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Love Hearing All These Great Stories Of The Good Old Days
Posted by PegiT_MN of MN on 2/14/19 4:03pm Msg #603238
These were before my time. The business certainly has changed. I don't mind the larger packages, and I know fees are lower, and I have a nice Epson DS-560 for scanning, but what I hate most are these low-ball signing companies that suddenly offer a higher fee so someone will take the closing and they know full well they are never going to pay us. Amanda Kirkish, Lorrie Todd, John Hoyt, Michael Tomlinson, Frank Amari, Hector whatever his last name was, and the list goes on.

The worst part of this job for me is worrying if I am going to get paid or not. It's getting better because most of my work is now direct work (the veterans here have taught me that).

Thanks for sharing your fun stories with us . . . loved hearing about your experiences. These posts are what keep me coming to the forum. I love hearing about the day to day experiences of my fellow notaries out on the road, the hoarder house stories, the pet stories, the you can't make this stuff up stories like Claudine's cat pee story or that poor woman who fell through the rotted out porch (even though she hurt herself she still tried to complete the signing . . . that shows true determination and dedication to her business). And let's not forget about the notaries that have suffered dog bites, a notary that was greeted at the door by a man in a pink tennis dress who flashed her, notaries who got in car accidents and instead of giving up and going home they rented cars and continued on with their signings. Those are truly dedicated signing agents . . . the ones I am proud to call my Notary Rotary forum friends.

Snowing here again . . . a little mini blizzard . . . looks like it is going to stop . . . heading back out while the going is good. Two more signings to go and then home for the night.
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