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My Experience With This Company And Mr. Rai
Posted by  PegiT_MN of MN on 4/22/19 12:27pm Msg #605655
I was recently contacted by a gentleman, who did not introduce himself or the company he represented, asking me to go to a neighboring community to do some general notary work. I found it odd that the caller id said blocked but the actual telephone number was showing up anyway. It was a telephone number from Anaheim, California. He stated that his client had two documents that needed to be notarized and I needed to go immediately.

I explained to him that while I was more than happy to help him and his client, I would need to go over a few things with him first before blindly heading out for the general notary work appointment. I asked if his client had the paperwork or would I be printing, did they have the proper identification, did they understand what they were signing and were signing of their own free will . . . basic questions I ask of everyone that contacts me for general notary work, and especially on this one because he never told me who he was or what company he was calling from. He was quite short with me and pushy would be how I would describe him. He said all that was already taken care of . . . just go now and he would pay me via pay pal. It was at that point I realized he was from a company, not an individual seeking a notary. Keep in mind . . . he has still not given me his name, or the company he represents. I asked for an email confirmation with the information and he said ok and we hung up.

A few minutes later, no confirmation, and remember . . . he wanted me to go right away. I googled the phone number he called me from and it linked to a Rai's Mobile Notary Service with a stock photo of a nice looking young woman sitting in a car. I assumed at first that Rai was the woman's name who owned the mobile notary service but still a bit confused because I couldn't get any info from the gentleman caller as to who was exactly hiring me.

A few minutes later I sent him a text . . . "I have still not received an email confirmation for your request today at 2NaNaM for notarial services in Edina, MN. You did not introduce yourself on your call and your number ties back to Rai's Mobile Notary? I am more than happy to help you but I do need something in writing of what company is actually hiring me and contact for the client here in MN. Thank you."

And here is the response I received . . . "Sorry we went with someone else we were in a hurry. We didn't have time for interviews. Next time when we have the patience for interview we will reach back out."

I have since looked at his website with stock photos of nice looking woman, I have read his YELP reviews (some favorable, some not so favorable), and I have read his responses to the people that left him those not so favorable reviews.

I am not here to judge Mr. Rai, or give my opinion, I am only here to share my experience with him.
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