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During GNW last night ...
Posted by Yoli/CA of CA on 3/13/18 8:57am Msg #591030
I was called to notarize mother authorizing child to travel out of country. When I arrived at, they already had letter of authorization prepared. Mother handed me her ID. So, far everything's okay. I handed them a Jurat and an Acknowledgment, explained the difference and asked them which choose. Mother and daughter (high school senior) didn't know so they call the father, who was en route. He didn't know so he told them to call travel agent arranging this school trip. Agent talks to me and I explain that California requires notarial verbiage but that they have to tell me which they want. He says he's forwarding an example. The sample was a typed Letter of Authorization for another person. The notary involved in that sample had simply stamped the Letter and surrounding the stamp was the date and notary's signature. That's it. No verbiage. No venue. That notary's commission expires this year so s/he is not a newbie.

I'm shaking my head. In California, we must complete a 6-hour class and undergo and pass an exam in order to be commissioned. How are these people passing? Do they forget everything once they leave that exam room? I know a notarization does not validate a document. But, does an illegal notarization invalidate it?
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