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Professional Signing Services
Posted by Susan Herman of CA on 3/14/19 6:23pm Msg #604338
i would recommend this company out of Ohio. I was contacted by Tony Mannarino from this company They low balled me on a notary signing. They wanted me to make two trips for one transaction in historic rain in CA during our rush hour nightmare. The clients were able to meet me at one place and I signed them. The escow closed and I was never paid. I emailed and was told they don't pay for 30 days. Now they got paid, agents got paid, title and escrow got paid but not me. They never disclosed they use your money for 30 days and don't pay promptly and I would have never taken this job. They have gone back and forth and in that time they could have issued a check. I would stay far away from these people. COE and HUD issued yet I should wait till what April 6th for them to mail it. Wow. In 40 years of mortgages and Notary services never saw anything quite like it. It is their error not to disclose so I am warning my Notary Rotary Family not to do business with them. Now I know why they had me submit my invoice to them not Black Tie Escrow otherwise Escrow would have sent me a check.
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