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Msg #621620

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Has anyone acquired a portable digital thermometer
By  Cheryl Elliott on 7/2/20 8:06am

to measure body temperatures?

And, is there anything wrong with asking a client to submit to a temperature scan?

With the rise in cases overnight (50,000 new cases in one day!), I'm wondering, has any one considered this? My hair stylist is taking my temperature, at ER? some eateries in town are also taking customers' temperatures.

I found this one online for $32.99. I'm getting one for me and one for my sister's Ojai day spa. Other models are twice this amount.

Msg #621618

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Visitor Health Screening Questionnaire
By JanetK_CA on 7/2/20 3:52am

There was some comment about this form recently, but I couldn't find it. Has anyone had to complete this and return it to your hiring party before going to the signing? When I first saw it, I had just glanced at it and assumed it was for the borrower to fill out.

In case any of you haven't seen it yet, it starts out like this:

"As concern over the COVID-19 coronavirus continues to grow, the mortgage finance industry and the National Notary Association is instituting new temporary recommendations and guidance for both Signing Agents and signers/borrowers to reduce the risk of exposure."

It then goes on to ask the notary to complete the 3 questions to "help us take precautionary measures to protect you and everyone in this setting." (And it has the NNA logo at the top of the page.)

Sounds nice at first blush, except that there's no guidance or recommendations and the only person being screened is the NSA, not the signers. What authority does the NNA have to institute anything? And how does this do anything to protect notaries? I'm pretty sure that the only 'precautionary measures' that would be taken would be reassigning the job if there were any positive responses. [If any of you have any question in your minds about whose interests they really look out for, just read this form again...]

To be frank, it's most likely just something to protect them from liability. [I've heard from the EO on this one twice (when originally assigned and when he sent docs) and he didn't mention it at all.] It would be refreshing for them to just be honest about it rather than pretending it's something it isn't. (But maybe that would negate absolving them of liability if anyone later got sick...)

Maybe we should be asking these questions to our signers ourselves when we confirm our appointments... Wink Any other thoughts?

Msg #621613

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For real? I'm dead tired and heading to down....
By  Cheryl Elliott on 7/1/20 11:10pm

Sent this evening, but he says "GOOD MORNING"

Good Morning, I'm reaching out to see if you have availability tomorrow for a refinance loan signing in your covered area. The borrower works not far from you, the time would be 03:15pm. Docs are already ready to be emailed. Please confirm if you have availability tomorrow and, if so, what your availability is and confirm your fee as well. I will need the original package scanned/emailed and then sent via overnight FedEx back to me. This is a refinance loan package (small one - it was a hybrid electronic/wet sign and electronic docs are already completed). Please let me know on the above at your earliest convenience. Thank you! Sincerely Yours, Ryan L. Thornton, Esq

Not so trusting...

Msg #621611

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Has any one here had a COVID-19 test, where results in 2days
By  Cheryl Elliott on 7/1/20 10:21pm

I had one today at Cottage Hospital. Two days ago I took a fall, flat on my face on my front deck. I survived, but I thought I should go get a few xrays to make sure I'm not in any danger of brain bleeding. I took a hard knock on my forehead. Failed to break my nose or teeth, which is a good thing.

In short, I wasn't even thinking of COVID-19 testing, but since I was the only in in the ER, they had their way with me. All the tests possible, so I won't be needing my annual physical this year.

I should hear by Friday, the results.

It's not a fun test, either.

PS Norwegians have very hard heads.

Msg #621605

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Seeking training
By Sophia Moss on 7/1/20 7:00pm

Anyone willing to mentor me here in Columbus Ohio ? I'm studying now for notary loan signing, and could use some shadowing ...

Msg #621601

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Well Oregon has gone to RON
By  OR on 7/1/20 6:10pm

P R E S S R E L E A S E from today 7-1-2020

Remote Online Notarization Now Legal in Oregon
SALEM, OR — Yesterday, Governor Brown signed HB 4212A into law. While this bill contains many concepts, part of it legalizes Remote Online Notarization (RON). Notaries are commissioned through the Secretary of State’s Corporation Division.

RON notarizations are new to Oregon, but have been safely performed since 2012......

Msg #621596

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Scanner question
By Jennifer Mumford on 7/1/20 5:54pm

Hello all. I am an NSA and have been doing loans since March 2020 (but have 4 years experience in my last commission). I wanted to know if it’s worth it to purchase a scanner. I work part time as a notary and on the last four months have had enough demand for loans that don’t need scan backs. It seems pointless to invest 300-500 bucks for a scanner if many of the loans don’t require this. But I am open to listening to your views. Please tell me if you think it’s worth it and if so what type you would purchase. Thank you for feedback.


Msg #621584

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Testa Notary Services
By defbright on 7/1/20 11:57am


Has anyone completed any recent signings for Testa Notary Services? Appears to be a private signing agent, passing work along to other independent signing agents.

In the past years, there have been some payment issues reported in this forum. In speaking with Testa, they claim all issues have been resolved. (Which is good, if that's the case)

Any recent experiences? Looking for both positive and negative feedback.


Msg #621583

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Ever get a DOT "returned" almost a month later? n/m
By Mung/CA on 7/1/20 11:39am

Msg #621570

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July 4th is Saturday - reminder to all to check your
By Linda_H/FL on 6/30/20 9:12am

FedEx/UPS pickup and delivery schedules for Friday as they may be altered for holiday.

Msg #621569

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June has been a record-setting month! Rates are amazing &
By  MW/VA on 6/30/20 9:07am

I haven't seen this level of biz since 2012-2013. It's a good thing too because last year 2 years had been my lowest! Bring it on! These rates should last for quite a while too!

Msg #621559

6 replies
SOS in Sac took 3 was to process an apostille
By  Cheryl Elliott on 6/29/20 7:25pm

for my students transcripts in Brazil.


Msg #621549

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Closings in Collier County, Fl
By Dayna Joseph on 6/29/20 12:50pm

Hello, just wondering if it was busy before corona and do you see it picking up again?

Msg #621548

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By Dayna Joseph on 6/29/20 12:49pm

I am just wondering how busy it is in the Naples (Collier county) area of Florida?

Msg #621546

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I need notary work in Los Angeles CA
By Ethen08 on 6/29/20 11:31am

Hello All how can I find work to do notary here in Los Angeles?
Is there a website where I can go to?

Msg #621543

4 replies
Cloud Signings
By JustANotary on 6/29/20 10:10am

Has anyone worked with Cloud Signings recently? I did a search here and there have been no comments for several years.

Msg #621538

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SCAM targeting notaries - this happened to me!
By CopperheadTX on 6/29/20 8:23am

This warning came out in today's NNA email about a phone scam targeting notaries.

This exact same thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago! When I posted my experience on the TX FB group, several other TX notaries said that the same thing had happened to them. I'll copy and paste my post here:

Something really bizarre happened to me last Sunday. I received a call from a number with caller ID “Municipal Law Enforcement” out of Plano. While I don’t service Plano, it’s a little less than an hour’s drive from where I live. When answering, I figured it was someone who worked there but lives near me and needed to set up a GNW appointment. When I answered, the caller was male with a very monotone, all-business matter-of-fact voice. He asked for me by name and I said yes this is Linda. He then went on to say that I was scheduled to testify on May 18th as an expert witness in a civil matter in Plano and I did not show up, and would I please tell him my reasons for not showing? I’m thinking to myself, “what the heck?” Of course I would have known if I had been asked to appear to testify in a legal proceeding, and I had not. Additionally, I never notarize in Plano so I knew it couldn’t be related to any of my notary work.

I quickly determined that this was a scam and the next thing out of his mouth was going to be that a warrant has been issued for my arrest and if I would simply pay the court fees right now over the phone then he could clear up this matter for me. And come on, it was SUNDAY. Unfortunately, I did not have the presence of mind to play along and find out what he really wanted because I told him something like “Yeah, right. Goodbye.” And I hung up on him. Afterward, I googled the number (972)292-6010 and it does indeed belong to the Plano Police Dept! All I can figure is that the number was spoofed. Be careful out there!

Msg #621523

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Do you notarize other documents as a courtesy for BWRs
By Alz on 6/28/20 8:41pm

after conducting a signing?

Normally, I do; however, today has me rethinking my decision. One or two are okay.....but nine?

Lesson learned, wisdom gained.

Msg #621511

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Country rejected the way I dated the DOT
By JustANotary on 6/28/20 6:17pm

I have always written my dates as 28 June 2020. I have completed over 9,000 loan packages. I just had a county reject a DOT because of the way I put the dates. They say the date must be 6-28-2020. I am thinking I will call the California Secretary of State to get their input on this.

Msg #621495

16 replies
Indiana Notaries
By kcg on 6/28/20 11:36am

Have you seen IC 32-21-2-3, going into effect July 1, 2020 which will require any instrument in relation to deed, land contract, lease, etc and or any insurance Mortgage or any assignment or modification of an insured mortgage in a loan policy to have an acknowledgement AND a proof form with a witness signature?

The proof is a common law proof of a witness to the signing of the above mentioned document. Witness must be a disinterested party, must be put under oath, witness the execution. This is for RON also. The witness cannot be the RE agent, loan officer or anyone remotely connected.


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