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I am taking a personal stand here
Posted by Luckydog of FL on 10/12/17 7:49am Msg #584585
I took the decision last night about my own actions on NR, and with all the newbies and unfamiliar new screen names posting and never returning to their posts, choose not to participate with any unfamiliar screen names unless they return and contribute in the thread they started. It doesn't take much to acknowledge the time we take to address their questions and concerns, and show they are sincere in asking. A "thank you" these days seems to go by the wayside, so after much deliberation on yesterdays thread, and some of us getting riled up over nothing, this is what I am going to do.
Newbies...if you post, we all love to help you, but it gets old when we take minutes to answer and research for you and do not pop back in. If you want to be an NSA, we love to help all of you, but nothing comes for free, and you need to show gratitude and professionalism. Say "thanks for your help" and we would all be more than happy to guide you in the right direction. If you can't even do that, I am sorry, but I done wasting my time answering a question that apparently means nothing to you to even come back to.
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 I am taking a personal stand here - Luckydog on 10/12/17 7:49am
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