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Care to reminisce a little FBO a NEWB?
Posted by Laureen/LA of LA on 6/18/19 5:18pm Msg #607608
First let me say that I inadvertently got off on a wrong foot with many of you about a week ago when protesting low ball offers and what I referred to as being 'ordered around' by the SS. Since then I have folks sharing a similar sentiment and I think it's because of that fact that I am just new enough to not have known to frame my frustrations in terms of the actual source. One poster pointed out that this forum is canvassed by SS and TCs. I, being new on this playing field, get my offers so far from SD and there is very little room for coming to any kind of an agreement prior to agreeing, or declining, as I had been doing. I put myself on snooze with SD until I decide on how to go forward, or not.

Briefly, my career background is in Finance. I had a successful run in the Northeast for 15 years and relocated from NYC to LA in 2006. I found that there wasn't a financial infrastructure here such as there is in NYC. I had a state registered independent RIA company which I sold off and transitioned into opening a Tour business which I still now operate. The point being that I didn't just fall off of the wagon, I do understand business, quite well. This is my latest endeavor in branching out into something else, because the tour business here, like this business, is one of boom to bust, only difference being that it cycles all throughout the year by season which makes it predictable and so I see this as a way to keep busy in the slow seasons. Summer is our slowest season for tourism and so I could take these assignments on virtually a break-even basis just because I'm not busy anyways but I don't. I think it is out of respect, not only for myself and my time, but the industry, and qualified people like yourselves. It's the principle of the thing, as the saying goes.

I posted this below but I think the posts in the following subjects had already moved on to other things. So I post it here to ask; what can you tell me about your first year in the business? Would you have taken the low ball offers back then or were they non-existent at the time? I would be interested in knowing how today's experienced signers got started in their early years. I'd appreciate that, thanks, because that is where I'm at and we all started somewhere. I'm trying to build my early stage business model. I have another business so at least making ends meet isn't the priority. I just want to step off on the right foot, working smart.
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