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Getting my own document notarized yesterday
Posted by  Cheryl Elliott of CA on 4/20/17 6:57pm Msg #573994
I went to a copy store as a lady I met 12 years ago still works there as the production manager, and she notarized Idaho RE purchase documents for me then.

This was an affidavit of death of trustee, a sworn document that my brother is the successor trustee. This notary was great, she looked the document over and at first said, oh, there is no box. But of course there was, it was in a little box along the left hand side of the page rather than in an elongated box centered at the top.

My experience is that she doesn't do a lot of notary work, and all these documents that come at her are not what she does every day and she needed to study it for a while. I refreshed her memory that I had seen her 12 years ago, and she then remembered me, as the document was an out of state Grant Deed, had an Idaho Acknowledgment and she questioned it. She didn't want to do anything wrong, especially since she knew I was a notary. She told me that she will never do loan documents, too complicated and too much can go wrong. I agreed, but you have to have a knack for these. She mentioned her two BFFs have just received their commissions and they are going into the loan signing business soon, and what did I think...I laid it out as follows:

1) It's very competitive, there are a lot of nonpaying companies out there offering low fees
2) It's not who you know, it's how well you know them
3) Get some good training from a reputable source
4) Possess nerves of steel and REALLY LIKE all kinds of people, their kids, their animals, their quirks.
5) Do they like driving in all kinds of weather, terrain and traffic conditions?
6) How do they feel about going into strangers' homes and do they have an emergency plan (they are both in their late 60s.)

Could her friends call on me to get some pointers? As time permits...right now I'm on a weed pulling brigade during every spare minute I can get to dig in and become very dirty and sweaty, I'm building muscles in my legs navigating steep slopes with 6' mustard weed...Hey, maybe they'd like to help me pull weeds and I can give them some loan signing biz tips.

Now, the way people are vetted for loans these days, I don't think there are any Jack the Rippers getting lender approval, but still, depending on the geographic region, some areas are a lot easier and safer to navigate, and people's mindsets range vastly from west to east and north to south.
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 Getting my own document notarized yesterday -  Cheryl Elliott on 4/20/17 6:57pm
 Re: Getting my own document notarized yesterday -  Ilene C. Seidel on 4/21/17 6:29am

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