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Re: SD: Okay, I
Posted by Luckydog of FL on 6/18/19 6:47pm Msg #607612
When I started, I was hovering doing both closings and waiting tables until the scale tipped into the favor of going full time to do closings after about 3-4 months. I want to say I only worked for great companies BUT looking through my first-year journal I shake my head. SOX was a big one, The Notary Biz, Championship Signings, ...and had good ones like KC Signings, Signed and Sealed, A+ Closers, Transcontinental Title. I had many $100.00- $125.00 closings and some $75.00 closings as well. I loved it and closings were plentiful and the paper was cheaper, but packages seemed larger and LOTS of legal-sized document packages back then. My best month my first year was Nov 2005 at
$2,260.00 and that was 27 closings, and I started in August. Many are still only averaging about $85.00 per closing and the cost of living is higher since 2005. Not too much it seems has changed from 2005 to 2019 wages offered only inflation and the # of us has really soared.

It's a different era now breaking in. Back then was easier, now there are just way too many of us and too many companies you have to look out for.
Our biggest enemy is other's accepting the low ball offers keeping these companies alive and well. There is more than enough money for everyone in this business, including us, but some think so little of themsleves to accept "less than normal" fees. These companies are off my radar, but would be nice if they all went away and forced title comanies to use stellar companies once again who valued our worth to them.
If we as an industry think so little of ourselves to do $65.00 refi's, how do we expect title copmpanies to offer us what we should be worth??
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