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I think GNW is your best avenue...
Posted by  Cheryl Elliott of CA on 1/9/19 5:20pm Msg #601918
Loan signing work is no cake walk and can be very stressful by late docs, wrong docs, no docs. This is definitely a very steep learning curve, and along the way, fees are sinking lower and lower.

We're not here to "glam" this job, but to give you a blow by blow, honest opinion of what it's like out there in the lending environment.

GNW is preferred because people really need notary work and often we MUST travel to them because the client may be hospitalized, incarcerated or just not be able to drive to us. This is definitely a more gratifying piece of our business as people are very grateful for our personal service.

Not that way in the lendng business always. In fact when the wheels fall of the bus, the notary is usually held culpable and gets yelled at the most.

Any way, we're waiting to hear about clients your instructor tells you has work available as we're all sitting around on our hands.


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