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Re: In your experience,
Posted by Luckydog of FL on 12/5/18 10:31am Msg #600927
I have caught this before in re-signs where they do not change all of the package, just parts, and then that label is included that was used with the first closing on title side. Since a resign, that first closer more than likely used the label and they didn't think of sending you a 2nd one. If you look at the label, there should be a day and a date on it.
Something we don't normally even look at, but I guess in cases like this to be a good practice to do so.

I hope you get full fare, as many title companies get these shipped for about $7.00 each vs full price what you had to pay. It is their fault, so I believe you will not have an issue, however the SS also needs to be aware as well if worked through one so they can add it to your fee. Good luck!
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