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Power of Pricing
Posted by NVLSlady/VA of VA on 3/7/18 1:49pm Msg #590830
I forgot to copy the transcript info link.

Honestly, I was a bit distracted and my speaker connection didn't help. Lots of static.
Here's what I could get:

Profitability=NET income (some newbies don't get this).

Goal: 15% net after tax on the bottom line (I may be wrong on this one).

You run your business on Income - not on gross sales/revenue.

Add value. Differentiate your service. Fewer but more profitable customers.

And probably Most Important: *RAISE don't reduce prices*
She showed an algorithm of how just a 20% price discount cuts profitability by HALF!

Presenter was Dawn Fotopulos, the Hidden Profit Prophet (that's funny), Cornell grad & serial entrepreneur. She founded Bedazzled (sold to a Land's End division) at the ripe age of 23.
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