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I think Janet/CA said it best...
Posted by Lee/AR of AR on 5/13/19 9:42pm Msg #606400
"Your letters don't have to be long or fancy or go into great detail. A few statements, a few links as reference is all that's needed. They may not pay attention to the first message they get, but if they start seeing more and more, there's a much better chance that it might get onto someone's radar. I recommend as targets your Congressional Representative and both your Senators."

Think it's best because, face it, we digress and go off on rants. Just get 'I oppose Remote Online Notarization because...." up front and noticeable. Referencing the CA judicial opinion frosts the cake & lights the candles because they nailed it with authority. I fear that Legislators don't really read letters any more than they read all the laws they vote on. It's the 'for' and 'against' that count heavily. I also think a bit of 'variety' is more convincing than an obvious form letter. More grass-rootsey.
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