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Msg #621973

7 replies
New Witness Requirement for Indiana
By Kellosh/CA on 7/13/20 9:53am

It seems that as of July 1, Indiana is requiring a witness signature for DoTs (perhaps other documents), and the witness "Certificate of Proof" form needs to be notarized as well. I did an investment prop signing out here in CA this past weekend and both the signers and I were unaware of this. Title is upset it wasn't completed, but the signers and I were both unaware until we met and at that point, there was nothing we could do. (Title is also upset because the notary placement agency charged them an additional $25 for witness service. I also told title, however, that California notaries can't generally provide a witness, and if we could, the rate would have to be much, much higher for someone to tag along, sit through the whole signing, and provide the service.)

Msg #621969

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RON Signings
By  Marie_MN on 7/13/20 9:42am

How do you charge for a RON Closing? What is the going rate for these? Thank you for your replies!

Msg #621967

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"Little face-to-face interaction"
By NVLSlady/VA on 7/13/20 9:30am

Can you do a mobile closing for us in ####? With the social distancing guidelines, we are not doing many of these, but when we do, all we are doing is driving the package to the client at their home, checking ID’s, and waiting in our car while they sign everything inside (we mark up the file in advance with tags where they need to sign or initial). They then bring it back out and we review/notarize it in the car and make sure nothing got missed. There is very little face-to-face interaction.

This, last week from my TC. Well, I didn't get into *MY* requirements (Lol!).

I did reach out to signers to confirm and am in process of sending over (slightly modified) procedures to them.
My clipboard and small table, if needed for them will be ready. I'm pulling out notarized docs and putting them atop package!
I do not let package out of my sight - and frankly, am more concerned about missed signatures and missing pages (which are reviewed inside my mobile "office" ) - than about adhering to the letter of notary law during this pandemic. It goes without saying that fully identifying signers is NOT optional.* Fortunately, not bound by journal and fingerprint requirements here!

Just thought it would be "fun" to share One TC perspective on this Wink

Good Morning All!

*Mask for notary not an option, either (again, without saying). It's about R.A.P. I.D.S. - Respectful Awareness of Public Interaction During Spread

Msg #621950

12 replies
4inkjets warranty on defective printers
By  Cheryl Elliott on 7/12/20 8:09am

I've been purchasing my 4350 HP Laserjet printer cartridges here for years. At the onset of business surge earlier this year, I purchased two. One was defective, the toner was collecting in big blots on printed pages, and only got worse, so I put it aside, took my printer in for service and get the printer cleaned up. 4inkjets gave me credit for it and is sending a replacement cartridge.

Thank you, 4inkjets, for standing behind your product.

Msg #621946

10 replies
Big signing
By Mills Mobile Notary Service on 7/11/20 6:03pm

Got a phone call from my favorite title company, one that I have fee agreement by zip code with. They ask if I'm available the next day at 2:00 p.m. at semi-distant location where my standard fee is $175. I immediately say yes, I'm available and they say, not so fast...

They say this signer is signing for FIVE refi loan packages, 4 rentals and his own home all at once. What would my fee be? I am a little floored and pause a few seconds and say what do they think the fee should be? They said they weren't sure, so I ventured $500. They said OK and would ask to get the fee approved by the higher ups.

Long story, short it all happened. The rental packages were all less than 100 pages and owner package was 150 pages - not bad.

I figured the time spent with travel was equal about 6 hours (including 2 hours at the table) so I came out just fine. Each package had a $100 signing fee, so for this location I think they got a deal also.

How to you set fees with multiple loan packages?


Msg #621917

21 replies
The importance of wearing a face mask
By  Cheryl Elliott on 7/11/20 8:09am

There are folks out there who see no value in wearing a mask these days. They couldn't be more misinformed.

One of my former notary buddies sent me this recently.

Very enlightening and short scientific video about how masks work to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The video was produced by PBS (Public Broadcasting Station). A good video for anyone to watch, but especially valuable for young people to view & share with their friends. You can view it on PBS or at the YouTube link below:

Msg #621904

15 replies
met an adult child today,
By CST on 7/10/20 8:22pm

the company asked me to discuss signing at a different time because I had 2 other jobs scheduled so impossible to meet his 9 am only demand. I explained that to him. called the company and said he will not consider any time but 9 am. I told him they would find another notary. Well...they didn't.

Got a call from Quicken Loans...oh boy what did I do. He was complaining that I never showed up so I explained what happened to Quicken. She connects him with me and he yells at me for not showing up despite me telling him I am low man on the totem pole, I cannot make 9 am's 9:30 now and I'm arriving at my first signing.

He had told me we had to sign at 9 am as his wife needed to go to work. I get there at 2 pm which he agreed to this time. She is in her PJs and robe with a messy bun sitting on the couch watching TV.

Dang guy was trying to bully me because I would not do what he wanted. I swear he was wearing a big diaper. Anyway, he was much nicer in person.

So I had a nice compliment today and a slam down from someone else.....the middle customer was a repeat and super nice. It was a long day of 6 hours driving with no air conditioning in my vehicle. Glad today is almost over. Back at it again tomorrow.

Msg #621894

25 replies
Stamp manufacturer recs?
By Kellosh/CA on 7/10/20 5:15pm

I got two stamps on my last re-up as part of a discount package via NNA. Pieces of crap, they are. I need to replace. Anyone have any stamp manufacturers to recommend?

Msg #621888

1 replies
Northern VA
By NVLSlady/VA on 7/10/20 4:11pm

Any notaries restricting activity to 1 area or county?

Curious because offers from some clients seem very county specific (after I've told them my service areas during the pandemic).

I don't want to start a Fury in the forum; thus no mention of "Referrals" in the Subject!
The fact is, I prefer not to say 'No' so these don't go out to Highest Bidder or give SS additional excuses to justify their worth.

Anyway, feel free to pm if you're very Picky like I am.

Enjoy weekend!

Msg #621883

3 replies
99% crickets < 1% praise
By CST on 7/10/20 3:36pm

but isn't it nice to get some positive feedback? Title company texted me to say I got rave reviews from the borrower who actually works for a bank with these same documents. The company NLS even sent me an email thanking me. Rarely hear a shout out from anyone but sure nice to get acknowledged.

Msg #621873

6 replies
So Here's Today's nightmare
By kcg on 7/10/20 12:14pm

Signing set for 11am. Split - husband and son signed in FL. Wife to sign here.

My confirmation said "delivery to my email". So when I didn't get anything last evening I started calling. Today at 11am, someone from title called and said UPS delivered those docs to me at 9:30am. Looked everywhere. I walked up and down our block (only 39 houses on a dead end street). No package anywhere. I was able to get thru to a live person at UPS and he said they would start a case. I think maybe the driver stopped in front of my house, scanned it and somehow got distracted and didn't deliver. In 15 years I've had packages on my porch numerous times. Never had anything stolen nor have any neighors. All I can say is WTH. How does this disappear.? Mostly older residents

Anyone ever had this happen?

Msg #621870

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Single use fingerprint strips
By CH2inCA on 7/10/20 11:14am

Posting just in case anyone is wondering—
Not a fan.
Normally I fingerprint-offer alcohol sanitizing wipe to clean off residue (not that there’s much with the fingerprint pad) and advise them to go wash their hands. Overkill for Covid? I don’t know.
Bought the strips from a well known company who shall remain nameless, along with my bgc. Just threw them into the cart, to try them out. Tried it out myself when they arrived, ink is hard to remove with wipe and hand washing. Clutzy to open and use, but that might just take practice.

Msg #621865

10 replies
How soon will fixed mortgage rates fall below 2%?
By Clem/CA on 7/10/20 9:48am

good read

Msg #621844

3 replies
By  Pamela Hoogeveen on 7/9/20 5:18pm

Has anyone signed up for this?

Msg #621837

7 replies
Hire Notary- worth $48/year?
By Patricia Wagner on 7/9/20 1:30pm

Has anyone had experience with Hire Is it worth the $48/yr. registration fee? Thanks! Trish

Msg #621832

4 replies
Xome Signings
By Pruet - Alice on 7/9/20 11:25am

Do you find that using your phone for this signing group is efficient? I din't want to add their app to my phone. They are in CA now?? I couldn't get Crystal to send me a good confirmation with fee and no fax backs listed. So I let them reassign the request.

Msg #621831

14 replies
Holiday Non-Sign: Was I in the wrong on this?
By Kellosh/CA on 7/9/20 11:20am

I'm looking for opinions on this event so that if something similar happens in the future, I can respond accordingly. My apologies that this is long. I'm trying to include enough details to present a fair recounting of events:

Tue Jun 30: I accept a seller's pack signing scheduled for July 3 through agency's app for $80. I know this is a lowish rate, but seller's package from this title company rarely exceed 50 pages and take me more than 20-30 minutes. It was just around the corner from another signing I had scheduled so seemed like a nice, tight way to pick up a little more income on a legal holiday.

Wed Jul 1 (late afternoon): Title uploads docs to secure server. I see notification that they've been sent but I had a lot of evening appointments and didn't have time to get to them. I will own this was an oversight on my part and I should have looked immediately.

Thurs Jul 2: Also busy from morning to early evening. I sat down around 7 PM to download docs for the few signings I have the following day. Seller's pack I was expecting to weigh in around 50 pages actually turns out to be two packages, each 260+ pages with a lot of possible duplication. I send message to title and agency that night saying that I need confirmation these are correct because something is very off and I need verification before I print up 1000+ pages (I don't even mention the fee. of course, if they had responded it was as intended, I had planned to ask for $250). I also send a text to the signers to let them know that the package is substantially larger than I was expecting and would require more time than originally scheduled if correct, but that I'm trying to confirm with title. I get no response from signers, and an automated message from title that the are closed down for the holiday weekend but gives me a number to call on Friday for "urgent matters." I decide I'll call in the morning.

Fri Jul 3: I wake up at 7AM to a text from the signers saying that they would like to reschedule for Monday on the separate advice of their agent who also reviewed the documents and believed they contained errors, stating explicitly they want the weekend to review all the documents. I send a message back up to the agency and title telling them that the signers are declining to sign that day on the advice of their agent, separate of the document issue, and to please advise. Here, perhaps, I should have also called the "urgent matters" phone number, but the agency also tells me to cancel the appointment for Friday and reschedule for Monday.

Mon Jul 6: In the morning, I get a barrage of emails from the title officer (some only to me, some also copied to the agency) saying I had no right to cancel the appointment, that the documents were right, that the appointment was for two separate properties (even though the address and APN were the same, so not sure on that), and included 60 pages of executable documents and the other 200 were the signer's archival and supplemental documents, and that I must go see them ASAP that morning with all 500 printed pages at the original fee. I tell her that even if I had printed the documents, the signers themselves declined on the advice of their agent to meet on Friday, and it wouldn't have happened. She claims that she just spoke with them and they didn't say that. I sent her the screen capture of the text message from the signers specifically stating it.

I tell title and agency I'll meet with them with both document stacks, but only for $200 (lower than original counter because it would be half as many pages I originally thought). Agency responds to title in the interim that the ordering officer should have specified it was for two different properties and that the uploads would include executable and archival copies. Title officer tells agency that that's ridiculous, that title ALWAYS send through packages this way (a lie, as I've been working with the agency and title company for 15 years and that's NEVER happened), and that she's never experienced such incompetence and that this could have been resolved if I had just called the "urgent matters" contact on Friday. I reiterate that the SIGNERS TOLD ME THEY WOULD NOT SIGN UNTIL MONDAY. Agency calls me (obviously they didn't want this in writing) saying the title officer is being ridiculous and no, this isn't their standard procedure, but of course, they don't want to lose a client and can I do it for $150?

Nope, turned it down. Told agency I'd do it for that much if it was just the two sets of 60 pages but I wasn't going to print up 500 pages and spend up to an hour+ for that fee, and have my professionalism openly demeaned to boot. Of course, title officer had some choice words on that.

Msg #621830

3 replies - scamming elderly people.
By NJordan/IA on 7/9/20 10:46am

I was contacted by my state's Insurance Division because I had received a FedEx package from This was for a job to pick up a personal check from one of their consumers, and send back to Turns out they are selling gold to elderly people at very inflated prices. I was told every state has launched an investigation again them. If you have worked for them (I did in 2018), please contact your state's insurance division. Would be nice if we could help the elderly get their IRA funds returned to them.

Msg #621813

11 replies
From coast to Coast.........couldn't stop laughing
By Mung/CA on 7/8/20 1:11pm

Notes For Notary:COVID PC Spoc Contact:WELLS FARGO MORTGAGE Email:800-218-3302 | OPEN DATE & OPEN TIME – Schedule directly with signer, must be completed within 7 days. Page count: 11-35 pages
Notary Fee: $30.00

Type: Loan Modification

No Scan backs

Msg #621811

15 replies
Lowest of the Low
By NVLSlady/VA on 7/8/20 12:04pm

Two notifications today: 85.00 and 75.00
Both Refis.

First SS responded rather quickly when asked to be removed (finally) from their email list.
Had not heard of other co. and was about to inquire here when I opened the link and saw the
Whopping $75.

Thanks, but No.

(I would rather do a field inspection- no overhead)

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