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Re: Acknowledging as AKA
Posted by  JanetK_CA of CA on 1/11/17 2:48am Msg #567986
I'd refuse their request based on MY state's law and the actual wording in our required certificates. I'd tell them that since she only had ID as "Bernice Later", that I couldn't include the other name in my certificate since she hadn't provided "satisfactory evidence" for that identity, as stated in any CA compliant certificate. Like Cheryl, I'd have had her sign exactly as typed under the signature line, presumably with both names. But CA notary law, unlike FL, doesn't have any provisions for situations where a person "represented themselves" to have taken title in a certain way, including under a different name. (See Linda's post for more accurate info on that.)

Your ultimate guide has to be what YOUR state allows. If there's nothing to give you any clues, then you just have to make a judgment call. Perhaps you could borrow from FL's approach? But fixing it after the fact could be a problem.
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