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Argument for remote notarization fail
Posted by CH2inCA of CA on 4/16/19 12:04pm Msg #605434
This isn't specifically about a remote notarization fail. But it's an argument against the way your identity might be verified.
Background; my daughter and I have the exact name. She is the founder/owner of several corporations. February this year someone filed taxes using my identity and applied and received about 10 different credit cards , I put a freeze and a credit alert with the credit reporting agencies and the FTC.
Fast forward to today, I'm applying to refinance my house. Everything is good to go, but the credit alert comes up, so the lender must verify my identity. They do this with a phone call, verification consist of 4 multiple choice questions.
Three of the four questions were like, Which of the following corporations have you been associated with. XXX, III, XXX or XXX. III is my daughter's company. I have nothing whatsoever to do with the company, except I know the co's name.
So I answered affirmative to being associated with the companies on three of the questions. Which is totally not true.
It unlocked my credit.
So much for that type of security.
Notaries are still going to be 1000 times better at personal id, because they can physically see the person and compare the licenses or ID cards.
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