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 Re: "to me known to be"
Posted by MikeC/TX on 4/20/19 6:15pm

"To me known" is kind of archaic language, but let's think this through.

Did you see their ID and confirm that they were who they said they were? If so, "to me known" is a correct statement, because you now KNOW that the person before you is the person whose ID you have seen. Otherwise, why are you notarizing the signature?

You either KNOW that this is that person, or you might THINK that this might really be that person, and I'm not aware of any state that allows you to notarize a signature for someone you THINK is the person sitting before you. The whole point is that you have to KNOW they are who they say they are, based on their ID.

I've seen responses suggesting rewording the statement to something like "proven to me to be", which is fine if that's acceptable in your state. But if the original wording is how your state requires it to be, I don't see a problem with it.
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