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This saddens me greatly.
Posted by ArtG/KS of KS on 7/21/11 11:43pm Msg #390569
It is with deep regret that I announce the death of Paul Williamson of PAW Notary Service in Inverness Florida. He passed away at 10:30 PM thursday July 21, 2011.

He was the webmaster of the Signing Agent Registry and a most helpful and dedicated friend to many of us in this business. He will be greatly missed.

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 This saddens me greatly. - ArtG/KS on 7/21/11 11:43pm
 Re: This saddens me greatly. - Susan/CA on 7/21/11 11:53pm
 Such a good guy :( Art I've missed you, too! - Julie/MI on 7/22/11 6:17am
 Re: Such a good guy :( Art I've missed you, too! - Sylvia_FL on 7/22/11 7:39am
 OMGosh! I had just PM'd him last week... n/m -  NJDiva on 7/22/11 10:01am
 I just PM'd him last week because -  NJDiva on 7/22/11 10:05am
 That would be Signing Registry... n/m -  NJDiva on 7/22/11 10:19am
 Re: This saddens me greatly. - Pam/NM on 7/22/11 12:02am
 RIP, Paul. I have had the honor of speaking to him on the - Bob_Chicago on 7/22/11 12:05am
 Re: RIP, Paul. I have had the honor of speaking to him on the - Linda Juenger on 7/22/11 12:18am
 RIP one of a kind. n/m -  Notarysigner on 7/22/11 12:56am
 Re: This saddens me greatly. -  101livescan on 7/22/11 12:25am
 Re: This saddens me greatly. - Linda Juenger on 7/22/11 12:28am -  Yoli/CA on 7/22/11 12:44am
 Started candles in Leisure section -  Vince/KS on 7/22/11 8:34am
 Re: This saddens me greatly. -  HisHughness on 7/22/11 12:42am
 A tremendous loss to the notary community... -  Roger_OH on 7/22/11 12:58am
 Dammit. It's a black arrow -  Susan Fischer on 7/22/11 1:29am
 Re: This saddens me greatly. -  Glenn Strickler on 7/22/11 1:50am
 OMG!! What a huge loss to our little community!! -  JanetK_CA on 7/22/11 1:57am
 Sad, sad news, we have indeed lost a special person. PAW -  Cam/CA on 7/22/11 2:14am
 Stunned and saddened -  MichiganAl on 7/22/11 2:10am
 Re:Indeed-Stunned and saddened and speechless. He WAS a true - BrotherOwner on 7/22/11 3:02am
 Wow - what horrible news to wake up to -  SharonH/OH on 7/22/11 5:55am
 My heart is heavy this morning. - Donna McDaniel on 7/22/11 6:37am
 He will be dearly missed. A true icon on this forum. n/m - BossLadyMD on 7/22/11 8:06am
 One of his private emails to me On May 4th. - ArtG/KS on 7/22/11 8:59am
 Re: One of his private emails to me On May 4th. -  Notarysigner on 7/22/11 9:30am
 A very respected person in our field -  ME/NJ on 7/22/11 9:57am
 I am stunned! -  janCA on 7/22/11 12:23pm
 Re: This saddens me greatly. - John Schenk on 7/22/11 1:40pm
 Re: This saddens me greatly. - S Peterson on 7/22/11 4:42pm
 I sure am going to miss PAW... I -  Belinda/CA on 7/22/11 6:36pm
 Re: I sure am going to miss PAW... I - anotaryinva on 7/22/11 7:13pm
 Re: I sure am going to miss PAW... I - Amy Tatusko on 7/22/11 7:14pm
 This is a sad day in the NotRot World n/m - Smitty/MI on 7/22/11 9:03pm

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