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Everyone Is Trying To Make More Money, No Matter What The
Posted by  Scriba/NM of NM on 12/5/18 2:28am Msg #600919
casualties are (us). Title companies are reducing what they want to pay for signings, and signing companies are feeling the pinch, because they've inserted themselves into this process. They want more money too, so at the end of the chain, we're supposed to perform signings for next to nothing just so we can make everyone else happy.

Newbies are accepting these ridiculous rates, and quite often this backfires on everyone, resulting in canceled or delayed loans, and costing everyone more money. You'd think that would teach these people something, but alas, it doesn't. Our industry is being brought to ruin more and more each day. Companies want you to drive all over the landscape, fax things back because they don't trust the notary, won't compensate for huge loan packages. think your time isn't worth anything, and want to offer you the princely sum of $75. All they want to do is chisel.

This industry is being slowly destroyed for a number of reasons, all of which have combined to form what you might call the Perfect Storm (aka massive greed). We're at the end of the chain, we do the real work, and we're supposed to work for free. I know I'm preaching to the choir but this is getting ridiculous, and becomes more so each day.
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