it done right the first time.>>

You think they're paying the first notary a dime? No way. They're still on top. They took their chances that the lo-ball notary (and in fact, we don't know how much they paid this notary) would get the job done. That didn't work out, so then they called a notary who knows how to take care of business. You think they care the borrower is ticked? If, after a while, LOs/lenders/Realtors start complaining, they'll just blame it on the bonehead notaries ... ("just can't get good help"). All it does it reflect badly on us as a profession.

However, now that they know they cannot rely on the first notary, they may be calling
snoopdog more ... while they shop around for a chearper notary, of course.
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