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Reciprocity ...
Posted by BobbiCT of CT on 2/6/19 6:32am Msg #602889
Check with the New York State Dept. of State (I think that is the department that commissions Notaries Public).
FYI. Some states grant a commission to a non-resident from an adjacent state if that person works in that state. For example, living in Springfield, MA, and working in Hartford, CT. Meeting all other conditions and providing a CT "work" employer and address (or own CT registered business information such as an LLC), the CT Secretary of State may grant a commission to a particular non-resident because they are working in CT. Many CT law firm and insurance company notary employees live in MA and NY.

Seeing that you are in Illinois, not adjacent to NY, you should call NY's notary commission division to explain your NY business presence to see if the State will grant a commission ... and get a contact person to direct your application to.
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