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Welcome to the Notary Talk General Discussion Forum. Before posting, please read the .02 FWIW - and I say that because I
Posted by Linda_H/FL of FL on 6/18/19 8:41pm Msg #607618
no longer do loan signings - and I'm thankful for that as I read this forum daily and am so glad I moved on pre-SD.

Anyway - I came to Florida and this business with a 25-year career as a real estate paralegal in Connecticut. So I KNEW what went into these closings, what the docs were and exactly what was involved. I actually decided on my minimum fee for a loan package before I even hung out my shingle - because I'd been there done that - prepped the docs, reviewed the title report, cleared title, etc etc.

I decided what my fee's "comfort zone" was and I stuck to it. No all companies did not agree with me, so be it. I knew what my expertise was worth - and I commanded that fee. I may have exited early on but that was by my choice - I got tired of the constant negotiating and devaluation of my services and I refused to respond to cattle calls and text blasts. Other doors opened for me just in time and I stepped through...and haven't looked back.

I now do other "regular" jobs (by my hours, my call) but still continue general notary work - selectively. And if you saw the post about Florida's new remote notarization laws which was posted today - I will not partake in that as I see it as a fiasco/disaster looking to happen.

My .02 - and good luck to you
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