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NR Forum is the school of hard knocks
Posted by Luckydog of FL on 2/9/19 1:00pm Msg #603018
All of us that have been here awhile and post ALL take our beatings and have been on the "NR hot seat", AND that is what sets us aside and better than any other notary forum out there. Work, work work, signing services, title companies, lenders, collections, dead beat companies, platforms, crazy stupid links, and great companies can all be found right here. Information can be found here first and foremost more than any other notary forum out there, but we all have an opinion and express it here. If you are a contributor here, you better have a strong backbone because most posters cut to the chase and tell you how it is and where it should be posted.

We tend to cycle in and out on here, tap in and tap out...some of us, including myself, chose to remain anonymous because we have a loud voice and opinion and do not want THAT to be tied into the professional side of what we do. There is no right or wrong in having that choice and exercising it. It's just a choice. If you do link your profile, be warned everyone will check you out to see what you are about and remember your name, remember your opinions, so better be all that and have it top notch to be respected.

Lastly, we are all like some dysfunctional family spread out across the 50 states. We don't have to like each other, agree with each other and the bickering continues. All is well and good, as stimulates our brains, makes us think, makes us laugh, makes us upset, but it's okay. At the end of the day, remember it's not personal, don't let any of it affect your real life, don't carry a grudge, go and make money and continue on. jmo

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