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Msg #621811

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Lowest of the Low
By NVLSlady/VA on 7/8/20 12:04pm

Two notifications today: 85.00 and 75.00
Both Refis.

First SS responded rather quickly when asked to be removed (finally) from their email list.
Had not heard of other co. and was about to inquire here when I opened the link and saw the
Whopping $75.

Thanks, but No.

(I would rather do a field inspection- no overhead)

Msg #621805

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Last Min Call this Morn...
By Clem/CA on 7/7/20 11:51pm

The notary called in and cancelled elevated temperature ... no names, as it should be, but hope all is well

Msg #621792

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Country rejected the way I dated the DOT (Revisited...)
By JustANotary on 7/7/20 1:38pm

I had posted about a county in California rejecting my acknowledgement because I wrote the date as "7 July 2020". I sent an email to the recording office, and they just called me & said that should NOT have been rejected. The county has no problem recording a deed with the date in that format.

Msg #621786

6 replies
By KA/Cal on 7/7/20 12:47pm

I want to start off by saying that this borrower acted in his best interest for a Refinance over My (The signing agents health) and those I come in contact with,

Client was asked a couple of days ago (by myself if anyone in the household had flu or cold like symptoms in the past fourteen days? Client answered no, he was also asked if anyone in the household traveled internationally in the past 14 days? client answered no.
He was also asked if anyone has anyone in the household have covid-19 or been around anyone with covid-19 in the past 14 days? client answered no.

I told client to please set an area outside to sign and if that's not possible to please have good spacing inside as well as sanitizing the entire areas whether it be inside or out. Also stated everyone has to where a mask and only the people signing should be there, no pets or kids.

I arrived at the signing where client had a couple of tables on the front porch and sanitizing spray bottle on table. I knocked at the door and stepped back and Mr Smit# came to the door. He was not wearing a mask.
Mr Smit# went back in and then came out in a mask. I sat in the wood chair across from the front door when Mrs. Smit# and her son came to the door. I looked up and they were both wrapped in blankets and clearly looked horrendously ill.
First I looked at the wife (who was not wearing a mask and nor was the son)) and asked, "are you sick?" she said, "I do not have Covid it is just a 24 hr flu." I asked the son to go back in the house. Then explained to husband and wife that I was clear about cold or flu like symptoms and that's when the wife retreated back into the home. I then stepped away to call Pac Doc sign where I told them the wife is here and clearly ill and I obviously can not perform this signing. He completely agreed. I then reluctantly went back to get my things. I explained to the husband who did not look ill, that I cannot perform the signing. He said thank you. as I walked away I clearly heard him hit the table hard.

After scrubbing my body and property with Lysol wipes I left the property.
After I got back to Santa Rosa, I called Mr Smit# to make sure no one had advised him to go through with the signing even though family members were showing signs of flu and cold like symptoms? he stated, " no but someone mentioned something but i don't remember what it was.". then he said, " You (Notary) had ask a couple of days ago when they were not sick", I said Mr Smit# I just called you an 1.5 hours ago to let you know I was running late. You mentioned nothing about family members having flu and cold like symptoms just that you had a call at 1pm and how long it would take for the signing. I stated around forty minutes if you are just signing.

The advise from the State of California is that this house should be under quarantine.
I traveled 46 minutes there ( with an additional delay in road work) and 46 minutes back ( with another delay in road work), I am definitely full of anxiety. I requested full fee and they said 'No". They thought it was a joke that I should get full fee.

Anyone want to chime in and stop allowing this to happen?

Msg #621785

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A Step Above Signing Service - Continued
By Blueink_TN on 7/7/20 12:24pm

She's giving me the run around. Does anyone know what title company she gets her business from?

Msg #621770

6 replies
Single Loan Email Docs
By StphnBayArea on 7/6/20 10:36pm

Can someone clarify what "Single Loan Email Docs" meaning.

Msg #621765

3 replies
Newbie quiz question you maybe asked
By Luckydog on 7/6/20 5:55pm

Do you know the difference between a "buyer" and "Borrower"? Sometimes the non-borrowing person asks why he/she is signing as buyer....(pre-printed docs)
So the answer is....

Everyone signing is a buyer, but only that person listed on the note is the borrower. Wink

Msg #621755

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WFG Requirements...
By FeliseSoCal on 7/6/20 1:35pm

I'm sure I'm not the only one who got the list...

So, signing agents are required to wear masks, but there is no requirement for the clients?

No thanks. Everyone needs to wear a mask.

Msg #621746

14 replies
A Step Above Signing Service
By Blueink_TN on 7/5/20 1:47pm

Anyone ever work for them? I'm looking for payment for an April assignment~

Msg #621715

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Date Change
By  JerryhFL on 7/4/20 10:59am

I have a loan closing on July 6th for a Quicken loan via Amrock. The documents all have a date already inserted as July 10th. I believe the reason for the 10th is the borrower is refinancing different property located in another state on the 10th.

Noting how lenders and title companies frown on changing any dates other than the notarial certificate I am torn as to what to do, ie, leave the pre-inserted date alone (other than the notarial certificate date) or change the date to reflect the signing date.

I have called Amrock about the situation and waiting on a response. I am leaving for another closing early on the 6th so I may or may not get revised documents if needed or a phone call before the closing.

What would you do?

Msg #621714

9 replies
AHCD for young people turning 18
By  Cheryl Elliott on 7/4/20 10:55am

At one of my garden signings for Chase this past week, the borrowers requested I witness an AHCD directive for their son who just turned 18, as we completed their loan documents.

I looked it over and said it needed to be notarized. They offered to pay me, I said no, it's no problem.

They gave me $20 and a huge bag of avocados. I see so much goodness in people during COVID-19 that I've never witnessed before. So kind, and so much appreciated by this notary.

Young people turning 18 have now HIPPA privacy from their parents, and should have their own AHCD.

Not many parents know this.

Msg #621712

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Signing Wiz - John Kulik
By June Maxim on 7/4/20 10:21am

Signing Wiz - John Kulik Do you have any experience with this Agency?

Msg #621704

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By  Cheryl Elliott on 7/4/20 8:31am

Celebrate with family and friends, have a safe one and stay healthy. Called the ER folks at Cottage Hospital and found out how to confirm my COVID-19 test results. My goose bump on my forehead disappeared and nose is unbroken, just scrapped the heck out of it.

I'm COVID-19 free! Romeo and I are taking a hike today and working in the garden. He loves following me around and sharing his toys, getting treats. It's his holiday. Hard to believe how much puppy is still in this 5-YO 145# German Shepherd. We're definitely tight buds.

Keep the power of positive thought. We all need to count our blessings and remain hopeful for a good outcome of this pandemic. If you're working, please be safe out there, and keep a watchful eye on the road. People can't wait to get to their destinations after being locked up for too long and not always making good decisions on the roadways. Traffic was terrible coming home from Santa Ynez yesterday where I signed 3 borrowers. I couldn't wait to get back home.

All the best!

Msg #621701

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Promoting notary public
By Ethen08 on 7/3/20 10:13pm

Hello what does everyone use to promote their notary public services?

Msg #621689

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I just discovered my name won't come up when looking 4 notar
By  Kris Hasenfratz on 7/3/20 11:57am

I was supposed to help a person today with some paperwork for his mom but she may not be getting discharged from the hospital today as planned and they are not allowing anyone into the hospital. So I searched on here for a notary near me to give him some names and discovered I don't come up in the searches at all and I am not sure why. I paid for the premium listing but I don't show up. I checked all over my account checking to see if I missed anything on why I am not coming up, but don't see anything. I have been listed since May but a lot of good it does if I dont come up in the search field. I emailed Notary Rotary to see what is up but wondering if anyone here may know?
Thanks in advance.

Msg #621682

9 replies
Best Excuse Ever!!
By Art_FL on 7/3/20 10:32am

If you do enough closings it is inevitable that you run late. Not enough space here to enumerate them all. An experienced closer can always come up with a plausible excuse to explain a late arrival.

Yesterday I had a 4 PM & a 5:30 PM 1 mile apart, but the 5:30 people couldn't meet earlier. I decided to take a walk in the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge. There is a 1/2 mile 6' wide raised boardwalk through a Cypress Swamp with continuous protective fencing to keep visitors from entering the swamp. Just when I was about 30' from the end & the parking lot, my path was blocked by a 5' alligator who had no intention of moving, he just laid across the boardwalk with his mouth open.

I had to turn and walk back the entrance. I took pictures to show to the borrowers if they questioned why I was late.

Msg #621681

4 replies
Something missing from RULONA for oral oaths?
By  VT_Syrup on 7/3/20 10:30am

The Uniform Law Commission's version of the Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts may be found at

I was trying to figure out what my options are for administering a purely oral oath or affirmation, with no written document, during the pandemic. (I looked at the Vermont version too, but I'm linking to the national recommended version since this forum covers the whole US.)

I cannot find any provision that requires the person taking an oath or affirmation to appear before the notary AT ALL, regardless of whether your thinking of physical appearance or online appearance!

Section 5 says a person must appear, and be identified, for acknowledgements, verifications, and signature witnessing. Verifications are oaths or affirmations where the affiant states the contents of a document are true; if there isn't any document, it isn't a verification.

Section 6 states "If a notarial act relates to a statement made in or a signature executed on a record, the individual making the statement or executing the signature shall appear personally before the notarial officer." So if there isn't any record, section 6 doesn't apply.

My guess is that they wanted to limit the personal requirements to certain notarial acts. Some acts, such as making a certified copy, or noting a protest, traditionally did not require personal appearance, so the Uniform Law Commission didn't want to change that. I think when they were deciding which notarial acts DO require personal appearance, they just forgot about oral oaths.

Here's an example of an oral oath that is likely to come up for me in the next few months. Mrs. Doe, who is 85 years old and afraid of getting COVID-19, appears by video conference before the Castleton Vermont Board of Civil Authority, complaining that the town's assessor has set the value of her property too high, so she will have to pay more property tax than she should. Before the board lets her state why she things the value is too high, the board wants to put her under oath, as they always have. So does the absence of an explicit personal appearance requirement in RULONA mean a notary on the board can place her under oath by video conference?

Msg #621677

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Unlimited Ink Notary
By Michael Lee on 7/3/20 8:16am

Yeah, they offer you some low-ball fee and then give you the lecture/threat when you counter their fee.

Msg #621676

3 replies
Signature Closers - *Out of business*
By Michael Lee on 7/3/20 8:10am

Is Signature Closers Network the same company as Signature Closers?

Msg #621620

41 replies
Has anyone acquired a portable digital thermometer
By  Cheryl Elliott on 7/2/20 8:06am

to measure body temperatures?

And, is there anything wrong with asking a client to submit to a temperature scan?

With the rise in cases overnight (50,000 new cases in one day!), I'm wondering, has any one considered this? My hair stylist is taking my temperature, at ER? some eateries in town are also taking customers' temperatures.

I found this one online for $32.99. I'm getting one for me and one for my sister's Ojai day spa. Other models are twice this amount.

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