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So, I get umpteen pages of lender instructions ...
Posted by BearPaw/CO of CO on 2/18/19 5:10pm Msg #603519
... including not once not twice and who knows how many more times cos I stopped reading, stating <<DO NOT ALLOW THE BORROWER TO PRINT THEIR NAMES. MAKE SURE THEY SIGN IT WITH AN ACTUAL SIGNATURE.>>Really? Well, too bad Mr. Kadiddlehopper didn't take Miss Prim's Handwriting Class of 1903. It's very rare that someone will actually print their name, but it's always by a foreign-born person who hasn't learned cursive, doesn't want to, doesn't want to do the chicken scratch, or printing is their signature as it is in some cultures. Just another case of a crazy lender and he who has the gold makes the rules.

Still, of all the nutty instructions we get: don't notarize the note, don't have a nonborrower sign the 1003, be sure to notarize the deed and check the box on the 4906T (which is almost always checked anyway) etc., they now forbid the signer to print their name as a signature. Where did this come from? I'd hate to be the one to tell Mr. K he can't sign his name that way. I've had enough trouble making them sign the way they don't want to because of threatening notary instructions that they must sign the way their name is printed on the docs or else. Which incidentally, I'm done with. I've had two instances where I went mano a mano to get Mr. Cranky to sign the way his name was printed, they absolutely refused, finally told me to stuff it, and I never heard a word from the SS or lender. Boo. No more of that.

Signature definition: the act of signing one's name or of making a mark in lieu thereof. b : the name of a person written with his or her own hand to signify that the writing which precedes accords with his or her wishes or intentions.
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