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Re: Identity Authenticating Vendor.......
Posted by MikeC/TX of TX on 3/12/18 6:18pm Msg #590983
I don't see how that's gonna work with a standard camera, which produces an image that is two-dimensional - height and width only. The camera captures the visible surface of the subject, not the stuff that might be contained within it.

The markers they're talking about can only be read by devices that require the ID to be physically present. They'd have to build that technology into the camera itself, which would make for a very expensive camera (and you wouldn't need a third-party to verify at that point).

There are better ways to verify identity online, but even those aren't fool-proof (someone posted a few days ago about problems with accessing his own credit report). Finding the ultimate solution to this is the Holy Grail for proving our identity in a digital world - this ain't it...
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